So about Tumblr's ban on Adult content...

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I'm sure you heard the news that Tumblr has decided to ban adult content from the entire site starting December 17. I am angry about this and many other people are angry too.

It all started when someone uploaded cp of a girl onto the site. I didn't see it, but I heard about it from other people. I think the image was reported many times and Tumblr's mods didn't do anything about it for 6 days. That was when Apple decided to remove its app from the App Store. Tumblr decided to prevent anyone from searching for adult content and started banning random people. Then Tumblr obviously announced "Fuck it" and is planning to do a Thanos on the date above.

First of all, adult content in general (or the ones viewing it) had nothing to do with why the Tumblr app was removed. It was the staff not taking proper action on people using the site for illegal purposes. This also brings up a bigger issue that affects many sites: Using automated systems for moderation. We saw this happen before with Elsagate and Steam Direct. I hope this is becoming clearer and clearer, but when moderating sites, no bot can truly replace the effectivness of a dedicated human. You don't even have to pay in some cases, people can volunteer to help clean the site, and they likely do a better job than paid people.

I do believe something that a lot of people on twitter said. Even banning adult content won't stop people like Nazis and other things users have been complaining about.

If anyone wants to chat about this or provide info, I'm open. This is something RottenWebsites really needs to cover.



28 months ago
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It's using a cannon to swat a fly, yes, but from the view of the people doing the ban, it's probably less work than actually having to monitor their site to prevent another CP post.

It's still more a sign of laziness than a good idea, won't disagree on that though.


28 months ago
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Lack of moderation or using bots to moderate seems to be a common thing with websites these days. I did mention Elsagate and Steam Direct, which were end results of sites (Youtube and Steam) trying to use algorithms to moderate, only to fail at doing so.

Something tells me this style of moderation could use an article here.


28 months ago
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The saltiness is getting real. Now I'll never find Blue Diamond's good artworks for my collection.

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