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App Store
App Store iOS icon.png
Type of site: Digital application store
Language: Multilanguage
Created by: Apple
Owner: Apple
Date of launch: July 10, 2008 (iOS)
October 20, 2010 (macOS)
Status: Active

The App Store is a digital application store created by Apple Inc. exclusively for their iOS/Mac OS devices on July 10, 2008. It is a major competitor to Google's Play Store.

At launch, 500 applications were available for download. As of 2020, about 1,800,000 apps are available for download on the website.

Why It's Rotten

NOTE: Most of these reasons compare the App Store to the Google Play Store.

  1. The main problem with the App Store is the severe lack of quality control on its applications. As a result, SO MANY shovelware games and false "free followers" applications infest the store.
  2. The layout looks more boring than Google Play. For example, there is no sidebar.
  3. Just like Google Play, the ratings system can easily be exploited by spambots. As a result, comments that are exactly the same with bad grammar usually begging for a feature to be added in a game are almost everywhere on the website.
  4. Its name is incredibly generic.
  5. They prevent game emulators like MyBoy! (a Game Boy Advance emulator) from being published on it unlike Google Play.
  6. It is the only application that can be used to install games on iOS devices. Unlike Google Play, they don't allow alternative game stores to be released on the App Store.
  7. Many applications don't even warn users if they are incompatible with the device they're using, specifically older iPhone models like the iPhone 6. These apps usually crash after booting up or while being used on these devices. It's made worse because most iOS game developers only stick to newer iPhone models that are more powerful than the older ones, and as a result their newer games are severely less optimized on the latter (e.g. having worse performances).
  8. Some games are paid or more expensive on this store than Google Play. It doesn't even help the fact Apple's products are generally more expensive than most Android phones and PC-compatibles.
  9. Some games have incorrect age ratings. For example, Subway Surfers (an extremely popular endless running game) is rated 9+ despite not even containing slight violence or graphic content.
  10. Apple shoves its DRM into developers' apps without their consent, whetever they like it or not, restricting freedom of choice. In VLC Media Player's case, that conflicts with GNU GPL license (VLC's license), which opposed DRM, so Apple pulled it out of App Store for license conflicts. VideoLan, the company that owns VLC Media Player had to change the license to more lenient LGPL just so iOS user could install VLC, which includes DRM. Because of this, every single app on Apple's app store has Apple's DRM, which is mandatory in its Terms Of Service.
  11. In August 13, 2020, a controversy has started when they have pulled off Fortnite (a third person shooter game) from their store. The reason they did it is just because the game's developer, Epic Games, had changed how one could buy V-bucks with the client. This led Epic to file a lawsuit against Apple.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least, Apple does a better job at preventing very bad applications to thrive on their App Store than Google by deleting shovelware games and viruses for example, maintaining some form of quality control.
  2. Some great games are present on the store.
  3. iOS devices don't require an app like the infamous Google Play Games to be installed in order to play games.
  4. It became a big inspiration for Google to create their Play Store service, an alternative mobile application store for Android devices. It's mostly because the App Store is incredibly easy to use.
  5. Overall, it's generally not as bad as the Google Play Store. It doesn't require you to free too much space to update an application, for example.

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