A script for a movie I'll make in the future

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(I already posted this on the AYTW, but I'll post it here too)

Y helo there again. I'm making another script for an animated movie for the future. This time, it's not going to be a horror film, but rather a satirical musical black comedy-drama film. It will be called Madoka.

The film is supposed to satirize the issues of left-wing politics, political correctness, and feminism, as well as SJW agenda and anti-GamerGate. It will also satirize what "Celebtards" have been doing. The film is sorta inspired by South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, due to its slightly similar themes, and the fact it also parodies multiple celebrities that are considered "Celebtards". Also, the film will parody several Anti-GamerGate figures.

Unlike all my other movies, which will receive an R rating, I plan on getting this film a PG-13 rating for some violence, peril, and brief language.


In an alternate 2018, after president Donald Trump is impeached, a tyrannical and hypocritical president that many left-wing people support, known as Jared Allen takes his place, and despite saying he's going to enforce equality, he places a law where all white men, Christians, conservatives, police officers, and heterosexuals are discriminated against. Because of this, a mysterious man who's against Allen switches Japanese citizen Madoka and American citizen Bill's languages, meaning the former now speaks English while the latter now speaks Japanese. Madoka is transported to America from her pool, where she must try to get Allen impeached with the help of Bill. Meanwhile, her sister Akari and Hiroshi, Madoka's boyfriend, travel to North Korea, where they must stop the dictator Kim Jong-Un from sending a nuke to America due to it becoming politically correct.

Voice Cast

Main Characters

  • Unknown as Madoka Sasaki, a Japanese woman whose language is switched from Japanese to English and is taken to America from her pool to Bill's house.
    • Unknown provides Madoka's Japanese voice.
    • Unknown provides Madoka's singing voice.
  • Unknown as Bill Gonzales, an American office worker, and gamer whose language is switched from English to Japanese, and meets Madoka from his pool that she emerges from.
    • Unknown provides Bill's Japanese voice.
    • Unknown provides Bill's singing voice.
  • Unknown as Jared Allen, a tyrannical and hypocritical president who rules in place of Donald Trump.
    • Unknown provides Jared's singing voice.
  • Unknown as Akari Sasaki, Madoka's sister who's taken to North Korea from her pool.
    • Unknown provides Akari's singing voice.
  • Unknown as Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Madoka's boyfriend who, along with Akari, is taken to North Korea from Madoka's pool.
    • Unknown provides Hiroshi's singing voice.
  • Eijitheawesome (me) as Kim Jong-Un, the tyrannical dictator of North Korea. I will also provide his English and singing voice.

Supporting Characters

  • Unknown as Chloe Williams, an African-American widow who's against Jared Allen.
  • Unknown as Jude Marshall, a man who switches Madoka's voice so she can protest against Allen.
  • Unknown as Fumiko Sasaki, Madoka's mother.
  • Unknown as Daisuke Sasaki, Madoka's father.
  • Unknown as Julie Williams, a fat junk-food addict who supports the fat acceptance movement.
  • Unknown as Judge Hartwell
  • Unknown as Joseph Larson, Jared's husband

The Trump Family

  • Eijitheawesome (me) as Donald Trump / Donald Trump Jr. / Eric Trump
  • Unknown as Melania Trump
  • Unknown as Ivanka Trump / Tiffany Trump / Barron Trump, Trump's children.
  • Unknown as Ivana Trump / Marla Maples, Trump's former wives.

Celebtards and anti-GamerGate people

  • Unknown as Zoe Quinn / Anita Sarkeesian / Brianna Wu / Leigh Alexander
  • Unknown as Kim Kardashian / Ariana Grande / Jenny McCarthy / Emma Watson / Tara Strong / Halsey / Nora Reed
  • Eijitheawesome (me) as Michael Moore / Jonathan McIntosh / Rian Johnson / Jim Carrey / Eminem / Bill Nye / Jake Paul / Logan Paul
  • Unknown as Phil Fish / Ben Kuchera / Devin Faraci / Paul Feig / DarksydePhil / Wade Robson
  • Unknown as Colin Kaepernick / Snoop Dogg / Jussie Smollett
  • Unknown as Samantha Bee / Kathy Griffin / Barbra Streisand / Cher / Rosie O'Donnell / Hillary Clinton
  • Unknown as Lena Dunham / Lady Gaga / Mila Kunis


  • Unknown as Jennie / Jisoo / Lisa / Rosé, the members of BLACKPINK.
  • Eijitheawesome (me) as Ben Shapiro / Tucker Carlson
  • Unknown as multiple protestors

Summary of the scenes

Scene 1

In an alternate 2018, a group of left-wing successfully gets Donald Trump impeached. The next day, a new president, known as Jared Allen, rules in place of him and violates the 1st Amendment by placing a law where all Christians, Caucasian men, conservatives, police officers, soldiers, and heterosexuals are discriminated against. Heterosexuals are forcibly divorced, conservatives are executed, etc. Allen also bans any film with a white male protagonist or deuteragonist or with a black antagonist or female antagonist (which means this film itself is going to be banned).

Scene 2

In Japan, cashier Madoka Sasaki meets with her sister Akari. She then talks with her boyfriend Hiroshi and then goes home. In America, office worker Bill is packing up all of his games due to Jared also banning games due to anti-GamerGate. His friends then come and help him. At night, a mysterious man Jude Marshall comes to Madoka and Bill and switches their languages in their sleep.


  • Title: Madoka
  • Production Status: In development
  • Production companies: IDGAF Productions
  • Distributed By: Universal Pictures


  • Computer
  • Toon Boom Harmony
  • Autodesk Maya



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What about libertarians and liberals who oppose Jared Allen? Will they be persecuted as well?

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