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Anime News Network
Anime News Network logo.png
"Most trusted", huh?
a.k.a.: ANN
Type of site: News and database
Language: English
Created by: Justin Sevakis
Owner: Christopher Macdonald
Date of launch: August 21, 1998
Status: Active

Anime News Network (ANN) is an anime industry news website that reports on the status of anime, manga, video games, Japanese popular music, and other related cultures within North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Japan.

Why They're Rotten Now

  1. This is BASICALLY a parody of CNN or an anime version of CNN.
  2. Elitism runs rampant within the community.
  3. The editorial and journalistic team is very snobby and morally holier than thou.
  4. Many of the users and staff are associated with a notorious underground anime forum Colonydrop who is notable for its elitism, nostalgia pandering, and cynical nature towards all anime.
  5. They demonize anime fans who visit sites such as Watchcartoononline or kiss anime and they actively enforce people to buy anime DVDs or else. They also do so on the pretext that the anime industry is dying and that piracy is causing it even though anime fans can watch as much from the free streaming sites as much as they want and still be able to support the anime industry through non-financial means. Also ironically this was how many anime fans were able to watch these shows as there were not many ways to watch anime or read manga like there is now.
  6. The Answerman section is very poorly researched and often appears to biased towards their own progressive agenda instead of showing what is life like in Japan or the anime industry.
  7. Zac Bertschy was one of the most notorious staff members on the site for not only his progressive SJW views but for also his elitist weeaboo like nature.
  8. They also are very anti moe anime as well believing it should be banned and the ones who enjoy it be demonized.
  9. Very poor handling of reviews of anime and manga.
  10. They try to make the anime community be viewed as normal people but in reality, the otaku community has its roots in ostracisation and underground culture, and is very desperate to make its attempts looking like normal people when they are really in self-denial.
  11. Ironically discourages the global interactivity with those who would like to adopt the anime style, unabashedly and baselessly criticize those who do it well to get a pretty penny out of it and encourage such hate because their staff is Japanese purist hypocrite weeaboos that like to think they have a well broad basis and formation of anime and artistic appreciation when they are really nerds who live out of their basement and indulge in the septic tank of their delusional sunshine of the mind.
  12. They support kickvic and have called Vic Mignogna supporters like Clownfish tv nazis and they also sent a DMCA to Hero Hei's youtube channel which got successfully countered by Nick Rekita.
  13. Anybody who does disagree with them gets attacked.
  14. They can be very intimidating and have no sense of accountability or responsibility as seen with copyright striking Hero Hei and refusing to apologize and to admit to making a mistake. They had the nerve to dare him to upload the video in different formats and they still would copyright claim them.
  15. They attacked Nekopara for being a cute anime show and not fitting into their personal agenda.
  16. Very biased and ineffective review style due to their self-centered nature.
  17. Sexual predators run rampant on the site as well.
  18. They also dictate what should and shouldn't be in an anime in a puritan way.
  19. They have no problem pushing fake news if it suits their narrative.
  20. They also banned users from using the word trap labeling them as transphobic.
  21. They also support corrupt voice actors.
  22. They mocked the fans of Battle Angel Alita for liking the movie.
  23. One of their late editors Zac Betechsy had a long history of Journalistic ethic issues and has mocked the death of Totalbiscuit.
  24. Hypocritcally Justin Sevakis was being falsely accused of stalking while the same site stated that false rape allegations were a myth.
  25. Zac Betchshy got very verklempt over airsoft guns and loli related anime to the point of wanting it banned due to his far-left views.
  26. They downplayed and defended the hypocrisy of Funimation with the leaked audio of Dragonball Z voice actors recording hentai situations.
  27. They also westernize and skew Japanese culture with their content.
  28. Many editors tend to call random people Nazis.






10 months ago
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they're quite unreliable, they think anime like Himegoto are romance. I keep reporting it and they're not doing anything about it.


9 months ago
Score 0
Is it just me or is their video player HORRIBLE? I tried watching something Tai Chi Chasers on ANN and the video player wouldn't work.


one month ago
Score 0
there should be a paradox relating to it

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