Mat Brunet Does Not Know American Politics

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Hello there for todays subject i will be talking about Mat Brunet. Basely i will talk about him not understanding how American poltics which is ironic as he knows about a american company yet he does not know about how the country works.

Debunking his Twitter post

Americans support guns are Trump supporters

Myth: All americans that support guns are trump numbskulls.

Fact: Thats is really false and failing to understand the whole gun situation in general. If this is just republicans only thing then it would had been over by the early 20th centuries. As the matter of fact there is some democrats that supports guns and even some republican are against guns.

Angry White Person with Gun -> BLM

Myth: A white person with a Gun is more deadly then a Black Lives Matter Protesters.

Fact: A group of vandels or terrorist (e.g KKK,ISIS and Black Lives Matter) are more deadly then one person with a gun. Plus that not understanding that there is some gun deaths due to non-whites as well.