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BetterHelp is a site created in 2013, advertised as an online service that claims it will help people who want mental health counseling get matched with therapists, allowing you to do counselling online or over the phone, rather than going to a therapist physically.

Why it's Rotten

  1. The payment plans pull the entire fee at the start, which in itself is suspicious of a possible scam.
  2. The therapists are NOT actual therapists, resulting in an unresponsive or unhelpful service on occasions.
  3. The conversations could be recorded and THE DATA THEY COLLECTED OF YOU CAN BE SOLD, though the option is given to opt out of this.
  4. It was advertised by many Youtubers (including PewDiePie, Boogie2988, MasakoX, Caddicarus and Philip DeFranco), which misled people into thinking the service was legit.
  5. A lot of YouTubers post about mental health issues, YouTube fatigue, burn-out, etc. then go on to promote a mental health website. This includes Shane Dawson who is doing a series on Jake Paul, and brought on a therapist to talk about it. She's been found on multiple channels that promote BetterHelp. The allegation is that some of these mental health problems are fake or over-exaggerated and that they are using mental health to promote a site.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The concept of a site to help people to find therapists for their mental health concerns is good, though the execution is terrible.
  2. Memology101 made a series of videos debunking BetterHelp, which led to many Youtubers pulling their advertising of the site.


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