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Anitwitter is the name given to the anime community on Twitter. 

This logo looks cute but the stuff that is there is not.

Most of its users are easily identifiable by the various anime characters they use as avatars and by their anime related posts. 

Why It's Rotten

  1. Some of the users are very pro-pedophilia. Some even justify it as long as the act is consensual.  
  2. Several of them are also pedophilia apologists. Due to the fascination of Lolicon (girls with underage characteristics) and Shotacon (same with boys).  
  3. For example while conversing with some of them on a dm in twitter it may sound innocent at first but when the conversation goes by it becomes more inappropriate and when they start asking for nudes and age it starts to be predatory.  
  4. Some users harass others for the sake of trolling and lulz or simply because them having different opinions.
  5. Speaking of disagreement, when members launch a discussion about politics, there's a high chance that it will develop into a massive argument.
  6. Highly misogynistic users occasionally.
  7. They post highly lewd content; some of it even details what sexual activity they are currently doing.
  8. Some times users post some racist content on the site. And they often use racial epithets quite casually.  
  9. Easily argumentative users as well. They get into feuds all over online with other users as well. Especially the K-Pop community.
  10. They are quite open about their fetishes online such as Incest, Femdom, and Paizuri. And go into graphic detail of how they want their fantasy to be with a certain character.
  11. Some users go as far as to post personal info and personal pics out of revenge.
  12. Like most other toxic fanbases, they can potentially turn others away from anime and other related hobbies.
  13. Sometimes just like in Deviantart, anime art could also be stolen as well.
  14. Sometimes if they disagree with the creator or director of an anime, they would send death threats and harass him/her on social media, such as the creator of Bleach, which got to the point he had to delete his own account. He is even said to be an serial abuser as well.
  15. They even threatened the creator of My Hero Academia for drawing a group of female characters in bikinis and the production team and voice actors of Darling In The Franxx of the story as well.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the anime fans in anitwitter community are quite good. For example, our very own administrator, Glitchmaster.
  2. Even anime fans calls out the perverts lurking in the community.
  3. It is quite fun to enjoy anime and gaming with fellow otakus in the community, if you are looking for friends with the same interests online on twitter.
  4. There are often quite well drawn anime images online as well that is not just lewd pictures.
  5. Sometimes anime haters can be as bad as them.

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Warning the following images contain NSFW content and offensive material view images at your own risk. (French Edition)

Videos on the darkside of the online anime community.