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Here we go again...

Recently, a new film came out and I can only describe it as Ghostbusters 2016 Encore. This time we have Ocean's 8, an action heist movie with an all-female cast.

Automatically start the red flag raising motor! 

Call me paranoid or sexist all you like, but judging from what I've see these days, having an all-female cast in situations where you can have all-male or mix-gender cast, its usually some form of girl-power promo. I'm no movie critic, but I believe that NO movie should ever use the concept of "all female cast" as its selling point. Heck, if your movie's selling point is its cast, then you're in serious trouble.

Now I don't wnat to be condesending, but I want to ask women one thing: Don't you feel insulted that Hollywood is pandering to you and giving you privileges like you are a bunch of spoiled children that throws temper tantrums if you are not pleased?

To me, Ocean's 8 doesn't look especially attractive. Like GB2016, it's simply trying to bank on the Ocean's X name and use an all-female cast to help it stand out and appeal to a certain loud and obnoxious group of people that don't realy care about movies. What are we gonna have next? Goodladies? An all female remake of Goodfellas? (Don't give them the idea, You half-wit!) 

Another problem is the setting: Ocean's X. Heists are usually something MEN pull off, as we all know, criminals are usually men (Take that! Male Privilage!). And putting women in mostly male positions, well, has a high chance of producing awkward results, the chance of crashing and burning is as high as that of the Jaguar Formula One car used to promote the Ocean's 12 remake.

Sure enough, reviews for Ocean's 8 came out and its mostly average. Most reviews praised the flims cast (That alone is already a bad sign, the cast os the aspect that's most worth the praise?) and some claimed that the flim "could be more interesting/fun". No exceptionally negative commentry for now. And the reason for that is simple: having an all female cast gives you an additional advanatge: if the movie flops, you can deny all responsibilty by blaiming it on the sexist viewers!

But let's allow the statistics to speak, shall we? This is what I've dug up on KotakuInAction, thank you, u/Kn0thingIsTerrible!

Ocean’s 11, Unadjusted Numbers:

  • Budget: 85 million.
  • Opening Weekend: 38 million.
  • Domestic Total: 183.4 million.
  • Global Total: 450.7 million.

Ocean’s 11, Adjusted-For-Inflation Numbers (from 2001):

  • Budget: 120 million.
  • Opening Weekend: 54 million.
  • Domestic Total: 260 million.
  • Global Total: 640.6 million

Ocean’s 12, Unadjusted:

  • Budget: 110 million.
  • Opening Weekend: 39 million.
  • Domestic Total: 125.5 million.
  • Global Total: 363 million.

Ocean’s 12, Adjusted Numbers (from 2004)

  • Budget: 146 million.
  • Opening Weekend: 52 million.
  • Domestic Total: 167 million.
  • Global Total: 483.5 million.

Ocean’s 13, Unadjusted Numbers:

  • Budget: 85 million.
  • Opening Weekend: 36 million.
  • Domestic Total: 117 million.
  • Global Total: 311.7 million.

Ocean’s 13, Adjusted Numbers (from 2007):

  • Budget: 103 million.
  • Opening Weekend: 43 million.
  • Domestic Total: 141 million.
  • Global Total: 378 million.

Ocean’s 8, No Adjustments Needed:

  • Budget: 70 million.
  • Opening Weekend: 41.6 million.
  • Domestic Total To Date (June 15, 2018): 59.6 million.
  • Global Total to Date (June 15, 2018): 72 million.

According to Wikipedia: "As of June 17, 2018, Ocean's 8 has grossed $79.2 million in the United States and Canada, and $37.1 million in other territories, for a total worldwide gross of $116.3 million, against a production budget of $70 million (not including advertising costs)."

Overall, Ocean's 8 may appear to be successful, but it still has the lowest Opening Weekend income out of all Ocean's flim. Juding from available numbers, that makes it the LEAST successful Ocens's movie ever. Maybe it's the low budget? Or is it just too mediocre for Ocean's?

Of coures, the media always need additional SJ points to fuel their propaganda machines, and they have to defend the movie's failure by pretending its their own version of GB2016 encore. And even the actresses of the movie are starting to jump on the Social Truck of Justice, blaming the movie's flop on the fact that most of the flim industry's critics are MALE.

So let's sum it up...

Face it, "progressives"! Carl "Garbage Human" Benjamin is right! You are not fightning "the patriarchy", nor are you fightning gender inequality, you are fightning meritocracy. Something features predominantly women, and you automatically demand it to succeed regardless of quality. This ISN'T how the film industry works! James Yaegashi ddin't get to voice Woozie because Rockstar North hates Chinese, because Yaegashi is the best available man for the job! This is even more ridiculous when, come to think of it, you are dealing with an action comedy, which has a predominantly MALE audience! Disney bought Star Wars hoping to attract more male audience, and managed to screw it up by making the Force more female. This is essentially the same thing! The only thing you imbeciles are doing is to give female casts a bad name, and then everyone will treat the concept as taboo!

Imagine what's it like in motoring, if the progressives invade!

Face it, its skills and competence that wins in the end, not because of what's between your legs. Don't wnat to sound too much like a jerk, but DEAL WITH IT! Use the likes of Sabrina Schmitz to encourge, instead of wasting your time blaming it all on the established. Sure, it's likely you'll never catch up with her, even in a F-Type R, but at least you can close in the gap! 

In the words of Platinum Paragon: "Don't get bitter, just get better!"