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Not to be confused with 2ch.ru or with Japanese forum 2ch.net.

The Russian 4chan.

2ch.hk (Dvach, rus. Двач) is a Russian "anonymous" image board. It positions itself as a successor of 2ch.ru, which has been shut down back in 2009, but most of people disagree with this; if you mention that you visit "Dvach" at any other Russian AIB, most probably you will get an ironic answer: "How is everything in 2009?"

Why It's Rotten

  1. It's owner cares mostly about money and does everything to make more people buy pass codes; for example, you must enter captcha every time you post if you don't have a pass code, there used to be a separate Chan by address 2channel.hk which required a pass code to enter it (currently it's closed), and you can even bypass bans by buying a pass code!
  2. He also does everything to increase population of his site; for example, it was advertised on MDK (a VK group where schoolkids post amoral jokes, which is widely considered to be the worst group in VK, but also it's one of the most visited groups). As result, the entire culture of 2ch.hk became "pop" amongst VK users.
  3. He cooperates with developers of crappy indie games like Your Life Simulator (which is based on 2ch.hk culture) and Leave Me Alone (which got a 2ch.hk-themed stage) and advertises those games.
  4. The website has an official VK group. An anonymous image board has an official group in a social network. Can you imagine a 4chan official group in Facebook?
  5. To make newcomers from VK feel better, they banned anime-related threads from /b/. Along with MLP, furries, and role playing. But no one's going to ban virgins who post posts like "i suffer without a gurl so much, when i finally find a gurl?" and to move their threads to /sex/ board.
  6. Eventually it was bought by Mail.ru company which is infamous by being greedy and doing terribly most of things it does. By the way, it also owns 100% of OK.ru and VK, two main Russian social networks. Should we mention that police and FSB know what you post there? (like they didn't know before it) Some people would actually consider this as a good quality, since now they have less discussions about illegal stuff and, probably, less mean political kids.
  7. You can add stickers to your posts, just like in social networks.
  8. The feature of deleting your own posts is absent.
  9. Adult boards get offline from time to time. Also, "Hentai" and "Hentai Other" boards got completely closed in 2018.
  10. About the community itself: it has many toxic people who seem to hate everything in the world. For example, /v/ users hate on most of games in the world, they would call Half-Life "a boring overrated overhyped game which killed the FPS genre", The Witcher for them is "a casual hack'n'slash game", and Overwatch and NieR: Automata are "terrible stupid games which are popular only because they have girl's butts".
  11. The site INFESTS with virgin losers who try to to blame their over-protective soccer moms in all their problems. Unlike losers from 4chan who are lying at the bottom comfortably, losers from 2ch.hk are still wannabe-"normies" who don't have enough will to do anything with their lives and come to 2ch.hk to whine and rant.
  12. It is also full of Russian young people and Ukrainian trolls who both hate Russia and Russians and invent new swear words to offend them.
  13. They always fall on trolling. You can even literally copy OP-posts of older troll threads multiple times and nobody will notice this.
    • The most notable example is /postcount trolling: the OP says that if you post a message saying /postcount, it will show the number of your posts. Users always fall on this and type /postcount, not even noticing that dozens of people already typed this and it didn't work. Those threads often reach the bump limit.
  14. In past, they used to have threads where people ironically talked about prison life using criminal slang. This led to criminal slang and code of criminals unironically becoming a part of culture of 2ch.hk.
  15. On /d/ (discussions about the site) you can often see people ranting about corrupt moderators who ban people they don't like and never ban people they like, even if they clearly break the rules.
  16. Every page has a segment where six most popular threads from /news/ are shown, and you will definitely want to block this segment. The most popular news are political news about "how hardly Russia sucks and Ukraine sucks even more", criminal news about rapists and pedophiles and other such things. Also many news threads contain click bait headings.
  17. Just like at 4chan, there are people who organize acts of mass (cyber)bullying and even toxic communities.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It's one of the most technically advanced anonymous image boards in the world. A lot of features from Dollchan Extension Tools are built into website.
  2. Huge file size limits make it a good place for WEBM threads.
  3. Smaller sections of the site are better.
    • In particular, the /sn/ board still can produce great and creepy content.
  4. While being terrible, it's /b/ is still better than 4chan's one. It also gets better at nights when mean schoolkids go to bed.
  5. Since it is hosted on Mail.ru servers, it is banned in Ukraine which is good both for the website (less Ukrainian trolls) and for Ukraine (less young Ukrainian people will pollute their brains with this garbage website).




8 months ago
Score -1
TehSmile misplaced a pointer about stickers in the Why It's Rotten list instead of the Redeeming Qualities one.


4 months ago
Score 0
You totally don't understand it. Anonymous imageboards aren't social networks and shouldn't look like them. In fact, a lot of users hated those stickers and everyone who used them.


4 months ago
Score 0
SJWs? Anti-GG? Since when? I left this craphole forever after they banned anime from /b/, but I don't remember any SJWs there. As I remember, everyone there was hating on them and everyone was into things that would trigger an SJW or even a "normie". And I NEVER seen anyone even MENTIONING GG.

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