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This panda is bored and so is this website.

BoredPanda is an art and news-based website.

Why It's Rotten

  1. It's filled with rude, hypocritical SJWs who call all of the majority "Straight White Males".
  2. Lots of BuzzFeed/VICE/Gawker/FANDOM level clickbait.
  3. Every post that gets on the front page is either about how White people are "garbage", month related stuff, or random logic.
  4. Used to be an alt-right site, now it's an alt-left site.
  5. The few articles that are good are mass voted/mass botted by SJWs to make it that way, while the YouTuber Scoop uploads the original versions, it is also comparable like how the alt-left rank Pepe The Frog photos lower than before.
  6. All the meme posts are dead memes that were already killed off by normies.
  7. Anti-GamerGate.
  8. Overuses cats. Not to be mean to people who love cats, but that’s what’s overused.
  9. Never had an article about major issues in the gaming community, such as Bowsette.
  10. Filled with Womyn and White Knights.
  11. There are users who post pictures that are irrelevant to open lists without any warning which is very disrespectful, thus leaving them a huge amount of down votes.
  12. They now have an anti-adblocker installed, but it doesn't work due to it's poor design.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are actually some interesting articles, just like creative art and photography in there.
  2. Some comments are downright hilarious but not offensive.
  3. The anti-adblocker can be bypassed by hitting the reset button.


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