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Candydoll was an infamous and controversial Japanese modelling agency started at an unknown year by an unidentified person. The company hired Eastern European girls more or less than 8-10 years old, making them pose mostly in suggestive poses while wearing semi-revealing outfits or dresses.

Why Its Business Was Rotten

  1. It was a softcore child porn and pedophilia agency. And no, we're not making this up.
  2. It used to have a website, but we're not going to link to it due to legal reasons. Plus, the site is gone anyway.
  3. It is quite obvious that the girls (especially Laura B) were abused before their photos were taken.
  4. Thanks to Candydoll, Japan's child protection laws were widely criticized after the 2015 CP ban. Not because of the CP ban (it only applied to nude photos), but because they didn't describe the general sexualization of children despite during after 2006-2007 when several people were arrested for possessing junior idol pictures. Candydoll also gave rise to a Portuguese artist named Hassan Alexander who made art of those models and posted them on his website "My Candy Art" and YouTube channel, resulting in massive outrage within the YouTube community. Fortunately, Hassan got terminated and got his website shut down.