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The epitome of bad a good idea gone horribly wrong.

Amino Apps is a set of microblogging apps that are dedicated for getting fandoms and communities all in one individual community. They've launched a number of apps in 2015 (it's said to have come earlier than 2015, but it became popular in that year). It was made by Narvii, Inc. and is very popular. While the app has an awesome concept, there are many issues that prevent it from being as enjoyable as it could be.

Why It's Rotten

  1. It's pretty much a rip-off or an "inspiration" of Tumblr. The blogging is similar, the hashtag system is similar, and finding communities is even similar albeit more simplified.
  2. As with any community "get together" app or forum, there's bound to be many toxic users, especially in more infamous or bigger communities.
  3. The updates tend to introduce negative changes or needlessly redesign things that were perfectly okay as is. For example, one update introduced the infamous Amino+. They also add a lot of cosmetics instead of actual content and improvements in the apps. The updates also seem to bring in new bugs and other issues in the new updates as well, further adding to the userbase's discontent.
  4. The majority of the latest section in most communities barely have any good or interesting content and is filled with spam or low effort posts most of the time. Many community leaders and curators claim they take down spam, but, usually, nothing gets done.
  5. Some leaders and curators are corrupt and abuse their power. There are several instances where users were banned for having a different opinion from the leader or curator or even for no apparent reason at all.
    • Further adding to this problem, there is no restriction for applicants, and, because of this, all you really need to do in a curator or leader application is to convince the applicators, and your history or your background on the site won't matter.
  6. Their bots are extremely broken. They can hide, strike or ban you for no reason at all, even if you didn't break the rules.
  7. Team Amino themselves have been showing corruption in recent times. Team Amino was said to not listen to criticism and ideas to improve their app(s) and are clearly trying to make money from Amino+ features and subscriptions along with only listening to positive feedback.
    • Speaking of which, there is only one recent announcement from Amino that still has a comment section and it's filled with criticism and hate comments among others and of course Amino doesn't take a lot of the criticism in consideration.
  8. Many users also can't accept the slightest form of criticism or accusation of plagiarism, yet some complain about others doing the same.
  9. The featured feed in most of the apps are biased by the leaders and curators. Basically, if you have good fan art, you're featured while other blogs get overshadowed by other forms of content on the feeds. Small bloggers in some of them, mainly in the bigger ones, barely get on the featured feed. At least in some communities you don't have to worry about it, mainly in the unofficial or smaller ones.
  10. Tons of clickbait notifications from leaders in a lot of apps. At least you can turn off notifications.
  11. Just like DeviantArt, bots are rampant here, and Amino doesn't do anything. For instance: you could be notified of dozens to hundreds of followers and likes, they are mainly illegitimate users.
  12. ACM (Amino Community Creator) was a solid concept on paper, but the app is really buggy and you need to be active in your Amino before you publish it, which makes little sense. Even worse, you need actual curators and leaders outside of the app, and Amino doesn't explain much of anything
  13. Amino has indirectly monopolized forums and social networks. There's pretty much nowhere else to go that offers the same experience Amino offers. Tumblr may be a competitor, but Amino is more user-friendly and has stricter rules that make it a semi-safe haven. The rest of the social networks out right now, don't offer the same experience either.
    • The Amino clones that exist don't offer much either and aren't in the same standard Amino sets.
  14. Plagiarism is common on this app regardless of what community you are in. Some users steal art without crediting the artist for their work. Thankfully, these issues are taken care of by community curators and leaders as well as community-run anti-plagiarism groups.
  15. Pedophilia is an issue on the app, as children with unsupervised cellphone access could end up encountering predators who may try to force them to engage in erotic roleplays. Luckily, it is not as common as most parents might think, and these incidents often get taken care of by good Samaritans. Since Amino has clear guidelines regarding this, they also warn children to not share their personal information, such as full name, home address, phone number, etc., with strangers.
  16. The guidelines, while being fair most of the time, can also be easily broken in certain instances and mass banning is not uncommon.
  17. You can pretty much get big in about two or so weeks from level 1 depending on how active you are. In the same update, it became incredibly easier to get big regardless if you don't make high-quality posts.
  18. Just like YouTube, it has forced positivity where you almost always have to have your posts positive, although there are exceptions, many communities force it and can't take criticism and negativity lightly.
  19. Their customer service barely works and the only thing it does correctly is verifying your account.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are some communities that are well-managed.
  2. The site's concept (a social media site catering to only fandoms) is actually a decent concept, but is executed poorly just like TheTopTens.
    • Being a leader or curator is also a decent concept and there are benefits gained from it, although it is flawed at times.
  3. You can find many good users that are respectable and admit that Amino has problems. There is a high chance of finding good artists and cosplayers, just like Tumblr and DeviantArt.
  4. The app is really easy to use and posting is easy to do as well.
    • The blogging can also encourage writers to make high-quality posts and can inspire others to do their own blogs on other sites.
  5. It's arguably better than Tumblr because it is like a fanbase-only version of it.
    • Unlike Tumblr, the majority of the fandoms on the platform are more supportive than Tumblr.
  6. Trolls are dealt with, however it takes time for them to get banned. In many communities, trolls are banned fairly quickly.
  7. Amino removed some things from Amino+ after mass criticism.
  8. Misleading clickbait is rare.
  9. They recently enabled the ability to make posts on desktop.


Amino has garnered relatively consistent users over the years of its operations. Although reception has been mostly positive, the core userbase have been discontent with the platform in recent times and having the platform declining is quite inevitable. There are a bunch of users still using the apps/site but a big chunk of other users have since left the platform due to the very glaring issues Amino has. Because of this, Amino might be on the verge of a major decline or less major user numbers.

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