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Brooks Heatherly
Brooks Heatherly.jpg
Don't let his YouTube name fool you, it's very ironic.
Real name: Brooks Heatherly
Also known as: No Bullshit (Youtube)
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Domain: Twitter

"Hulk-rectile dysfunction."

Brooks Heatherly

Brooks Heatherly (born 1988), also known on YouTube as No Bullshit is an extremely controversial American conservative and anti-SJWs commentator on YouTube. He is infamous of being an Alt-Right and also a Obsessive Anti-SJW.

Why He's Rotten

  1. He acts like a generic Right-Wing SJW commentary channel, but much, MUCH, WORSE.
  2. He considers anything little that doesn't fit his narrative SJW. For example, he called Spider-Man: Homecoming SJW all because it had a diverse cast. In the video, he referred to Tony Revolori, the actor who played Flash Thompson, as "this Indian kid," even though Revolori is of Guatemalan descent, not Indian from India.
  3. He's a misogynist without even knowing it.
    • When we mean that, he pretends to be nice to women to avoid backlash, as in thinking all women should be put in the kitchen at all times or not be vocal about politics. Assumingly, he's only misogynistic when women are politically speaking.
  4. Like other Anti-SJW channels, he hates Captain Marvel to the point of beating a dead horse, and was one of the channels that actively spread the "Captain Marvel feminazi propaganda" nonsense.
    • Not to mention, he called Captain Marvel herself an SJW all because she had a full-body suit and not a suit that showed a lot of skin, like what Wonder Woman has. As Cult of Dusty pointed out, what he's saying is that if he can't masturbate to the female superheroes, it's automatically SJW, further proving he's a misogynist.
    • He even stated that Captain Marvel was an SJW all because she had a... wait for it... CAT! Out of all reasons, he picked a cat.
  5. When reviewing Infinity War, he talked about how the film was SJW all because Shuri outsmarted the other white characters in the film, such as Bruce Banner.
    • He also complained about Bruce Banner not becoming Hulk for the majority of the film, calling it the infamous quote "Hulk-rectile dysfunction."
  6. He can't handle even the slightest form of criticism. For example, when NFKRZ called him out in one of his videos, he responded in a video rebutting his claims with remarks. NFKRZ later made fun of the video.
  7. He's even a xenophobe. Every time NFKRZ stuttered, he would slow that part down to claim he can't speak English right. What makes this worse is that NFKRZ is Russian!
  8. He often contradicts himself. For example, in his "Mixed Race Struggles Are Bullshit" video, he states that Mexican is not a race (which he is correct about). Still, in his "SJW Politics Ruin The Oscars 2018" video, while talking about Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro winning an Oscar for The Shape of Water, he calls Mexican a "race," which is not true (Mexican is a nationality, not a race). Heatherly's also ignorant because he refers to Mexicans, or Hispanics in general, as "brown people," even though, according to 2010 statistics, 47% of Mexicans are white and of European descent.
    • Speaking of ignorance, in his "SJW Politics Ruin Grammy Awards" video, Heatherly referred to singer Camila Cabello as a "sexy Puerto Rican princess," even though Cabello was born in Cuba and is of half Cuban and half Mexican descent.
  9. His reasoning is so stupid to the point where he becomes a parody of himself, as pointed out by many YouTubers.
  10. He's also homophobic, as he was glad when Alabama banned the Arthur episode, "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone," which showed a gay wedding.
    • He's also transphobic. He bashed Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling all because it features a transgender character, Rachel Bighead (formerly known as Ralph on the show).
  11. Hypocrisy: He made a tweet that insulted former Buzzfeed member Safiya Nygaard, reading: "Remember that hot half Danish chick from the Buzzfeed Mixed Race Struggles video? Well, Safiya got ugly, fat, and has really hairy arms now", yet NBS hates being called "fat" and will call you a "dick" if you say so to him, which just shows how hypocritical and insecure NBS is.
  12. He cannot debate at all, he always resorts to stroke his own ego or insulting others
  13. He is also a coward, as he deletes tweets that make him look bad and sometimes hi blocks people on twitter and continues to talk trash about them
  14. He makes some absurd claims like when he compared a group of left-wing anti-SJWs (that mock him online) to the First Ku Klux Klan, the white supremacist group that attacked, burned houses and killed African Americans by lynching them.
  15. On his rant on NBC, he defends that the alt-rights on Charlottesville protest are just peaceful conservatives where they've had a controversial violence been going on.[1]
  16. It got so bad that even RationalWiki even calls him out. Yes you heard that right the Wiki that is infamous for pushing a Far-Left ideas to others gives us more points about him.
  17. He even has his own merch that's based on alt-right related stuff.

Redeeming Quality

  1. He did have a point on Bill Nye Saves The World.






3 months ago
Score 2
Yet another idiot Anti-SJW lolcow.


3 months ago
Score 2
Yeah agreed.


3 months ago
Score 2
No Bullsh1t? More like the other way around.


3 months ago
Score 3
He is pure bullshit.


3 months ago
Score 4
Ironic name considering everything Brooks says is total bullshit!

Pretty Cool Guy 67

3 months ago
Score 3
He gives rational anti-SJWs (like me, who identifies as a libertarian) a bad name.


3 months ago
Score 2
“Alpha Male”


22 days ago
Score 1
Fun Fact his old channel was called Brooks Show, and his logo for that channel is BS and his new short name is No BS, basically his past self admits his channel is Bull Shit. As in one context that he himself pointed out B S stands for Bull Shit


13 days ago
Score 1
He might well be the worst Obsessive Anti-SJW in existence.


8 hours 56 minutes ago
Score 0
Neckbeard anti-SJW...

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