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Backseat moderators (also known as mini-mods) are users without administrator/moderator powers who act like they do have administrator/moderator powers.

Why They're Rotten

  1. They can intimidate other users and make them feel uncomfortable, as they are not actually a mod.
  2. Some are also hypocrites, as they break the rules themselves.
    • One example is when a backseat moderator says not to harass or intimidate other users, yet they do it themselves.
  3. They also talk to trolls (e.g. telling the trolls to stop what they are doing when the trolls know they're breaking the rules), which is troll-feeding.
    • They can't even ban the trolls, which is also what will fuel the trolls' attempts to pester them. If a user sees someone breaking the rules, they should just report them instead of giving the trolls attention.
  4. Some are also rude, as they threaten to punish people or to give them warnings.
  5. They act like they're a real admin when they're not.
    • This also counts as impersonation, as they take over the admins' place.
    • Even worse, when they make fake rules, they even force people to follow their "rules".
  6. Some also do it in order to get attention.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Some can actually help or constructively criticize other users without intimidating them.




one month ago
Score 2
I know a clown who act like that, and another user that notorious for undoing people's edit for personal reasons.


one month ago
Score 1
Willg8686 and Inkster.


25 days ago
Score 1
And Usea.


10 days ago
Score 1
Just report it to the real admin instead.

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