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"A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool." - William Shakespeare

Robert L. Chipman (more commonly known as MovieBob) is a movie and game critic who does reviews on, The Escapist, Screenrant, ScrewAttack and on YouTube.

Why he is rotten

  1. Like typical social justice warriors, Bob Chipman will go out of his way to do what he thinks is right, even if it means slandering, lying or even harassment. His quote "there are no bad tactics, just bad targets" has became rather infamous. Even Anti-GG found him too extreme at times.
    • for example after Hillary lost the election he tweeted that people next time should just suck it up and vote for the Democrats, and if you wanted things to go your way you should go to Burger King.
  2. He has a rather annoying habit of talking extremely rapidly, likely because so viewers have a problem catching up with him to uncover many of his logical fallacies.
  3. Extremely hypocritical, delusional and very narcissistic.
  4. He is extremely defensive towards not just gaming corruption but also many other forms of corruption within the media as well.
  5. He called Wikileaks the tool of right wing nationalism.
  6. He claims gamers are socially inept an out of shape, yet he never bothered to take care of himself, managed to catch type 2 diabetes and even more obese.
  7. He has an implicit hatred of gamers. He claims to go out on dates and do social activities in order to fuel a stereotype that gamers are socially awkward. This is rather ironic as he's a near perfect incarnation of a stereotypical basement dwelling "comic book guy".
  8. He states that video games are just "toys" and that gaming journalism does not need ethics at all.
  9. White knights for female SJWs, especially Anita Sarkeesian and Zoë Quinn.
  10. Extremely obsessed with Mario in the same way Chris Chan is with Sonic. He compares himself and always gets into disturbing fantasies as Mario.
  11. He defends microtransactions and various other anti-consumerist practices. During the Diablo Immortal fiasco, he claims that critics against mobile games like Diablo Immortal are sexist because "you criticize mobile games because they are played by woman and therefore are not 'real' games".
  12. He even defends bad quality games like Depression Quest.
  13. Very biased and ineffective reviewing style, he wastes most of his time on rambling and takes ages gets to the point. His elitist, confrontational, and derisive personality certainly doesn't help. All of this probably explains why he got fired from the Escapist, who's hoping to find a more neutral reviewer to stay out of the FTC's spot light. He outright admited to hating the film The Escapables because it turned people away from Scott Pilgrim vs the World. And how he wouldn't stop whining about The Amazing Spiderman.
  14. Poor quality production in his videos.
  15. He either leaves out information or spreads misinformation in defending SJWs such as Zoë Quinn.
  16. He non stops whines on twitter such as politics and why he is never going to be popular. It's believed that his inability to stop whining about feminism, 8chan, and SocJus politics on Twitter and his content alike is what got him kicked out of ScrewAttack in the first place.
  17. At times he makes extremely bizarre Alex Jones level conspiracy theories. One outlandish claim he has made was people are becoming anti sjws mainly because of how Hilary Clinton was running for president in 2016.
  18. He is a very poor writer as well, as the book he published was very narcissistic in tone and he admits to placing Mario above all else in his personal life showing how obsessed he is with the character.
  19. While detailing his childhood and life in the book, Bob makes several startling and sometimes bizarre admissions and statements:
    • He admits to identifying with Mario because they were both "born in the same year" and he can't remember a world without him .
    • He compares the 1990's console wars between Sega and Nintendo to the Vietnam war.
    • He carried a SMB2 Mario figurine as a good-luck charm throughout grade school.
    • He admits to having had problems at school, to the point that his parents got a recommendation to put him on Ritalin & some other drugs, which they refused. and received intermittent therapy for anger, attention and authority issues.
    • Compares the significance of him seeing the 1st known footage of SMB3 (in The Wizard film) to that of the JFK assassination and 9/11.
    • He admits that the ending of the game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island "broke his brain" as a high-school senior, because its ending explicitly revealed that Mario & Luigi grew up in the Mushroom Kingdom, and not Brooklyn.
    • He claims that his 1st film criticism gig was moonlighting for a local cable access show, owned by a Christian Fundamentalist with an ex-military and ex-law enforcement background, from which he was later fired for not going along with the owner's opinions on the film Passion of The Christ, he further claims his termination meeting was in the show owner's van in a parking lot, in which he feared for his life because the owner did freelance security work, and was "on the job".
    • He admits to spending multiple hours in his car playing on his portable Nintendo gaming consoles after work, while waiting for his whole family to go to sleep before he entered their home. He claims that this was because he wanted to access the family computer in peace and make videos.
  20. He is very defensive of pedophiles, notably he has defended the likes of Sarah Nyburg and James Gunn.
  21. He insulted critics working at Red Letter Media saying that they are unqualified to be reviewing movies because of the basis that they have worked on indie movies and smaller online shows.
  22. After the ANTIFA Riots in Berkeley shut down a string of talks slated to be hosted by conservative speakers like Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannoupolis, MovieBob and his ilk defended the actions of the extremist protestors on twitter, which lead to Bob himself being noticed and rebuked by the ACLU, of which he was actually a card-carrying member of
  23. He supports Eugenics according to many of his tweets
  24. He literally sees anyone who disagrees with him as subhuman, YOU KNOW LIKE AN ACTUAL NAZI
  25. He is in favor of dictatorships, because he believes most people are stupid and he himself is intelligent. This also explains why he is against democracy.
  26. Blames whites for everything bad in the world and believes that they deserve death.
  27. Has an immense ego, believing himself intellectually superior, but has terrible spelling, and believes Hitler was elected democratically
  28. He hates the working class, and believes that they should lose their jobs and suffer.
  29. He even thinks geeks and nerds are not existent.
  30. His grammar and punctuation is atrocious.
  31. He supports the gamers are dead movement and according to him the reason why video game journalism does not need ethics is due to the fact they are toys.




  • Currently his book stands at 2 star rating at