Chad Wild Clay

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Chad Wild Clay
Chad Wild Clay.jpg
“What's up Spy Ninjas!” ―Chad Wild Clay's intro
Profile: Chad Wild Clay
Style: Vlogs
Date Joined: March 25, 2006
Twitter: chadwildclay
Other Media: Official Website
No. of videos: 459+
Schedule: Weekly
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 11M+

Chad Wild Clay (also known as Chris William Chris), is an American YouTuber known for his YouTube impressions and parodies, as well as parody songs, or more recently his kid-aimed "Project Zorgo" mystery story series.

Why He's Rotten

  1. He gives ninjas a bad reputation since he doesn't even understand what ninja actually means and literally makes cheesy clickbaits on YouTube.
  2. The Spy Ninja Network app was known for ripping off a few games like Clone Hero for example only call the games on the app ridiculous names like "Hack Project Zorgo".
  3. The title of his videos don't even make sense at all, one of the examples is "I GOT HACKED PLAYING ROBLOX IN REAL LIFE by Creepy Project Zorgo Hacker Exploring Missing Mystery".
  4. His wife also has a channel and the channel's name is "Vy Qwaint" and it basically contains the same boring ninja vs hacker videos on Chad's channel.
  5. Similar to Stephen Sharer, his thumbnails looks poorly made and it look like they were created at least under an hour or so.
  6. He's a clickbaiter, an example is that when you click on the video "FLOOR is LAVA & GUAVA JUICE at 3AM Challenge!" video, he randomly mentioned guava juice at the title, as you can see yet the video doesn't have anything related of guava juice once you click on it.
  7. The hackers are literally dumb, on the video "I'm Trapped Inside a Giant Bag for 24 HOURS (I Pretend to Sleep to Escape Project Zorgo Hackers)", Chad was literally awake infront of a hacker yet the hacker didn't even noticed it.
  8. He's basically a Stephen Sharer, Elisocray, ImJayStation and a 30% of Morgz wannabe.
  9. Project Zorgo's voice is also lazy and not an actual voice, it's literally a Brian text to speech voice from a text to speech website.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His parodies on certain songs and old videos were at least better than his newer hackers vs ninja videos.



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