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Apple Beats Microsoft
Screenshot 2020-12-29 113022.png
Even Steve Jobs might be rolling in his grave at this abomination!
Type of site: Hate website
Language: English
Created by: Apple Beats Microsoft
Owner: Apple Beats Microsoft
Date of launch: December 17, 2020
Status: Active

Apple Beats Microsoft is a hate website made to bash Microsoft fans and other people unassociated with the UTTP and by a UTTP/troll with the same name using Wix.

Why It's Rotten

  1. The website is nothing more than what looks like some generic fourth grader's best attempt on making an insult page.
  2. The front page also contains an error message that says "FUCK YOU!" as the title and main message, which is very offensive and unnecessary.
    • It also has it beneath the error as well!
  3. It also has an extremely inappropriate picture of two women having sex with each other! It has a woman sucking another woman's breast!
  4. There's an unnecessary video about a person scaring several cats away with a balloon.
    • It also has the title "SUCKS CAT!", which not only does it make no sense, but it also sound inappropriate.
  5. The website banner also isn't good at all. It's very poorly edited with crosses poorly drawn onto a video and the text "Microsoft Edge: It's time to expect more from the web", which is still readable due to the badly drawn cross.
    • We also see 2 DuckDuckGo logos, which are unnecessary and not needed, and one of them also has the Internet Explorer logo poorly added on it.
    • The like button on the banner is also unnecessary. The like button is pretty much used for people to "like" the website and the like button doesn't work.
  6. On top of that, there's also an image of a topless woman on the banner, with the Internet Explorer logo poorly added onto her face.
  7. The Windows 8 start screen at the top corner is unnecessary and doesn't need to be there.
  8. The website logo is incredibly bland and boring.
  9. The background is very stupid and dull, and just shows several copies of a YouTube error screen.
  10. The admin, Apple Beats Microsoft, can't handle any form of negative criticism at all, not even the slightest!
    • In fact, a lot of people (mainly haters of the user and Microsoft fans) hate the website, and whenever they say they hate it, he angrily replies to them, saying stuff like "FUCK YOU!" "GO DIE!", "GET OUT!", "YOU GO INSTALL [X]" and other hate comments.
  11. Speaking of which, the creator's YouTube channel isn't any better!
  12. The comment section just holds a maximum of ten comments (minus the replies), which is stupid, because ten comments in a maximum is very small.
    • The reason may be to remove any older hate comments, as the creator can't handle negative criticism.
  13. The tab name has a typo: It says "Aple beats Microsoft".
  14. While it's supposed to be a hate website, it's very generic and short (as said in WIR #1).




one month ago
Score 4
Atrocious Receptionists should have a page here because its not a wiki. (and the creator of it even confirmed that)


one month ago
Score 3
This website is an insult to Microsoft and every Windows user like me. However, I use both Linux and Windows, neither of which Apple made. I hope it gets taken down soon.


one month ago
Score 2




one month ago
Score 0
I don't care what these people say, I'm going to continue using Windows 10/Ubuntu.


one month ago
Score 1
tf is this cringe website


12 days ago
Score 0
How can anyone take this site seriously? This is so pathetic that it's hilarious, considering it was made by a UTTP member.

My name is Valentine you bit-

11 days ago
Score 0
Lol I hate Apple 👁👄👁


11 days ago
Score 0
And I hate Apple too. I don't want to participate in their monopoly. Unfortunately, majority of my friends, boys and girls, seem to strafe to Apple devices, which isn't an issue for me. Just because I'm an Android and Windows fan, doesn't mean that I'll attack them JUST because they have Apple devices. I respect their choice.

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