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Arthur Chu
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Chill the f*ck out, man! Your puberty and you being a basement dweller made you a lolcow, alright.
Real name: Arthur Chu
Also known as: Nerd culture blogger

Jeopardy champion

Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Domain: Jeopardy! strategist



The Daily Beast Salon

"From the beginning, the internet has been dominated by white men. So if you wanted to be a part of the internet and you weren't a white man, you had to adapt yourself to their world." – Arthur Chu

Arthur Chu (born January 30, 1984) is an American columnist and former contestant on the syndicated U.S. game show Jeopardy.

Why He's Rotten

  1. He is extremely defensive of SocJus members, especially Zoe Quinn or Anita Sarkeesian.
  2. Chu attracted criticism from many for jumping from category to category rather than selecting clues in sequential order, a strategy known as the "Forrest Bounce", after former champion Chuck Forrest. Even Alex Trebek stated that his gameplay style was irritating and disruptive of the flow of gameplay.
  3. He states that ethics should not belong in gaming journalism.
  4. He is very egotistical and not that smart in reality. He tried to create a documentary on himself but it failed very quickly.
  5. He mocked TotalBiscuit while he was dying from cancer and this ironically led him to gain more subscribers, support and followers on social media.
  6. He tried to counter the #NotYourShield movement from Gamergate with his own failed hashtag movement, #Tweetlikenotyourshield.
  7. Very terrible voice acting skills.
  8. He sabotaged many charity activities for his own self-gain.
  9. He has an implicit hatred of nerds and nerd culture just to shield his own ego.
  10. He is very preachy very forceful of his SocJus beliefs manipulating others in nerd culture to follow his example into redeeming themselves and why Gamergate according to him is bad.
  11. The articles he has written for many sites are very preachy, one sided, biased and selfish in nature.
  12. He discredits those who support All Lives Matter while supporting Black Lives Matter for the wrong reasons.
  13. He ironically makes fun off rape victims.
  14. He mocked the deaths of the Charlie Hebdo victims.
  15. He supports violence against Milo Yannopoulis fans and Trump Supporters.
  16. Pro internet censorship.


  • He was one of many people whose identity was revealed during the Ashley Madison leaks. When caught he even blamed Gamergate and it led to his divorce.



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