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Attacking critics is common with every fandom and hatedom. When a person gives proper criticism to a certain subject, character, or person, the fandoms of that said subject see it as a personal attack, rather than a legitimate opinion. So they throw a temper tantrum, use arguments such as the don't like don't watch argument, and label them as "idiotic haters" or use the "You're just jealous" argument. They also disrespect outlooks. Hatedoms of a subject will attack their critics by labeling them as "mindless fanboys"  or "misunderstood idiots".

Why This Move Is Rotten

  1. It's blatant opinion disrespecting, and they usually don't care about the critic's points, even if they are factually correct.
  2. It can also be considered cyberbullying.
  3. Fandoms and hatedoms believe that criticism is a personal attack on them and the subjects, characters, or people they like or don't like.
  4. Many fandoms throw insults and temper tantrums or while swearing profusely at the critics just to attack them. 
  5. Some people stalk their critics, just for having a different opinion.
  6. Hatedoms also are a part of this move, by attacking innocent, respectful fans.
  7. Some people even send death threats to the critics.
  8. People label the critics as "mindless haters" just because the critic gave the subject a negative review. 
  9. Some people use cancer, and autism as insults.
  10. Fandoms use pathetic arguments such as "You're just jealous" or the "Don't like it, don't watch" argument.
    • It's used by elitists and rabid fanboys, to make them look superior.
  11. Some people threaten to sue the critics.
  12. They can even use lies and false information to back up their opinions.
  13. Hatedoms label the critics as mindless fanboys just because the critic gave the subject a positive review.
  14. It could cause people to go into depression, and even commit suicide.
  15. Criticism can be helpful, as it helps someone improve from their mistakes. Attacking Critics for giving the subject a different opinion from yours is just harassing the critics instead.
  16. Some people leave comments telling critics/people to kill themselves.
  17. Even toxic Anti-SJWs attack critics as well. Whenever they see critics review something they like (ex. Joker (2019), Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), Alita: Battle Angel, etc.) or don't like (ex. Captain Marvel, Birds of Prey, the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Onward, The Last of Us: Part 2, etc.), they will mock and insult critics and call them "shills", "SJWs", and even "bots".
    • They even insult anyone who criticizes said toxic Anti-SJWs by mindlessly calling them "shills" and "SJWs", even if there are valid points given.
  18. Some (most notably toxic Anti-SJWs) even believe that only audiences (including fans and haters) are trustworthy and that all critics are untrustworthy when there are some audiences that can be flawed and untrustworthy as well. Also, not all critics are bad.
    • Speaking of which, they will even treat their claims as facts.
  19. It ruined many communities on the internet.
  20. This also overlaps with false reviews since trolls upvote fake reviews while they downvote and attack real reviews including the ones made by critics.
  21. They pass it off as criticism. Which is hypocritical, because they cannot take criticism themselves. Criticizing critics is by no means problematic. Harrassing them is not. There's a difference.
  22. They are also SJWs who attack critics praising a medium that is "not POC/gay/feminist/ enough" for them.

The Only Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least there are many mature fans from fandoms who can take criticism. Same with mature haters from hatedoms.
  2. In some cases, critics can be corrupt (like Mick LaSalle) and some reviews might not be accurate or are biased, though this doesn't excuse their toxicity.
  3. Some fans and haters don't mind constructive criticism.




17 days ago
Score 3
Some critics are worth attacking such as how its wrong of them to take advice from evil people like SJWs or PETA for example


one day 5 hours 48 minutes ago
Score 0
Honestly the critic’s whiteknights/stans are no better than the attackers, examples are alot of them are huge hypocrites like most fandoms of critics if you say even one negative thing about the critic they will say “lEaRnN tO rESpEcT oPiNIoNssS” when they are opinion disrespecting too.


one day 5 hours 43 minutes ago
Score 0
Other garbage arguments I see Critic stans use are “iTs sATiRe” like come on I understand that we should not take some critics like CinemaSins or E;R too seriously and should not get offended by them but I still have a right to not like them that’s like saying critisizing comedy shows is of limits because they are comedies, something being in the comedy genre does NOT equal good content.


one day 5 hours 35 minutes ago
Score 0
And another common trash defense excuse is if a Critic has critisized a show for having a contradiction which was actually explained in the show the defense will be “iTsS tHe sHoWSs fAuLt bEcOzZ i WaSs bOreDd / iT wAsS bAdLyyY eXpLeYnD” what then you should explain why you found the movie boring/unclear not plot holed, you are a REVIEWER so you are supposed to analyze a movie carefully, no job is easy. I understand everyone makes mistakes but this attitude is not the way to respond.

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