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Disclaimer: This page does not support police brutality nor racism. The page is against it. This page won’t reflect on all BLM supporters, It only talks about rabid ones on social media. Claiming "Black Lives Matter" itself is by no means problematic, that's because All Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter (United States)
May as well rename it to BSM (Black Supremacy Matters)
Type of site: “Activist”
Language: English
Created by: Alicia Garza
Opal Tometi
Patrisse Cullors
Date of launch: July 13, 2013
Status: Active

"A doctrine of black supremacy is as dangerous as a doctrine of white supremacy. God is not interested in the freedom of black men or brown men or yellow men. God is interested in the freedom of the whole human race, the creation of a society where every man will respect the dignity and worth of personality."

 Martin Luther King Jr., Speech at the Southern Methodist University, March 17, 1966.

Black Lives Matter (also known as BLM for short) is an international social movement primarily headquartered in the United States. The movement claims to protest against the unfair treatment of African Americans by the police and other aspects of society. In July 2013, the movement began with the use of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter on social media after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of African-American teen Trayvon Martin 17 months earlier, in February 2012. It has no formal hierarchy save for the founders and is a decentralized network of activists.

This page will focus on the radical supporters, not every single BLM supporter acts like this.

Why It's Rotten

Note: This mostly focuses on the US side of BLM

The Virgin Radical #BLM Supporters vs The Chad Rights Activist
Basically the BLM Movement
  1. Despite labeling itself as "pro-equality", it has begun to move away from its original intent of fixing racial injustice in the legal system towards African Americans and has focused more on oppressing and demonizing white people and the police, some of their slogans include "What do we want? DEAD COPS!" or "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon!". Their mentality can be summed up as: "Black Lives Matter, But Blue And White Lives Don't."
    • This has become especially common after George Floyd's death in Minneapolis, showing evidence they have now become an extremist movement. Their staunching opposition to the "All Lives Matter" claim pretty much shows that their mentality has deformed into "Black Lives Matter But ONLY Black Lives Matter".
  2. Like Social Justice Warriors, there are people in the movement that follow a "with us or against us" mentality, which means that even disagreeing with the movement will lead to you being called "racist", blacklisted, doxxed, etc.
    • In fact, most of them are Social Justice Warriors.
  3. They are essentially the Black Panthers of the internet and across the country, going through the exact same route as the original Black Panthers, from being a peace-promoting protesting organization to a radicalized supremacist group with penchant for destruction and hostility.
  4. BLM also has a tendency to shoehorn themselves into other people's business and refuse to leave until their demands are met. For instance, during a Pride Parade in Toronto, BLM protestors disrupted the parade, demanding more "representation" in pride staff and prioritize black trans women, and eliminate police floats at pride events. Not only BLM tried to hijack the event and make it all about themselves, but they're willing to jeopardize the safety of all participants.
  5. They enforce terrible ideologies, such as "all white people are racist", "there are no good cops", and even "you can not be racist against white people".
  6. They oversimplify the issues of police brutality, claiming it's because the police have a secret plan to kill all black people.
  7. After the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and some other African-Americans in the hands of police, many involved in BLM began to riot and turned cities like Seattle, Portland, New York City, Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, Kenosha, and even Minneapolis itself into dystopias of violence that went on for months and even allied with Antifa to destroy property and kill innocent people.
  8. Speaking of police, they are responsible for creating the #ACAB hashtag (short for All Cops Are Bastards), which promotes the idea that all cops are bad when that isn't true since there are cops that aren't terrible people.
  9. As a result of the rioting (and actual peaceful protesting in some places), it is possible that they caused cases during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic to increase as some reported that they had tested positive for the virus while ignoring social distancing and not wearing masks, as well as burning and looting in public areas and forcing people to remain outside where the virus could have spread in large occupied areas.
  10. They are extremely against the police, even going as far as calling for them to be defunded (which will cause many officers to be laid off and limit what crimes they can respond to) or even abolished entirely. Yes, they wish to make crime and murder legal. Nobody to stop criminals, allowing them to run free and cause mayhem or, worse yet, have the military taking over the police roles. If you want to show why the military taking over police jobs is a bad idea, read about the Peterloo massacre.
    • On August 10, 2020, two months after the protests, looters in Chicago came back to loot stores as a way to go against the police. Over 100 people were arrested.
    • Worst of all, some spineless politicians actually agreed to BLM's demands, and proceed to defund the police, causing the morality of police departments to plummet and many police even going on strike or joining local militias just to try and maintain order. In areas where the police are defunded, hundreds of 911 calls go unresponded every day because of a lack of patrolling units.
  11. Some people in and supporters of the movement, such as Skai Jackson, even go as far as to dox innocent people. Often for petty reasons, such as politically incorrect jokes (one of which was told by a 13-year-old who was expelled from school and got both of their parents were fired from their jobs) when they were just jokes and don't determine whether the person in question is actually a racist. Getting doxxed for having the "wrong" opinion on the movement is also common.
    • Jennifer Scheurle, who was a Guild Wars 2 Lead Game Designer, blamed someone for white supremacy over the vehicular assault. However, it was Dawit Kelete, a Black man, who did it, yet she defended him. You know you screwed up when you defend a criminal just because they are black and blame someone else for the crime they never committed.
    • Mat Brunet (AniMat) has called JonTron mentally ill just because he does not agree with the movement.
    • Seth Rogen has responded to 'All Lives Matter' comments after posting 'Black Lives Matter' on Instagram, and he wrote that "if this is a remotely controversial statement for you, feel free to unfollow me.” He has even insulted All Lives Matter supporters with insults such as "Shut the fuck up", "Fuck off, You don’t deserve my movies anymore. Stop watching my shit.", and “Eat shit and die.”
  12. Even back then, one of the founders, Patrisse Cullors, admitted that some their members are trained/taught by Democratic conspiracy theorists and Marxists.
  13. The rioters believe that what they're doing is "for the greater good", when, in reality, their rioting destroyed many black communities and made everything worse. In fact, they have managed to kill more black people than actual cops.
  14. They take their opposition towards their counterprotest, All Lives Matter, to the extreme. Even going as far as to kill a mother just for saying it and calling supporters of it racist.
  15. Hypocrisy: They hate white supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan, yet they act exactly like them with their racism against white people and their acts of violence (before the mid-1900s and their regulation by government figures).
    • They even began cheering when a Trump Supporter was murdered and a viral video of a black man striking a white man with a brick was uploaded with the hashtag #White Lives Don't Matter. This shows they don't have respect for human lives, which is what the entire point was.
  16. Twitter has become a very big hive mind for the movement, filled with people glorifying the riots, hate speech against white people, and attacks against the police.
    • Ironically some users like Mat Brunet (AniMat) support this group despite being white, which, by that logic, means they're fighting against their own race.
  17. They caused the actual legal system to become corrupt in some places. For example, a couple in St. Louis pulled their guns on a group of "protesters" who were trespassing on their private property even after they saw a sign telling them that entry is prohibited. The protesters were seen as innocent while the couple was charged for "making threats" when they were rightfully defending their property.
  18. They give not only sane black-rights activists but black people in general, a bad name due to their anti-white rhetoric and rioting.
  19. Because of the aforementioned reason, even many black people hate this movement and distance themselves from it.
  20. They kicked white people out of their homes in Seattle and have burned down white churches, which shows they want black supremacy, something that Martin Luther King Jr. declared was just as bad as white supremacy.
  21. They try to justify their looting and arson of stores by saying it's for reparations and that insurance would take care of it. However, not every store owner has insurance. For example, one bar that a black man spent his entire life savings on was burned to the ground during the Minneapolis riots, ruining him.
  22. Many of the toxic BLM supporters are also criminal apologists as they side with and defend the criminals just because they're black and made poor attempts to bail them out. Sometimes, they also go as far as to hate or antagonize the victims. Not realizing that they are in jail for a reason.
    • When a 5-year-old white boy named Cannon Hinnant was murdered in front of his house by a black man named Darius Sessoms, a Facebook page dedicated to bailing Darius out was created while the deceased child and the grieving family were mocked. It should be noted that the Facebook page was a troll group, but it attracted a lot of BLM supporters that are being serious about it.
    • They've tried to "save" black death row immates that are scheduled to be/were executed such as Brandon Bernard and Dustin Higgs by making petitions to try to stop the execution, believing they’re innocent of any wrongdoing, completely ignoring their actions.
    • They also donate money to the families of the inmates instead of the families of the victims.
  23. Rioters also march into neighborhoods at night making loud chants, keeping people awake, and being nuisances.
  24. Despite the riots and even burning down buildings, the mainstream media, including CNN, are doing their best to hide the chaos and have referred to the riots as "peaceful protests." When that was not enough to save their reputation, they started blaming the riots on "Right-Wing Agitators", saying that the right-wingers provoked the riots and not the BLM activists themselves, showing that they don't want to take responsibility for their actions.
    • It gets worse. As shown in example#1 of WIR#22, Cannon Hiannant's death was never reported by the majority of the mainstream media. In fact, the only mainstream news channel that reported the full story was Fox News. Fox News even criticized about why the boy's death never got much coverage from other MSM news outlets.
  25. Many celebrities support and encourage the above actions, with prominent examples being Colin Kaepernick and Michael Jordan.
  26. Even more terrifying is that there are some public schools who support BLM, and they are brainwashing children to be hateful against all ages of white people as well.
  27. A few months ago, a white woman named Fifi/stardewleaf, who's a fan of Animal Crossing, posted a picture on Twitter of her in-game character wearing one of the new hairstyles that were introduced in the Winter update for Animal Crossing New Horizons and called them "Space Buns". As a result, she was harassed by SJWs and rabid BLM Supporters and was accused of being racist and for appropriating Black Culture all because she was wearing a haircut, in a video game. Click here if you want to know more about this.
  28. Some of the BLM elements in other nations like the UK or Canada (such as the aforementioned Toronto division) are just as rabid as their US counterparts, often disrupting public order in hopes to get their unreasonable demands such as "defund/abolish the police" or "enforce critical race theory" met.
    • Though most of them at least don't go into direct violence and it dies down by the end of the summer of last year. Showing they at least moved on from it.
  29. They often tried to defend people with Black supremacy views as shown with #IStandWithKrystina when Krystina Arielle is being racist to all whites after they criticized her behavior on Twitter. Which proofs their hypocrisy even further.
  30. They give non-violent BLM supporters a terrible reputation.
  31. These people serve nothing more but fuel the alt-right, actual racists, Neo-Nazis and radical anti-SJWs with more resolve to drive their vile cynicism against innocent blacks, social justice, and their supporters, thus turning the country into a miasma of violent political warmongering.
  32. They often attempt to use black-centered media such as Black Panther to enforce their agenda, which essentially gives these media a bad name.
    • Some may even criticize black-centered media for not being "black-propagated" enough.
  33. They are so bad that other BLM supporters turned on them, or have left the movement in utter greivance of what they did.
  34. Some of the supporters are actual criminals. For example, the Los Angeles street gangs Crips and Bloods actually united in support of BLM.
  35. Even when well-intentioned, their attempts to fix systemic racism and stop police brutality are largely ineffective, as they use mere protests rather than actual policy reform.
  36. Their actions alone completely undermind everything that Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for. At worst, they bring him up as an excuse to enforce their agenda, in short. They are dead disrespecting.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The movement was better in the past when it was truly pro-equality, primarily in its earliest years.
  2. They had well intentions at first, trying to fix police brutality and injustice against black people.
  3. Even to this day, there are some sane people in the movement who condemn the riots and hate against white people and the police. Sadly though, many of the sane ones left the movement, making sane individuals more scarce.
  4. Understandably, the fact black people in the US are leaving the movement as stated above shows that BLM truly doesn't speak for black people.
  5. The pathetic attempt at hiding the chaos and arson and looting of BLM has further shown why the mainstream media can't be trusted and is proven to be really biased at times.
  6. The riots, vandalism, and loud obnoxious noises, along with the mainstream media and certain celebrities and politicians siding with it, have become massive red pills for several people, forcing them to see how the far-left really behaves, and turning former supporters and other civil rights activists against them.
  7. The BLM movement outside of America is not as violent and deadly. Except for the UK and Canadian counterparts of the movement as pointed out on WIR #27.
  8. Obviously, most protesters in the movement are not violent, and most of them are not Anti-White Racists that discriminate against white people either.


  • Protesters in the movement and counter protesters have been known to get into altercations.


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