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Dolphinboi is an example of an Anime Elitist
To say M.D Geist was not well received due to plot holes,unlikable characters,poorly written story,bad English voice acting,huge amount of animation errors and cliffhanger ending. He only likes it because there's no Moe,Slice Of Life,Battle Shonen,Ecchi and Harem in it.

Anime Elitists mostly are people who watch anime with mostly very little flaws and they over obsess on these anime and want every anime fan to focus on these anime instead of others.

Why They're Rotten

  1. They cause many well acclaimed anime like Cowboy Bebop, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, The Saga of Tanya the Evil and Fist Of The North Star to get a bad reputation.
  2. They look down on people who like most Battle Shounen, Ecchi, Harem, Moe, Sports, Isekai, and Slice Of Life .
  3. They say the anime they like are “real” and the ones they don’t like are “fake”.
  4. They want characters to be perfect, yet somehow these idiots don't realize that perfection can turn these characters into boring and dull Gary-stus/ Mary-sues that don't feel anything relatable.
  5. They whine and complain about overused tropes like tsunderes, moe and fanservice when the muscular strong anime protagonist trope is also overused as well. Hypocritical? Yes, they are hypocrites. This also applies to American cartoons as they have overused tropes and cliches like "troublemaking child protagonist" and "stupid dad".
  6. They’re also one of the reasons why anime gets a bad name.
  7. Due to their snobby and over-arrogant attitude. They cause many anime newcomers not to watch their anime they love.
  8. They worry too much about the status of the anime industry when most other industries of other mediums aren’t doing good as well and some are worse.
  9. They are extremely nit picky and they’ll over complain about one minor flaw of an anime they don’t like.
  10. They complain about anime sexualizing under 18 characters when other mediums not from Japan also do it and anime sexualizes 18 and older too just like in other mediums.
  11. They post obnoxious negative comments like “trash” and “otaku pandering garbage” way too much.
  12. They are one of the reasons why Myanimelist’s scoring system is flawed.
  13. They say the percentage of low quality anime is 90-99% even though its more to say 50-60% just like about as any other medium.
  14. They bash anime that doesn't fit their taste 24/7 and never ignore them. When an anime that won't fit their taste gets announced or a dub of it. They bash it like its going to ruin the industry which it won't.
  15. Speaking of the 2nd half of #15. They think Ecchi, Moe, Harem, Battle Shounen, Sports, Isekai and Slice Of Life anime harms the industry when its doing the opposite which is actually supporting it and other genres of anime.
  16. They over-obsess their hate on Ecchi, Moe, Slice Of Life, Isekai, and Harem by whining about it in the comments on an anime that is not related to those genres.
  17. They call people who enjoy Ecchi, Harem, Slice Of Life and Moe pedophiles even though not all of them are pedos. Seriously, that's not how pedophiles work!
  18. They even are on non-anime review sites like IMDb.
  19. The most hypocritical part of them is that they say they're mature and watch mature stuff but when in reality they act very childish and bratty. Heck most of the "immature" anime are more mature than them.
  20. Most of these elitists will ignore the big flaws and quality of an anime that is not in those genres that they hate.
  21. They want every author and director who makes a weak male harem lead to be arrested. How is making a weak male harem lead a crime? and non harems also have weak male leads! EX:Kei Kurono in the beginning of Gantz. Plus American cartoons and other non Japanese stuff have weak male leads too such as Fry from Futurama.
  22. They think only Battle Shonen have slow fights that last 3 or more episodes when anime that are not in this genre such as Angel Cop (Yo Mikawa (Angel) VS Lucifer fight was 3 episodes long) also did that as well.
  23. Since that they care of Elitism on Anime, they celebrated the Kyoto Animation fire where 34 people died. Do you think it's good thing to celebrate it? Not at all!
  24. They think any anime that they hate is morally wrong to enjoy. Just because you don't like that anime doesn't mean it's morally wrong to watch it!
  25. They call anyone who likes anime with Moe, Slice Of Life, Fanservice and extremely lighthearted themes "virgins" and stereotype them as obese basement dwellers as well.
  26. They think any anime with graphic violence and mature themes are mature and not juvenile when they can be immature and juvenile even more than "immature" anime that don't have those.
  27. They want all anime to have almost 100% sense of realism which is funny since Japanese culture usually doesn't do that and tends to be imaginative.
  28. Irony: They hate battle shounen yet like series such as JoJo's Bizarre adventure, Fist of the North Star, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc.
    • They also want to have anime be only philosophical, action, thriller, serious which means that would also be oversaturation of those genres and stuff too and yet they complain about the other genres and stuff from anime oversaturated.
  29. They make very over-exaggerated nitpicks and cherrypicks in their reviews and most of them on some anime sites like Myanimelist are on the top and middle of "most helpful" usually.
  30. They're actually the ones ruining the anime industry for many of the above reasons.

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