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How can you defend a communist government that actively commits human rights abuse?

People's Republic of China is a nation that has become infamous for their human rights abuses in places like Xinjiang and recently Hong Kong. Because of this, some companies and countries ended up cutting ties with China. However some have decided to keep on trading with China as they need to get money from it which by itself is all right, but some companies and the websites end up going as far as defending China or even praising their actions or even going as far as to suppress anyone who disagrees with them.

This list ranges from suppression (Blizzard's) far left's or even apologists (New York Times). Down below are notable examples.


Note: For them to qualify on the list, they must be defenders of the government, not the country itself.

  • Baidu: Heavily censored Chinese search engine that shows search results that are paid the most by users.
  • Blizzard: Banned Blitzchung, a Hearthstone pro player for supporting Hong Kong during their protests against China for human rights as they feared keeping him would slow down the sales in China.
  • Cover Corp: Punished Vtubers Akai Haato and Kiryu Coco just for reading Youtube statistics that listed Taiwan as a country, which Cover Corp claimed was inappropriate behavior, by suspending them for 3 weeks and forcing them to make a public apology.
  • Disney: When they were criticized for giving credit to the infamous Xinjiang camp in the Mulan remake, Disney defended it by saying they were doing their business and made the claim that the United States and United Kingdom governemnts had not issued warnings nor issue policies against them as shown by Iain Ducan Smith's Twitter post
  • Kotaku: Supports Blizzard and the Chinese government censorship in Hearthstone.
  • NBA: Apologized to China after Daryl Morley, the president of basketball operations of the Philadelphia 76ers, posted about the solidarity for Hong Kong.[1]
  • New York Times: Insults and fires anyone who tries to write investigative articles about China. Praised Mao Zedong on the day of his death in September 2019.
  • Pearl Studio: Supported China's nine-dash lines policy by showing it in their movie Abominable.
  • TikTok: Takes users' data without their permission and also denies this by claiming that they are "baseless accusations".
  • Wendover Productions: Made many videos praising the Chinese government.



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