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Now if you noticed the title. It means "Not cute at all" in Japanese.

So you get up in the morning you work 9-5 at a place like EB Games and after a long day of work. You just want to grab some popcorn and go on crunchyroll to watch Full Metal Alchemist. Or play your favorite JRPG game like Nier Automata. You decide to go on ANN to see whats the latest on your favorite anime. You click on this one article it turns out its sjws writing down about how sexualised girls are in anime. And how they potray as so vulnerable and they complain about how sexy they are.  

Lately anime and jrpgs are getting a huge boost in fandom. And also games like Nier Automata,Persona 5 and the Yakuza series are doing really finacially and critically. Nintendo as well is doing awesome with the switch and Mario Oddesey and Breath of the wild are now one of the best games of all time. 

This also can serve as an opportunity for them to cherry pick and take things out of context as well. The topic of this blog is about JRPGS and Anime. And how Social Justice Warriors are in reality are actually just as bad as those who blindly bash anime.

Anime and Manga are one of my favorite interests like reading,playing video games,toys and sketch art. And today i am going to explain the various parts of Japanese Entertainment that they have a problem with.


Now there is like alot of pretty girls in anime.

Your jealous because shes cuter than you. I Know It! God Knows It!

  You often see school girls like Yukion from Oregairul. Or Umaru chan both are teenagers and are drawn to be quite pretty.

There is also kickass anime heroines like Faye Valentine,Nana Osaki,Mokoto Kusangi. They are highly attaractive. And they both are very likable characters. Who are adults and placed in more "mature" situations you are not going to see in school type anime shows. That are oriented for younger audiences.

Thing is they have a problem about "sexualised" characters.

Like if a girl has big breasts,butt or thighs. This is seen to be "Unrealisitc" body image for women. 

Yet they don't see any unrealistic body image to characters like Kenshiro or the Joestars. Which is part of the many double standards they have. Moe espeically is a huge problem. Moe is cute,innocent and this child like vulnerable characters particullary school girls. The cuter the girl to them. The more likely men would use them to manipulate them for their own personal advantages. As they are so innocent and vulnerable.  It is often used for fanservice. Plus the main point of fanservice and pretty girls is because they are meant to be really attractive. Even female anime fans likes cute girls such as the god of her own religion Haruhi. And fanservice last i checked is supposed to be a form of  escapisim and  You can still like real life girls. And also fictional anime girls and real life girls both at the same time. 

Even pretty girls like Haruhi are capable of doing heroic actions or having a hidden talent. Like her singing "God knows it" that shows there is more to them than just their looks.  To me this sounds a hella lot like jealousy.  I mean you are so insecure about your own fucking looks that you have to go after "fictional" chararcters looks to just to make your self feel better due to your low self esteem!? 


In this anime it shows that women can be sinners.

So SJWS pretty much hate ultra violence. Especially if women are involved. Action anime has action scenes which in turn has violence in it. TV-MA ones in particular like Cowboy Bebop and Black Lagoon are violent shows.  I've watched the entire cowboy bebop series and it is highly inspired by John Woo flicks like The Killer or A Better Tommrow 2.  Along with martial arts films that Bruce Lee has stared in. And it gets pretty intense as you watch it. If you watch an action anime. You are going to have to expect violence at one point.  The more intense it is the more engaged you are with the characters when they are placed in life threatning situations. And it can also show how really dangerous a villain like Vicious from Cowboy Bebop is. Having his entire gang go after the team until all of them are dead. If the characters are not going to get harmed or if they have an unfair advantage by making them over powered. That would turn them into a marty/mary sue. Which makes them a pretty bland character. Plus fight scenes wouldn't be so entertaining either. Cowboy Bebop suceeds in it because of how at any moment. Anybody could die. (Especially a certain character who's fate is still a mystery to this day).

SJWS are all for "strong independeant women" in action shows.  Yet they don't want to see characters like Revy or Faye Valentine being harmed. And they would go as far to compare it to "Domestic Violence". ( You don't see them complain when action anime characters like Spike Spiegel,Dutch,Kenshiro or The male jojo characters get into a life threatining situation.) Strangely as well Men vs women violence in action anime is bad. Unlike women vs women violence as well.

They also rather want them to focus on the non important characters instead of the main ones. Because of how "interesting" they are even though the minor characters would have little purpose to them. Other than be a help or hinderance to the characters.

Thing is its all fiction. No way a human being could have special abilties like the main characters could have to that extent.

Forced in politics

Alot of Anime is set in various locations in Japan. And keep this in mind. None of the people in Japan are like the characters in anime. It can be said as well for the real world.  The sterotypes in anime are meant for fictional or even comedic purposes as well. It is not supposed to be a representation of the real world its supposed to be escpaism from the real world.  

SJWS being the way they are. Whenever they talk about any form of entertainment medium. They have to find a way to make it look "problematic" or how this is "unrealisitc".

Yaoi and Yuri. This is used as a way to virtue signal LGBTQ identity politics. Look if you are part of the LGBTQ community nobody cares about your sexuality. Character is what matters. And speaking of characters highlighting them for their sexuality/gender instead of their actions and who they are.  That is not a way to write good characters. 

A part of why a character is so well liked is because of how relatable they can be. And their sexuality on the otherhand is irrelevant as it does not serve any point at all to the plot of the story. 

The excuse of "all art is poltical" well not all entertainment is "political". Lucky Star is a plotless slice of life series of a group of school girls like K-ON. Not a documentary about poltical life in Japan. 

If you add in poltics (Right wing or Left Wing) in entertainment. It turns into propaganda for any side of the coin.

"All Japanese Games Suck"

Yeah as i mentioned SJWS have a huge problem with Japanese games. I've been playing Japanese and Western Games for years now. If it wasn't for nintendo video games would have been dead by now. 

They are really focused as

I'm glad i'm allergic towards seafood.

hell censoring content on video games like Dead or alive or soul calibur.

Even Japanese groups like Play Asia are really annoyed by the complaints. And some developers tragically cave into their demands to censoring their games. The art styles as well is diffrent. They complain about the anime design and anime style of a game like Gravity Rush 2. Yet their own art style is just bland and grotesque. 

It looks like as well SJWs here in the west are pretty much immune to any forms of criticism as they brush it off as any form of bigotry. But in the Japanese culture. Being modest and acepting feedback for areas of improvment is important to them. And Because of this development style they can be able to improve on it the next  game they make. Platinum Games for example went from a string of making crappy tie in games and flops with star fox. To kicking ass again with Nier Automata. Showing that they really do want to improve and create great games.  

Another thing i notice is difficulty complaining. They compare challenging games like the ones Atlus makes to the "Dark souls" of everything. And they complain about how too hard it is. "Git gud" is all i have to say.

The reasons they pick on Anime or Japanese developed games. Looks like a form of insecurty because games like Persona 5 are like really great. Unlike Sunset or Where the Water tastes like Wine. Another thing as well Socjus developers really enjoy bashing other games and other developers as well. Because a game like Persona 5 has content,quality and great gameplay. Wheras sunset would be nothing more than a shallow walking sim. And they point out the "flaws" of the game just to make them feel better about themselves. Another thing i notice as well is that Socjus sites like VICE and Kotaku both have bashed Japanese characters as well in the name of "Socjus". Pikachu and Walugi from what i have noticed. 


To end this evidence backed cynical cricitism.  Anime,Manga and Otaku culture is still a underground form of entertainment in Japan. And Japanese creators are still going to stick to their ways of creating entertainment to please the readers. And Social Just Us Wariors will always fail in this endeveour to make anime and jrpgs poltically correct.

If you have any thoughts,suggestions to add or corrections that i should add in. Let me know down in the comments section. I'll be sure to respond to many as i can find.