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12 Different Types of SJWs
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Note: This is just Grust having fun.

Grust is the founder of both the Crappy and Awesome Games Wikis, Animated Muscle Men Wiki, and Love Interest Wiki. He's also very anti-SJW and an active user on Miraheze after leaving FANDOM.

Why He's Rotten

  1. A complete nutjob. Some polls he makes tend to make no sense.
  2. Proud of being a nutjob. He even considers The Joker and Ren Hoek to be some of his heroes.
  3. Takes enjoyment out of torturing others in his polls, even threatened people with playing Desert Bus for 30 days and eating their hearts.
  4. Hates the idea of someone trying to out-insane him or trying to calm down his insanity. Masson Thief and Unnamedgoon learned that the hard way.
  5. Can get overly political cuz of SJWs.
  6. We're all very very afraid of the day the last of his sanity goes bye-bye.
  7. Refuses to get a gaming PC out of fear of becoming a member of the PC Master Race.
  8. Made Unnamedgoon play the Diabolik Lovers Drinking Game after he took down the 2018 article.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite getting political, he hates politics and only gets political out of reluctance and necessity. He even stated he doesn't want to hear politics he agrees with in entertainment.
  2. Has studied the evils of SJWs, and has given tips on defeating them. Though this likely helped contribute to his loss of sanity.
  3. His ideas of torture fall on the Cool and Unusual Punishment Trope.
  4. We at least got 4 wikis out of him.


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