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Ben Kuchera
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Rape is funny.
Real name: Ben Kuchera
Also known as: The Kooch
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Domain: Polygon
Penny Arcade Report
Ars Technica

Ben Kuchera is an American video game journalist whose career has included work at Ars TechnicaThe Penny Arcade Report, and Polygon.

Why He's Rotten

  1. He has threatened and harassed others who do not agree with his views.
  2. Has stolen work from another source and when he was caught he had to apologize for it.
  3. Kuchera admitted helping put together an Ars Technica piece about bsnes, now higan, a SNES emulator that aimed to achieve accurate emulation.
  4. He's also a hypocrite, for sometime, he published articles on Polygon claiming that video games make people violent; later on when Donald Trump made a similar statement, Kuchera was quick to "change" his opinion.
  5. He is huge advocate for piracy.
    • On August 18 2014, Ben Kuchera posted an article advocating piracy of Star Wars, wherein you could watch an unaltered version of the classic trilogy in HD by using a fan edit compiled of multiple versions.
    • In January 2015, Ben advocated a similar piracy venture for The Hobbit trilogy,[1] in which fans cut down the films into a more concise film that also brought the story more inline with the books.
  6. He is highly supportive of Randi Harper's poorly made GGautoblocker.
  7. He has created many clickbait articles.
  8. He tries to hurt others careers, like Brad Wardell and Erik Kain,[2] but the results often backfire on him badly.
    • In Wardell's case, Ben helped falsely accuse the game developer and CEO of rape. This is partly the reason why Wardell eventually supported GamerGate.
  9. Ironically he has made rape jokes and used the "n" word quite casually which he denies doing so. He has also made jokes about the holocaust as well.
  10. He does not find pedophilia morally wrong.
  11. He claims to be harassed by GamerGate,[3] later to state the exact opposite[4][5] on GameJournoPros.
  12. Defended Battlefield V's lack of historical authenticity by calling its critics "manbabies".
  13. He bashes on others who are learning or speaks a second language.

Gallery of Madness



  • With 11 entries on, Ben Kuchera is the 6th most corrupt journalist on the site.



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