Annaliese Nielsen

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Just how low on SJW points you are for you to bully a driver?!

Annaliese Nielsen is the founder of the group Girls Night In (Now GRLCVLT) and a business woman who received infamy for her harassment of a Lyft driver known as "Hulugate".

Why She is Rotten

  1. Extremely hypocritical.
  2. Like many other social justice warriors the white guilt, is strong with her and she uses her small percentage of Chinese ancestry as a way to claim minority and gain moral high ground among the SocJus circle.
  3. She insulted and pestered a Lyft driver because of a Hawaiian hula doll (a very common type of dashboard decoration), calling it "cultural appropriation". Even though Hawaii is part of the 50 states of the United States. She even threatened him with writing a smear article on Gawker driving both the driver and another female passenger to the point that he ditched Nielsen on the side of the highway.
  4. When she was attacked, she painted herself as the victim of, again, GamerGate.
  5. She claimed that the driver was racist, but in reality she was the one starting the fight. The Lyft driver was temporarily fired until the video came out and revealed the truth, which thankfully he got his job back.
  6. Not only did she bullied the driver all the way, she even created a mess in the backseat of the car with the food she was eating.
  7. She is said to run a child pornography site. 
  8. She is very proud of the fact she had an abortion. Even though in reality, it is a personal decision and it is not a thing to be proud of either.
  9. Very egotistical.
  10. She disrespects everyone from her family to her boyfriend such as when her boyfriend called out Kanye West for his behavior and for being abstinent towards drinking. She mocked him because of this.
  11. Her website encourages hivemind thinking.
  12. Her group uses hivemind thinking and ways to lure other members into it, you can arguably call it a "cult".
  13. As it turns out, the group she runs approves of animal cruelty and incest.
  14. She has falsely accused a man of arson and rape.
  15. After she kicked her former friend out for calling out her anti-white racism, she decided to mock her relative for committing suicide.
  16. All of her overreactive and rash actions and disturbing behavior has made her committed into a mental hospital.