Cartoon Brew (Mid 2010s-present)

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Cartoon Brew
Cartoon Brew logo.jpg
The BuzzFeed of animation industry.
Type of site: Animation news
Language: English
Created by: Amid Amidi
Jerry Beck (2004-13)
Date of launch: 2004
Status: Active

Cartoon Brew is an animation news website created by Amid Amidi and Jerry Beck that was launched in 2004.

However, the website is nowadays infamous in the animation industry, due of publishing negative news than positive news about the animation industry, as well the acts of its owner Amid Amidi.

Why It's Rotten Now

  1. The website always publishes a lot of negative news than positive news about the western animation industry.
  2. The owner of the website, Amid Amidi, is a notorious jerk due to the terrible things he did. Some examples include:
    • Said The Loud House was inspired by the life of a predator, when Chris Savino was fired for sexual harassment in 2017 and wanted The Loud House cancelled because of it.
    • Called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic the end of the creator-driven era.
    • He hates Disney for cancelling his biography about Ward Kimball and accused Disney for its squeaky-clean image.
    • Insulted the entire Scottish animation industry by using the infamous Sir Billi as proof that there were no talented animators in the country, completely ignoring the fact that the Oscar-nominated animated film The Illusionist was also animated in Scotland (albeit overseen by a French production company).
  3. Occasionally Amid writes rant articles on things he is annoyed with that has nothing to do with the posts, as he once criticized the lighting structure in a Disney hotel.
  4. They are unwilling to tolerate negative criticism. If you make a negative comment that differentiates the opinion of the website, they delete the comment from the website and ban anyone who did the comment from the website. They also block anyone who hates the website and/or its owner on the social media.
  5. On their Facebook page, they deleted any comment from the crew of The Loud House.
  6. In the article about the death of Lou Scheimer in 2013, Amid insulted that many of the Filmation cartoons were toy advertisements, which is not true, since shows made by Filmation like Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids and The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show were not based on toys.
  7. They do clickbait, that this article written by Alex Dudok De Wit was criticized by The Owl House creator Dana Terrace, clarifying that the push for Luz and Amity was extremely supported by the executives of her series, while animators like the creator of Infinity Train, Owen Dennis and the creator of Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch criticized Cartoon Brew's manner to publish news like this and as mentioned before, the site publishes a lot of negative news instead of positive news.
  8. The website tries to be extreme sometimes, where Amid once criticized a Mickey Mouse plate because of the drawing.
  9. Some terrible animators and cartoonists like Robyn Byrd support this website.
  10. They make inaccurate stories without searching for evidence, like they painted one of the creators of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland as a villain.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Until the mid-2010s, the website used to be good.
    • Speaking of which, Jerry Beck, the co-founder of Cartoon Brew did good articles on the website and left Cartoon Brew in 2013 to found his own blog Animation Scoop and currently runs Cartoon Research, which are both much better websites than Cartoon Brew.
  2. Disney blacklisted the website for good due to its reporting in the industry's wage-fixing scandal in the mid-2010s.
  3. Some good/passable articles on the website still exist.
    • They have done some good things on the website such as bringing light to the mistreatment of the animators of Sausage Party.






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Additionally, there is Cartoon Research (currently run by Jerry Beck) that somewhat fresh, which focuses researching every historical individual about animation in the golden age.

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