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The worst Afrophobic site out of the main 3
Type of site: Anti-Black Forum
Language: English, with sub-forums in multiple languages
Created by: ONigger and Admin Max
Owner: Unknown
Date of launch: 2009
Status: Online

Chimpout is another racist website created by banned members of Niggermania and were led by Chimpout Admins Onigger and Max. It not only bashes black people, but has extended its hatred and victims to Muslims, SJWs and Black/Muslim Defenders; a contributing factor to why this site is considered the worst major afrophobic site.

Why It's Rotten

  1. It is literally a clone of Niggermania but also Islamophobic and bashes people who defend black people (eg. anyone intelligent enough to know that racism is anti-intellectualism).
  2. A hideous, severely outdated VBulletin look. Not to mention an old logo.
  3. Again, just like Niggermania, not using the word 'Nigger' repeatedly will get you banned. Using this horrid racial slur is encouraged on this site.
  4. Many members bullied and harassed Niggermania admin Raptorman. They got hacking skills/hired hackers and found out about his business, residence and even his family. They blackmailed Raptorman into banning Tom Shelly and caused him to leave the website. It is unknown as to what happened to Raptorman afterwards, though he may have changed for the better, or simply stuck to his racist ways but is either too scared to return to Niggermania or forgot about it; alternatively, he may have been a troll all along.
  5. The site currently has 3 server changes. In the first one, they left the original site and renamed it Shitskin Plantation; in the second one, they renamed the site Dindu Plantation and in the latest server change, they simply just went back to their old name, Chimpout. This frequent server change reduced the amount of active members to a tiny 70 out of 190.
  6. It has some of the worst moderators and admins in the Internet. You can get banned for the dumbest of reasons.
  7. Most members there are extremely unlikable, snarky, moody, Islamophobic and racist. It does not help that the moderators are usually even more grumpy and racist and have hair-trigger tempers.
  8. Because they are Islamophobic in addition to being afrophobic, they are hating a large percentage of the world's population. This means that countries like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Syria and even milder Muslim countries like Turkey, Indonesia and Senegal all fall into their hatelist; even though a good amount of these countries are fine (eg. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Malaysia, Oman and Turkey). Their claims that Muslims are 'Sand Niggers' are not true, Muslims make up a diverse community of various ethnic groups such as the Arabs, Persians, Turks, Malays, Pashtuns, Uyghurs and some Africans too.
  9. They prohibit the promotion of violence, yet laugh and tease when black people get brutally killed or unfairly beaten up/bullied.
  10. Very paranoid and borderline preposterous conspiracy theories happen on the site.
  11. This site is so rotten, they have earned themselves a moderate to large page on Encyclopedia Dramatica while Niggermania only got a lazily-made redirect page.
  12. Most of their claims on Africans and Muslims being inferior subhumans are completely false and have been debunked by science long ago.
  13. Frequent server crashes that can get extremely annoying.
  14. They did not offer their condolences to the victims of the Christchurch Massacre, but instead started bashing Muslims.
  15. This site has so much server problems, crashes and corrupt moderators, many banned members either quit the racist business or joined Niggermania and Chimpmania. Ironically, Chimpout was supposed to be a refuge for banned Niggermania members.

The Only Redeeming Qualities

  1. It still protects Jews, Gays, Indians and Asians.
  2. Despite being even worse than Niggermania, they are still better than Stormfront.
  3. They are against SJWs

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