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Anonymous users are users on the MediaWiki engine, such as Miraheze, FANDOM, Wikipedia, and TheTopTens who aren't signed in.

One can disable the option of anonymous users editing through the wiki's settings.

Why They're Rotten

  1. They can often get in trouble by showing their IP address regardless of VPN, meaning that if they get a death threat, they could easily be found through their IP.
  2. They usually make wikis turn abysmal.
  3. They tend to be either trolls, vandals, or spammers.
  4. Some use VPN's to troll around or to evade their bans.
  5. Most of them are very biased and are terrible at making pages.
  6. Because of the reasons above, the wikis are only good if they are protected from anonymous users.
  7. They give innocent people who use an anonymous account a bad name.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some anonymous users don't have any of these qualities and are overall good people to have on wikis.
  2. Some even apologize for their behavior, like EliTheLooneyTunesFan2008 who started out as an anon on the Garbage Memes Wiki causing trouble there, but later apologized.
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