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Brianna Wu
Brianna Wu next to Motorcycle.jpg
"One choice changes everything", too bad you've made SO MANY wrong choices!
Real name: Brianna Wu
Also known as: John Walker Flynt (formerly)
Literally Wu (mockery)
Banana Wu (mockery)
Gender: Female (transgender)
Nationality: American
Domain: Twitter
Reddit (/r/GamerGhazi)

"I want to say unequivocally, Gamergate did this to me. If I’m saying this less on Twitter it’s because I feel fanning the flames will endanger my life even more. I know that many #gamergate supporters are trying their best to distance themselves from these events, but I agree with many others that feel the movement is inexorably linked with misogyny and sexism."

Brianna Wu

Brianna Wu (born John Walker Flynt) (born July 6, 1977) is an American video game developer, computer programmer and former video game journalist. She co-founded Giant Spacekat, an independent video game studio with Amanda Warner in Boston, Massachusetts. She is also a blogger and podcaster on matters relating to the video game industry.

Wu even ran for Congress as a Democrat for the 8th District of Massachusetts, losing to Stephen F. Lynch in the Democratic Primaries.

Her various eccentric, aggressive, egotistical, or outright unhinged behaviour has earned her the nickname "Banana Wu".

Why She's Rotten

  1. Faked several of her attacks on social media like Twitter and Steam, all in order to gather attention.
  2. Very deceptive.
  3. Has a massively-inflated ego, going so far as to call herself "Godzilla of feminism" and "empress".
  4. Like many other toxic indie developers, Brianna can't take the slightest form of criticism. For example, she was actually enraged when GethN7 mentioned that her game is a critical and commercial failure. She also has a tendency to label those who criticize her as "children".
    • She also claimed that people who thought her game was bad are simply "dudebros who don't understand game design".
  5. Highly anti-GamerGate. She had once kicked out Ethan Ralph (owner of the The Ralph Retort) from a RavenCon convention just because Ralph is a GGer and one of her many critics.
    • The main reason that she got involved in the controversy was to garner attention: by baiting others into responding to her inflammatory and often ludicrous speeches and accusing them of harassment.
  6. Her game, Revolution 60, is just plain horrible, despite receiving positive reviews from critics.
    • However, it was discovered that many of the game's more positive reviews came from Wu's own personal friends (i.e. collusion).
  7. Promoted someone who is "unbiased" to support her game, as a double standard to gaming.
  8. Extremely hypocritical. She often accuses GamerGate and 8chan of harassing her while she has no qualms of using her followers as her personal army to harass anyone who somehow rubs her the wrong way, like TotalBiscuit or GethN7.
    • Claimed that the storming of U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 happened because “there weren’t any criminal consequences for Gamergate.”
  9. She had tried to paint GethN7 as a "GamerGate harasser" (despite sending hordes of her own followers to harass him) and got him banned from Twitter, even though the only thing Geth did was point out her flaws and remained respectful the whole time. Even /r/GamerGhazi found her actions abhorrent.
  10. She was responsible for her own dog's death for waiting outside in the cold and not curing him when he was ill (even when both her supporters and her critics told her to do so) and she was capitalizing on it as well.
  11. She, along with Maddy Myers/Ellen McGrody of The Mary Sue, are the ones behind the "[[mh:crappygames:Metroid's Samus Aran is a Transgendered Woman. Deal With It.}}" article.
  12. She's also a notorious content thief. For example, she stole the Sailor Moon art and claimed that it was her own.
    • Her game, Revolution 60, also contained assets stolen from Second Life.
    • She claimed to have made a soundtrack for her game, but the piece in question is actually royalty-free music, which was stolen and altered by her.
  13. She actually did little to no work while working on her own games. (
  14. Has scammed many for donations.
  15. Like many Social Justice Warriors, she cannot hold her own argument. For example, during the HuffPost live debate between her, Fredrick "Hotwheels" Brennen and Erik Kain, she was literally huffing and puffing like a nutcase by the time it ended, and had to resort to calling Hotwheels a liar just to save face and outright insult him about his knowledge of the law despite being wrong herself all the time.
  16. Speaking of law, she, among others, called for government legislation against negative criticism under the banner of "harassment". This type of legislation violates the First Amendment, which protects U.S. citizens' right to free speech, and includes criticism.
  17. Recently, she has been ensnared in a sexual misconduct violation.
  18. She sabotaged the Atari founder for his award due to his playboy lifestyle and, even after he apologized, she and her peers were still unhappy.
  19. She supports infamous Twitch Council member FerociouslySteph's demands to remove voice chat from video games.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. She supported the 2020 Massachusetts Right to Repair Initiative, which updates the state's right to repair laws to include electronic vehicle data, after being angry at the {{Terrible|Coalition for Safe and Secure Data's anti-right-to-repair ads]].


  • Brianna claims to be a motorcycle hobbyist, however, she doesn’t even have a driver’s license until 2016 and was never seen with a bike besides posing with one. Even though she has purchased a motorcycle later on, it’s unknown whether it’s registered to her or not.
  • Her characters from the newspaper comic Socially Unconscious are the same ones who appeared in Revolution 60.
  • The FBI is said to despise her, mainly due to the way that she sensationalized her “harassment” and made it as public as possible, which severely hampered their investigation. Some FBI agents are said to claimed that Wu herself needs investigation more than her harassers.
  • She attempted to call out the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account for a joke they made identifying as an attack helicopter, saying it was transphobic, which failed miserably. Due to how popular the account is for its weird sense of humor, fans of Sonic the Hedgehog called them out and created the hashtag #IStandWithAttackHelicopter.

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