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WARNING: This is not rotten websites related, it is just about me. Here are the facts that is all about me <3

  1. My gender, voice and age is unknown, don't tell me.
  2. I have no cousins.
  3. I live in Romania and my decent is American-Arabic-Romanian.
  4. I don't have social media accounts, social media is boring for me.
  5. I love to write what i discovered when a website is too rotten for me.
  6. My favorite groups are BTS & Super Junior.
  7. My favorite singers are Ed Sheeran, MARINA & Lana Del Rey.
  8. I can't run, ride a bike, dance and more because i am too fat and i have health problems since my weight is 61 kg.
  9. My height is 162 cm.
  10. My blood type is A (A2 cause i live in Romania).
  11. I can speak English, Romanian, Czech (a bit, only Ahoj), Korean and Swedish.
  12. My first hit was When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls because when i was only 1, my ears are too smaller and i didn't hear.
  13. I don't like savory food.
  14. My favorite colors are blue, green & black.
  15. I can sing a little bit. xD
  16. I used to use Vyond, but now i am no longer using.
  17. I can also rap xD
  18. I don't have a phone or a tablet.
  19. I am a night owler (I can stay on the internet on tonight).
  20. My favorite TV shows are The Amazing World Of Gumball and Spongebob Squarepants. (too bad that i no longer have kids channels since i only have 2 or 3)
  21. My Roblox is xOmqSobo (i buy robux every month)
  22. I wear glasses.
  23. I don't like girly girl stuff, since i like tomboy stuff (i am boyish).

That's all, if you want to know more facts about me, there are comments below <3

-Sobo xoxo

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