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Anita Sarkeesian
The living example of the "Cowboy Bebop at his computer" trope.
Real name: Anita Sarkeesian
Also known as: Feminist Frequency (Twitter)
Gender: Female
Nationality: Canadian-American
Domain: Twitter (Feminist Frequency and personal account)
Feminist Frequency

"How is objectifying a video game character sexism? To objectify is to reduce a person to an object, to disregard their own will. A video game character isn't a woman, it's a pile of pixels, an actual will-less object. You cannot reduce an object to an object and be a negative."

Kate VS The World, [1]

Anita Sarkeesian (born in 1983) is a Canadian-American pseudo-feminist media critic, blogger, and public speaker. She's the host of Feminist Frequency, a website that hosts videos and commentary analyzing portrayals of women in popular culture. On YouTube (post-2013) she runs a channel of the same name.

She has received particular attention (mainly positive from mainstream media and overwhelmingly negative from the gaming community) for her video series Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, which examines tropes in the depiction of female video game characters from, of course, a feminist point of view.

The majority of her critics call her a pseudo-feminist that pretends that she speaks on behalf of all women, but in reality is more interested in self-promotion and money.

She was nominated and chosen as Time's 100 most influential people in the world in 2015, despite receiving only a 20% approval rate.

Why She's Rotten

  1. Anita had a long record of dishonesty. One of the most notable example is that she claims to be a gamer, and even posted a photo of her and her game collection. However, a video of her lecture in Santa Monica College in 2010 showed her making the following statement: "I'm not a fan of video games. I actually had to learn a lot about video games in the process of making this video."[1]
    • Another example is during the 2015 E3, Anita posted a photo where she held her attendance badge with a promotional ad of Persona 4: Dance All Night portraying Rise Kujikawa attached to it (to make it look like it's part of the badge) and commented: "Of all the images they could have chosen, it's unfortunate that this is the one attached to every #E32015 attendee badge."[2]
  2. She brought her trend of dishonesty into her video series as well. A notable example is in her Women as Background Decoration video, in a clip of Hitman: Absolution where Agent 47 was killing strippers and Anita claiming the objective was to kill innocent strippers for "perverse pleasure." However, she makes no mention that players are penalized for killing innocents (civilians and non-targets) and that the objective was to use stealth to get past the strippers and kill the club owner, nor that the player is awarded for being stealthy in Hitman games. Because the strip club is a short sequence of the game, this is one of many small details of a game she cherry picked, using lies and exaggeration about them to push her agendas.
    • When showing the Mile High Club sequence in Just Cause 2, Anita criticized how the game allows players to have female exotic dancers murdered. She does not mention however, that there are male exotic dancers onboard the airship performing as well, and that killing anyone (dancers, patrons or guards) indiscreetly will result in the same penalty. Some called her out for her double-standards of implying that violence can only be directed at women and that violence against men doesn't matter.
    • When mentioning Watch_Dogs, Anita brought up a side-quest where the player investigates a sex-trafficking ring, claiming that it's for "fanservice". However, she did not mention that the objective is to stop the ring and save the girls, emphasising how dehumanising things were for the would-be sex slaves. She was called out for implying that gamers are automatically "turned on" when it comes to female abuse.
  3. She'd unintentionally shown her poor knowledge of video games a few times. In her (now edited) Bayonetta video, Anita claimed that Bayonetta "is fighting a demon horde" and that she is "a single mother" (Bayonetta is single but has no children). When criticized for it, she said that it was "a misunderstood joke".
    • Another example is when she appeared on the Colbert Report for an interview, when Stephen Colbert asked her to name three games she deemed sexist. Anita made excuses to not answer and went with Grand Theft Auto which is a prime target for controversy.
    • She also called Heike Kagero in Super Punch-Out!! as a homophobic/transphobic caricature of effeminate men. In reality, he's nothing of the sort. Heike Kagero's appearance is based on oyama, male Kabuki actors who take on female roles.
    • She has also stated that Princess Peach of the Mario series is sexist for being a damsel in distress stereotype, without realizing that's supposed to be her character, and plus she has got to be a playable character in many games, even getting her own game titled "Super Princess Peach".
    • And once she labeled Ms. Pac Man as sexist, stating she was a female clone of Pac Man, when she's nothing of the sort.
  4. Many, if not all the gameplay footage shown in her Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series are actually used from other let's play videos without properly crediting them.
  5. Anita's researching is very lacking, usually by making her conclusions before hand, then analyzes cherry-picked game content (without the context) that validates those conclusions while ignoring any other content (with or without the context) that invalidates those conclusions. She seems to be more interested in proving her biased assertions than legitimately analyzing aspects of gaming.
  6. Likes to make one-sided rants such as the "Euthanized Damsel", where female characters get put to death to spare them from more pain. However, this happens just as frequently (if not more) to male characters.
  7. Double-standards, not too different from typical Social Justice Warriors, she very often complains about how sexualizing women in games is sexist, while ignoring the fact that male characters also get a lot of sexualization.
  8. Anita shows an inability to take even the slightest from of criticism, claiming that her refusal to respond to legitimate critics is because "there are no legitimate critics and all negative commentaries are purely harassment and misogyny". White Knights who defend her like to repeat that untrue claim a lot. Most of Anita's critics consider her hostility towards criticism being that she has no counter-arguments nor can she make any.
    • This is further confirmed by the statement she gave at the UN assembly.
    • Even further confirmed by the events of Vidcon 2017; not only was Anita upset merely by the presence of her critics, but she also insulted Carl Benjamin by calling him a "garbage human" (despite the fact that Sargon did nothing but listen and record) and demand to have him removed. She also refused to answer even the simplest of questions such as "Do you really believe in what you say?".
    • And now this.
    • Furthermore, comments and ratings are disabled on all of her videos with the excuse being that Anita's been subjected to threats, misogynistic and anti-Semitic insults.
      • It should be noted, however, that while the chances of actual trolling exist are rather high, any video with high view rates will receive them.
  9. Claims that she has been receiving death threats and rape threats, however many speculate that her threats are forged.[3][4] Police investigation revealed that the Twitter account from which the death threats were sent turned out to be an account Sarkeesian herself set up, also the death threats she received and made such hay over came just as accusations of embezzlement arose.
    • According to Ian Miles Cheong, not even Crash Override Network found any harassment directed at Anita (by GamerGate at least).[5]
  10. Speaking of embezzlement, many accuse her of being a con artist who used most of the money donated to her to make videos on personal items. Anyone who kept an eye on Anita Sarkeesian have noted that her wardrobe has took a noticeable uptick in quality, she's started driving a new $50,000 sports car, and moved from the two-room walkup to a newer, more spacious and luxurious house. Yet the quality of her videos barely improved despite receiving more than $160,000 in funding (despite asking for $6,000, but even that is rather excessive considering her videos' content involve only some gameplay clips and her talking, which is something she'd been doing for free for some time), especially considering that most of her videos are low-budget ones that don't require any advanced editing techniques. In addition, many of her promised videos were either never made, or made at an excruciatingly slow rate (it took an average of more than 100 days for her to upload a new video).
  11. She tried to use the Marysville Pilchuck High School shooting incident to push her agenda, accusing the American culture for its "toxic masculinity"[6][7] and that boys and men "are always responsible for school shootings", when there is evidence invalidating that claim.
  12. Again at E3 2015, Sarkeesian tweeted about Dishonoured 2 saying that: "It's a bit sad that #Dishonored2 didn't make the leap to an exclusively female lead but really pleased their using Emily in marketing.", which ironically points out her hypocrisy due to praising objectification of women in videogames, when she is actually against it.
  13. Played a large role in demonizing gamers and portraying them as entitled, basement-dwelling, sexist losers, something which makes her a greatly resented figure within the gaming community.
  14. She attacked Mike O’Brien, the CEO of ArenaNet, for firing Jessica Price and Peter Fries after they attacked a prominent member of the Guild Wars 2 community; claiming that O’Brien is "blaming the victim".
  15. She's also tried to guilt trip game companies who didn't support her during the heyday of Gamergate.
  16. Recently, it seems she's fallen further down the SJW rabbit hole, saying (among other things) THAT EVERYONE IN PRISON SHOULD BE RELEASED!!!

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  • The term "Listen and Believe" was coined by her.
  • Sarkeesian was not allowed to have a page on Real Life Villains Wiki, the reason stated that despite her dishonesty, hypocrisy and attempts as censorship, she's merely a highly controversial activist and not enough to be considered "evil".
  • Her father, Varkis "Wally" Sarkeesian, is a supporter of Donald Trump.[8]
  • She is of Armenian descent.


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