You Know What's BullBull? 2

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I'm finally here for the second rant for my series.

Note: I'm using words YouTuber DashieGames uses. Such as Bullsh*t is BullBull, and D*ck is Diugh.

WARNING: This is my opinion! It's fine if you dislike this but plz respect my opinion!

You Know What's BullBull? NoRedInk!

This is one of the most BullBull websites I have ever been to. I have to go to this website for school work and stuff, sure it can teach you English and Grammar, but here's the thing: If you get a question wrong, you have to get 3 in a row to continue, and if you do not get a 3 in a row, you have to restart the 3 in a row! That's bullbull! Some questions are easy, some questions are very difficult I can't ever get pass. It's like if you´re playing a hard level in Super Mario Maker, but you cannot beat it. I hope this website will be put on this wiki soon because it is BullBull!!!

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