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<center>'''NOTE: This is the very first page on this wiki! Kassias (founder) added this article back in 2018.'''</center>
<center>'''NOTE: This is the very first page on this wiki! Kassias (founder) added this article back in 2018.'''</center>
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#Ironically, with YouTube encouraging users to subscribe to black creators, it was also flagging them for inappropriate content, despite none being found of.<ref>http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/02/16/youtube-slammed-popular-black-youtube-star-encouraging-people-subscribe-black-creators/</ref>
#Ironically, with YouTube encouraging users to subscribe to black creators, it was also flagging them for inappropriate content, despite none being found of.<ref>http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/02/16/youtube-slammed-popular-black-youtube-star-encouraging-people-subscribe-black-creators/</ref>
# Its copyright and Content ID system is a horrific mess and media-based channels' worst enemy, even before 2013. This can be considered one of the worst copyright systems ever made.
# Its copyright and Content ID system is a horrific mess and media-based channels' worst enemy, even before 2013. This can be considered one of the worst copyright systems ever made.
#*If you use a certain music from a popular music channel, it will mostly result into the video being instantly deleted for "copyright infringement", even though the used music is free to listen. It's a big problem when YouTubers want to use a music meme like Rickroll for entertaining videos.
#*The biggest problem is that most of the copyright verification claims on YouTube are done by bots that compare footage used in videos with the original copyrighted material. Since bots are just made of lines of code, they can put strikes on videos that are '''''authorized''''' to use the materials.
#*The biggest problem is that most of the copyright verification claims on YouTube are done by bots that compare footage used in videos with the original copyrighted material. Since bots are just made of lines of code, they can put strikes on videos that are '''''authorized''''' to use the materials.
#**[https://youtu.be/w4WC9CbFEy8 One YouTuber once got his own voice copyright claimed thanks to the broken algorithm.]
#*Even when the source material is applied under fair use, it can still receive copyright strikes and may result in demonetization, age-restriction, videos or even entire channels removed, a lawsuit, or other penalties.
#*Even when the source material is applied under fair use, it can still receive copyright strikes and may result in demonetization, age-restriction, videos or even entire channels removed, a lawsuit, or other penalties.
#*Furthermore, it's so flawed that some people can exploit the system and make false Content ID claims, like certain record labels, such as SME (Sony), WMG (Warner), and UMG (Universal); rights societies (especially LatinAutor); indie game developers, such as Digital Homicide, LLC, which used the flawed copyright system to silence negative press and criticism.
#*Furthermore, it's so flawed that some people can exploit the system and make false Content ID claims, like certain record labels, such as SME (Sony), WMG (Warner), and UMG (Universal); rights societies (especially LatinAutor); indie game developers, such as Digital Homicide, LLC, which used the flawed copyright system to silence negative press and criticism.
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[[Category:Racist Websites]]
[[Category:Racist Websites]]
[[Category:Mean-spirited websites]]
[[Category:Mean-spirited websites]]
[[Category:Corruption in Staff Management]]
[[Category:Corruption in management of staff]]
[[Category:Controversial websites]]
[[Category:Controversial websites]]
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NOTE: This is the very first page on this wiki! Kassias (founder) added this article back in 2018.
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Broadcast our ways yourself.
Type of site: Video hosting service
Language: Multilingual
Created by: Chad Hurley
Steve Chen
Jawed Karim
Owner: Google (2006-present)
Date of launch: February 14, 2005
Status: Active

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The website was founded by three former PayPal employees, Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen back in 2005.

It is the world's largest video-sharing website as of nowadays. As of October 2020, YouTube is the second-most popular website in the world, behind Google, according to Alexa Internet, as of May 2019, more than 500 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

In November 13, 2006, Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion; YouTube now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.

However, YouTube went a lot downhill ever since the introduction of one of the faultiest copyright systems on the website, and when Susan Wojcicki became the chairman of YouTube since 2014.

Why Their Business Is Rotten Now

  1. It's incredibly biased against right-wingers or centrists. For example, it restricted a video uploaded by Mr. Dapperton that was meant to debunk "white privilege".
  2. Numerous features added to YouTube by Google are almost always heavily disliked, such as Google+ integration, the constant changes in the interface, and YouTube Heroes (which may have been scrapped because the video was deleted and the system doesn't seem to be in place anymore).
  3. Too many YouTube Kids cartoons, toy channels, generic gaming channels, generic commentary channels, generic top list channels, generic meme channels (some good, some bad), and grounded videos. Basically, every idea for your channel might already be milked.
  4. YouTube videos that are mostly targeted at kids are poorly made, because of the thumbnails, clickbait, and most of them are highly inappropriate, E.G: Gacha Heat, Fortnite Sexy Videos, Minecraft (FuturisticHub, and other channels). The controversy became known as Elsagate (a term composed of the words "Elsa" (character from Disney movie Frozen, who is frequently depicted in such videos) and "-gate" (suffix for scandals)).
    • Fortunately, since 2017, YouTube started to remove videos focused on Elsagate. On November 22, 2017, they had announced that they took down over 50 channels and thousands of videos that did not fit the new guidelines.
  5. Adpocalypse (which most YouTubers are struggling with while shovelware and fetishes are just chilling because the bots cannot decide on what's monetized or not).
  6. It shows favoritism towards Social Justice Warriors such as Anita Sarkeesian, as when her channel was taken down, it was put back up in less than 30 minutes, while usually, it takes, either way, more time or never.
    • They've also allied with the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) to block conservative videos.[1]
    • Even Susan Wojcicki is a SJW.
  7. Recently, YouTube stopped hiring white and Asian males for technical positions because it wants to improve diversity in the workplace, which is just racist and hypocritical considering the fact that Chad Hurley is white, Jawed Karim is half Asian, half white, and Steve Chen is Asian, and they are the founders of YouTube.
  8. Treats some weapon-related channels harshly. They once demonetized several of ZombieGoBoom's (now ZGB Studios) videos simply because they are "not family-friendly". They also moved InRangeTV to PornHub.[2] (Thankfully, he is back on YouTube.) They are also demonetizing Tigerfield (a Youtuber who uploads videos showcasing weapons from various video games) because he was reusing content, even though his videos THEMSELVES are recorded and edited exclusively by him, which is the reason why he hasn't been uploading that often lately, as said on his Blaser R93 video.
  9. The new Partner Program was well-intended but executed poorly (many would say it is essentially a giant middle finger given to smaller YouTubers) as it more easily gets channels with less than 4,000 views/1,000 subscribers per year monetized.
  10. Back at the end of August 2016, YouTube made changes to enable the labeling of videos as "non-advertiser friendly" (and therefore demonetize it) for extremely petty reasons: Sexually suggestive content, profanity, violence, and even the discussion of controversial topics like politics and national tragedies. This policy can only be executed selectively since if done strictly, YouTube will end up demonetizing more than 90% of its content.
    • This system is more strict with non-celebrity YouTubers than with mainstream media related channels. For example, the YouTuber CaseyNeistat uploaded a video in which he stated that the ad revenue (along with the benefits of a GoFundMe campaign he made) will be donated to the victims of the tragic Las Vegas shooting. However, said the video was demonetized because, according to them, their policies say that they cannot run ads on videos about tragedies. Meanwhile, TV channels (like Jimmy Kimmel's show, for example), which talked about the same tragedy, had ads in their videos, even if they didn't state what was going to be done about the ad revenue.[3]
  11. Despite the fact that YouTuber reviewers are usually more trustworthy than journalists, corruption still exists between certain YouTubers and companies.
  12. It censors and demonetizes many YouTubers who so much as dare to criticize it, like LeafyIsHere (currently Leafy Calvin) and SuperMarioLogan (mostly because of Jeffy), while other inappropriate YouTubers, such as Logan Paul, haven't received any penalties.
    • Speaking of Logan Paul, YouTube did nothing when he broke several community guidelines, likely because of his high number of subscribers, until NINE DAYS of the suicide forest incident.
    • Even Susan Wojcicki defended Jake Paul.
    • Another thing about him is that YouTube now let him revived his The Thinning sequel, even after the horrible things he's done.
    • Sometimes, YouTube's censorship is ineffective with certain channels/videos that need to be taken down, like Lolokaust.
  13. YouTube Heroes left YouTube an already faulty flagging system to be abused by millions of people, making it easier to silence discontentment, and even eradicate entire channels out of spite. This got the most dislike ratio in the top 50 most disliked YouTube videos before it was taken down.
    • Even YouTube themselves advertised that it allowed anyone to abuse the flagging system.
    • Speaking of flagging, one user named Skipdip (now NikkyBoi) false flagged SML.
  14. No security from spambots whatsoever. Comment bots, spambots that send troll comments on videos, are rampant as a result. Some of them send inappropriate comments to users asking if they wanna date with them, even though YouTube is not a dating website whatsoever. Others, most notably Logan (Not Logan Paul, the spambot) ask them if they wanna be their friends, and if they reply with anything, they can even hack their accounts.
  15. Ironically, with YouTube encouraging users to subscribe to black creators, it was also flagging them for inappropriate content, despite none being found of.[4]
  16. Its copyright and Content ID system is a horrific mess and media-based channels' worst enemy, even before 2013. This can be considered one of the worst copyright systems ever made.
    • If you use a certain music from a popular music channel, it will mostly result into the video being instantly deleted for "copyright infringement", even though the used music is free to listen. It's a big problem when YouTubers want to use a music meme like Rickroll for entertaining videos.
    • The biggest problem is that most of the copyright verification claims on YouTube are done by bots that compare footage used in videos with the original copyrighted material. Since bots are just made of lines of code, they can put strikes on videos that are authorized to use the materials.
    • Even when the source material is applied under fair use, it can still receive copyright strikes and may result in demonetization, age-restriction, videos or even entire channels removed, a lawsuit, or other penalties.
    • Furthermore, it's so flawed that some people can exploit the system and make false Content ID claims, like certain record labels, such as SME (Sony), WMG (Warner), and UMG (Universal); rights societies (especially LatinAutor); indie game developers, such as Digital Homicide, LLC, which used the flawed copyright system to silence negative press and criticism.
    • The Copyright Act of 1976 is rarely utilized as a lot of videos that use clips from movies are taken down.
    • Even Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? music got taken down by a copyright holder who doesn't even own the songs. Keith and Matthew Strachan own it, along with the show's parent companies - 2waytraffic and Sony Pictures Television.
    • Sony falsely copyright-striked the open-source movie Sintel, in which the creators allowed people to redistribute the movie.
    • Even public domain material isn't safe. For example, Rumblefish falsely claimed copyright on a YouTube video of the public-domain song America the Beautiful, as performed by the United States Navy Band, whose performances are all public-domain.
    • They terminated Siivagunner, a popular channel that had nearly a million subscribers, and uploaded parodies of video game music, due to copyright claims, forgetting that parodies are under Fair Use. But they're back now.
  17. Fighting Content ID claims is just as broken as the Content ID system itself.
    • The entire dispute process works on the presumption of guilt; rather than put the burden of proof on the claimant, it's up to the user to prove that their use of copyrighted content is not infringing. This system heavily favors large media corporations and punishes independent creators.
    • When a user disputes a Content ID claim, the copyright holder, not YouTube themselves or an impartial third party, gets to decide whether or not the Content ID claim is valid. This is a conflict of interest when the claimed video is a review or critique of the copyright holder's material, which is (supposed to be) protected under fair use.
    • If the initial dispute is denied and the copyright holder doesn't immediately file for a DMCA takedown, the user can submit an appeal only if their account is in good standing; however, the copyright holder again gets to decide the validity of the claim. If the subsequent appeal is denied, the video gets taken down and a copyright strike is levied against the user's account. A copyright holder can request a "delayed takedown", in which the user can rescind their appeal within 7 days to keep their video up and avoid a copyright strike; however, if the user does so, then they permanently lose the ability to dispute that specific claim.
    • To get a copyright-stricken video reinstated, the user has to file a DMCA counter-notification, a legal action that can result in a lawsuit from the copyright holder.
    • During the dispute process, a claimed video can go as long as three months without being monetized if the copyright holder waits until the latest possible moment at each step to respond (30 calendar days for the initial dispute, another 30 calendar days for the subsequent appeal, and 10 to 14 business days for the DMCA counter-notification).
  18. Uninspired services such as YouTube Gaming, YouTube Premium, YouTube TV, and YouTube Music with which YouTube tried to compete with Twitch, Netflix and Spotify with little success. Some of them also don't make sense name-wise, as the whole point of the phrase "YouTube" is that you can broadcast what you want.
    • Speaking of YouTube Gaming, you will sometimes see a non-gaming video.
  19. Recently, many channels have been hacked and taken over by an unknown party to promote a cryptocurrency scam site called "Swell by Ripple." Not only did YouTube's staff do nothing to help content creators regain their lost channels, they inexplicably made those stolen channels "verified."
    • The purpose of being "verified" is to signify a channel is legitimate and to prevent impersonation. Before getting hacked, most of the affected channels tried to get a verified status but failed. However, YouTube made the channels under hacker control verified in little time.
    • Speaking of the hacked YouTube channels, since late 2019, there's a security breach on the site, in which, a spambot YouTube channels, such as Trap Town NCS, XimerTracks - Sub to Me, Tyler Winter, Tom, Music, Fake MrBeast channel, Call, Logan, and more, posting comments on random YouTuber's videos, be it either appreciating the video, asking to be friends, or both. even the banner encourages you to subscribes to them. these YouTube channels are said that they can access everything of the victim's YouTube channel, even before the victim's YouTube video is posted, through subscribing to them. thus, leading to the victim's YouTube channel being hacked.[5][6]
      • Not to mention, the spambot's videos on the "uploads" section on their home tab, actually leads to the same name and profile picture, but an entirely different channel. aside from that, the entirely different channel either mostly uploads "how to get X fast on YouTube", which violates YouTube's term of service, or Fortnite video games footage.
  20. One representative of YouTube threatened a YouTuber over asking questions about the site.
  21. Drama is everywhere, leading to many clickbait videos and attention-seeking all over the place.
  22. It removed a parody video that mocks it and was forced to bring it back uploaded, as a result of the heavy backlash.
  23. It blocks creators' access to Patreon unless videos are monetized.[7]
  24. Little to no advertiser control whatsoever, just about anybody with money can become a sponsor. Naturally, this has lead to multiple questionable and unfit ads.
    • One advertiser showcased a money glitch for GTA online, the ads were removed after Rockstar Games filed a cease and desist.
    • The Real Cost.
    • Some sponsors can even be scams, most notably BetterHelp.
    • Some YouTubers are even sponsored by Edubirdie, which is really a cheating site for essays and homework.
    • In late 2018, a mobile app called "Period Calendar Cherry" depicted a poorly-drawn image of two legs with pink blood leaking from the "you know what." It did not help that the drawn model was wearing nothing but socks and panties.
    • Some "ads" are literally just animations, let's plays, or anything else along the lines from other channels on YouTube.
    • In November 2019, an ad surfaced called "Raise Pigs Right | Experience life on a factory farm". The ad contained sounds of pigs screaming in pain and terror, along with flashing pictures of dead animals. Even worse, the ad was 30 seconds long and unskippable. As a result, warnings were sent out across sites like YouTube, Tumblr, and Twitter.
    • Loads of fake scam ads, mostly involving gift cards and/or in-game currencies such as Robux.
    • Many Mobile Game ads.
      • On the topic of that, a mobile game is known as Raid: Shadow Legends has scammed YouTubers like JonTron, DaftPina, and the Angry Video Game Nerd into doing continuous sponsorships in nearly every video they make. The game itself is just really a generic click-based RPG, yet it's advertised as one of the most "thrilling" games of all time. Many people have called them and the YouTubers out for this. In fact, a user has actually made a playlist featuring all the videos featuring the sponsorship, featuring 171 videos!
        • The company's excuse for this? They don't sponsor, they "cooperate only with famous YouTubers who play their game and do not pay their money for it." That is nothing but a straight-up lie and poor excuse to keep doing the same thing over and over again. They were slammed by users for the Twitter post they made.
    • There is also a slim chance in which you will see pornographic ads (which are graphic) thanks to YouTube's broken algorithm. They are often made to look like extremely detailed ASCII art.
  25. YouTube started having 15 second ads that people couldn’t skip, and now there are 2 advertisements played at once. And they pop up before almost every video. That's more ads you watch on YouTube than you might watch on TV channels!
  26. Forced positivity by their creators (especially on vlogs) gives it an unnatural and forced feel to it.
  27. Some YouTubers do really extreme and sometimes illegal things like crimes to garner views, such as Logan Paul filming a corpse in the Aokigahara "Suicide Forest" in Japan, and Ricegum behaving terribly in Hong Kong.
    • Sometimes, the dangerous activities they do can lead to serious bodily harm or even death, like some Internet challenges.
  28. One channel, lewdgamers, was terminated by YouTube for spam, and SuperMarioLogan was wrongly demonetized for swearing puppets, which would be called false flagging.
  29. Some channels, like the music critic Anthony Fantano's meme review channel, thatistheplan, got permanently demonetized no matter which videos were submitted to it, essentially killing off the channel.
  30. YouTube banned Mike Cernovich's documentary on Sweden's refugee crisis from being viewed in European countries, then restored the video but placed it in "YouTube Jail", disabling comments and sharing, while adding a warning message to viewers.
  31. Some of the most requested features were the ability to play videos in the background on mobile and an official way to save and download videos. Well, those features were added... behind a paywall.
  32. Despite them having a feedback option, they choose to ignore user feedback.
  33. Recently, comments can be ghosted for various "trigger phrases," such as "spoilers." If a comment is ghosted, you cannot see it anywhere other than your account, effectively wasting your time. An easy way to tell is when the number of comments shown does not increase, but in other instances, it might not be obvious. You can not see a comment count increase but the comment might be there and vice versa. YouTube can also shadowban accounts with ideologies that oppose theirs, and these two facts are not stated anywhere in YouTube's official information and are difficult to dig info on.
  34. The algorithm is inconsistent and leaves random videos, regardless of how old they are, to appear in everyone's recommendations for no apparent reason.
    • The Trending tab is a cesspool in which barely ever you'll find good content and most of the time you'll find clickbait, a TV show reuploads a music video, or any viral video (at least the latter is obvious). Another thing worth mentioning is that it's region-locked, so if you want to see another country's trends, you have to manually change your location by scrolling to the bottom, since there's no global trending ranking in a feature aimed at the mainstream audience.
    • The Recommended Videos section can mostly pop up and function quite poorly, as it may display videos you have already watched (some of which as recent as yesterday), videos that are from channels you've already subscribed to, or even your own videos and videos that bash your hobbies. It is also prone to catching clickbait and kids/toy videos.
  35. Their YouTube Rewind, an official mega-collab video that serves as a recap of the year, has a lot of problems that have been made worse and worse over the years:
    • Their way of choosing the guests makes no sense. Most of the time, they are the same people regardless of how popular they were during the year, missing a lot of important content creators during the said year, like PewDiePie in both 2017 and 2018, the latter being even more nonsensical since it was the year of Meme Review and the T-Series vs. PewDiePie trend.
    • Speaking of guests, they have been including more and more celebrities, which isn't inherently bad but feels out of place in a video about YouTube.
    • The problems in the guests' choosing also affect the trends' choosing. As an example, in the 2018 Rewind, they didn't make a reference to Stefan Karl (actor of Robbie Rotten in LazyTown)'s passing away (in the form of homage, like they did with David Bowie), the aforementioned T-Series vs. PewDiePie, the KSI vs. Logan Paul fight, etc.... yet they put Fortnite dances (when they already made a Fortnite reference at the start and in the middle), the Royal Wedding (was broadcasted on YouTube, but other than that it has nothing to do with it) and Baby Shark.
    • In 2018, they used the Premiere feature. However, it was premiered two hours before the upload, and the chat was restricted to the collaborators, which made the Premiere chat isolated from the rest of the audience.
    • It's obvious that they try to appeal to the mainstream audience more than to the YouTube audience.
    • In fact, the 2018 Rewind became the most disliked YouTube video of all time in a mere two weeks, even surpassing Baby by Justin Bieber.
    • In 2019, their most recent YouTube Rewind was just a top 10 of 'things they liked', while they also got things they didn't like, contradicting what they're saying.
  36. They are incredibly hypocritical since they are vocally against Article 13[8] when their copyright system is broken and just as harmful for content creators. There are also lots of channels or videos that violate their guidelines, and they have done nothing about them.
    • Their Twitter account is as useless as a rock for a pet and makes no effort in solving people's problems. The only notable time any action was taken was the #PS5MasterRace incident (more about it on this separate article).
      • A Twitter user reported Peluchin Entertainment to YouTube on that platform in late 2018 for abusing animals. Instead of terminating his channel, the action that the user requested to YouTube, they only took down the video and left Peluchin's channel up on their platform. It took them until 2 YEARS to terminate his channel.
    • Another case of hypocrisy: On Twitter, they made fun of long intros from videos despite the site favoring longer videos.
  37. They disable comments on channels ran by children or have them in their comment section. Even some videos that don't even show children will still be detected as videos with them, again, by YouTube's broken moderation bots, meaning that comments will also be disabled on these videos.
  38. From 2016 to early 2018, parent commenters were able to moderate replies, with only the parent commenter and YouTube staff being able to see removed comments. This made censorship easy. To add insult to injury, a bug prevented automatic false-positive flagged or accidentally flagged videos from being restored. Thankfully, this feature was eventually removed in late 2017.
  39. YouTube's bots are incredibly unintelligent. They think that anything with the initials CP, such as Club Penguin, is automatically meaning child porn. That led to a lot of Club Penguin channels (or channels unrelated to Club Penguin that made a video on it such as Vailskibum94) getting terminated, while ACTUAL pedophiles are still allowed on the platform.
    • As already mentioned, they also strike channels that are authorized to use copyrighted material.
    • In August 2019, they have deleted some robot combat videos because they think these videos promoted animal abuse when the animals they see in robot combat videos are just robots based on animals.
  40. Several innocent videos get demonetized, but surprisingly child porn gets monetized by companies like Disney and Grammarly on YouTube.[9]
  41. While child porn is still an issue on YouTube, the guy who brought awareness to it (MattsWhatItIs) was exposed by Keemstar as a fraud. Because of him, several advertisers have deleted their ads from YT and have started a second Adpocalypse.
    • Regarding the issue of child predators, YouTube released an update in late February 2019, where content creators can get their videos demonetized if the comment section has inappropriate content. The update was widely hated by everyone and says that it shares many similarities with YouTube Heroes, where it will easily be abused by trolls to destroy channels, forcing most content creators to either disable the comment section or risk demonetization. The already mentioned second Adpocalypse only makes the situation worse because creators have no control over what users comment on.
  42. The userbase has become more toxic than ever and became whinier over silly things and petty things. Examples can be users such as D.C Network.
  43. It has basically turned into a heavily censored platform that does not stray very far off from Chinese video streaming sites such as Youku. The front pages of controversial search results are all mainstream or apologist reports defending the subject on their view while anything that does not conform to that view is wiped out or purged quickly. This has accelerated after GamerGate and is not a coincidence.
    • Heavy censorship in the comments: YouTube's censorship even extends in the comment sections, often to highly absurd levels. It automatically hides (or deletes) any language commented on that it deems inappropriate within seconds, which is plain ridiculous, even the simplest of insults, such as "jackass", or "doofus". They will also delete comments that contain slurs that are spoken every day, even if they are censored by the users themselves, yet leaving some unpunished such as "asshole". This just once more proves how hypocritical the site is, as well as its blatant violation of the First Amendment, and forcing users to conform to their politically correct policies.
    • They censor donations through a feature named Super Chat - if one of YouTube's algorithms thinks a donation is "inappropriate" the money will go to charity instead of the creator, and the channel being donated to will get community guidelines to strike.
    • The result of them censoring YouTubers who have opposite views are now facing a lawsuit by PragerU.[10]
    • They also censor live streams as well, such as h3h3 discussing Alex Jones’ recent removal from YouTube and a Senran Kagura Livestream being censored for "sexual content" even though the game isn't rated as Adults Only (it has fanservice but that isn't enough to guarantee the same rating that games like Manhunt 2 or Hatred have), rather as Mature (17+).
  44. The website itself can't handle criticism. For example, when EmpLemon made a video about him criticizing YouTube for allowing Logan Paul's suicide video to be on the Trending list, the video was age-restricted which shows the website cannot even handle criticism.
  45. The "Latest YouTube posts" feature is a very abysmal feature. Not only is it very annoying but also useless, especially when they only show comments. They also show you posts from channels you're not even subscribed to. Even if these channels are blocked, their posts will still appear. And of course, there is no way to remove this widget from the YouTube page when you're logged in. Therefore, the true reason that made the feature "very abysmal" is because it also does show you posts with porn images. Some channels (Like Classic Cartoonz) put pornographic pictures on their posts that can be seen by everyone, which means underaged people might see it. That shows once again how bots are unintelligent and how YouTube staff are full of incompetence because although they removed the pictures later, they did NOT terminate those channels which is unacceptable. And of course, even if their pictures are removed, those channels keep posting more porn photos.
  46. The default on YouTube since 2015 has been an autoplay setting so that when a person finishes watching a video, another video (which the viewer did not choose) automatically begins playing. This setting can be turned off, but the fact that is the default is extremely irritating.
  47. YouTube channels have been suspended for using emotes on live streams they pay YouTube $5 for.[11]
  48. After getting in a $170,000,000 lawsuit with the FTC, YouTube decides it should show compliance to Children Online Private Protection Act (COPPA) despite being a +13 website, enacting the COPPA Policy in January 2020 that many consider a censorship attempt. There are many flaws with how YouTube chose to implement COPPA compliances mentioned in this separate article.
  49. YouTube is now trying to ban channels who complain about scummy people like Onision, while allowing said scummy people to abuse copyright claims, people and policies.
  50. YouTube also is a very unstable website. It loads way slower on Firefox than on the Chromium browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.), needless to say, because it encourages Google products and puts third parties down. It's also the case for devices using older processors, as it uses more CPU cycles than most video streaming sites. As a result, people with older processors have to download the videos through unofficial means and play them in a media player. Otherwise, they can't watch videos at all.
    • This even happens on processors powerful enough to run Dolphin Emulator, a demanding GameCube/Wii emulator or even more demanding ones like RPSC3.
    • The Desktop site is incredibly painful to navigate, even on high end mobile devices using Chrome. It is very laggy and too large, and users navigating the Settings might find themselves risking losing their Watch and Search History and other data such as comments.
  51. The community can be overall just as bad, if not worse than many other social networks or even YouTube as a whole.
    • The most common and egregious are the commenters. Most of them can be rabid fans/haters, trolls, SJWs, overall idiots, and people who try to cram political beliefs onto everything. And because of the number of comments from these groups that are made every day and how ugly and worse it has become, media outlets like to use these comments to represent the entire YouTube community, though they do have a point about the amount of toxicity that goes on.
      • "Comment Memes" such as people saying "first" or quoting everything that a YouTuber says, which gets incredibly annoying and makes the comments more unreadable than they already were...
    • There will always be users who gang up on you because you have a different opinion.
    • There are certain groups on the site that promote really toxic agendas and are hostile to anyone who doesn't conform to their views or have a certain opinion (for example Good Taste/GT, Cartoon Police groups, and other similar ones, certain political attitudes, etc.
    • Another is that users and other channels can make videos or commentaries against another user or channel due to very absurd or plainly stupid reasons and can instigate drama.
    • Hackers are almost rampant in the small YouTube space and can and will, take down a channel or account because they don't agree with them. A big channel isn't entirely immune to this and can happen with big YouTubers.
    • Back to the commenter's point, the comments can be so bad that they can ruin potential creators' careers. Sometimes you will get constructive comments but this isn't always the case and small channels can be trolled very easily. Not kidding.
    • You can get dislikes for no reason even if your video or commentary is spot on, and we're not talking about not getting an equilibrium ratio. It's when there are no likes and the first you get is hit with a dislike and no likes and comments.
    • There have been known cases of doxxing being tied to YouTube users. Behind the Meme's doxxing incident is a prime example.
    • There are commenters that judge users or YouTubers for the smallest details, like filming location, sound or tone of voice, how they look, etc.. These are incredibly common comments.
    • People Who Use The Internet every day will make entire channels troll and reupload someone's video because they think it's right to do so, which proves even more that the YouTube community is super toxic and corrupt.
    • Vyond, Plotagon and Wrapper users are also responsible, as there are plenty of grounded videos uploaded on YouTube.
    • Many YouTubers do immoral things to exploit their audience (often children) for money, such as faking their own deaths and many of these get away with it.
    • There are lots of users who are focused on trolling like TTGMinecraftboy37, DA BEZD CHANL, PS3inDaPleezle, N. Brio Da Zuera, and many more. Sometimes they can re-upload someone's video or commentary because they think the user is wrong, a sell-out, or anything like that and cause drama. Many of them also use bots and fake accounts to thumb up their videos, spam toxic comments and reply to attack others and defend themselves in the comment section, as well as use them to thumb up these comments and replies.
    • Overall, there are a plenty of awful users such as:
  52. The only way to grow on YouTube nowadays, is to promote your content. However, you have to pick a group that is capable of checking out your content and because of how toxic the community on YouTube is, this is a cautionary step to take. Not everyone is also going to care about your content unless you clickbait or have a video experience that not everyone has.
    • Speaking of which, the algorithm makes it impossible for smaller average creators to grow organically and to maintain monetization.
  53. They have a tendency of removing features that were positively received instead of even improving them. Examples include:
    • In late 2014, they removed the original inbox. Afterward, they did a terrible job of making replacements for it before ultimately scrapping the features for good on September 18, 2019.
    • On September 28, 2020, they removed the Community Captions feature; which will impact deaf communities and people with language barriers.
    • They have removed comments on all Music-Topic videos on December 14, 2020, for no apparent reason.
  54. The dislike button on comments does nothing. This did not use to be the case, but around 2013 or so the ability to see dislikes on a comment was removed.
  55. This site has age-restriction, an unnecessary feature that basically blocks videos from not only YouTube channels under the age of 18, but also non-users, as well, and your YouTube account's birth date must be at least eighteen years or older to watch age-restricted videos. As of September 22, 2020, YouTube will no longer allow users to watch age-restricted videos on third party sites such as (Listen on Repeat, NSFW YouTube, proxies, downloads, etc.) and force them to only watch it on YouTube. This is very similar to DeviantArt's mature filter. Thankfully, the user can bypass the age-restriction by using NSFW YouTube, just put "nsfw" before "youtube", then click on the red text saying "HERE", and you can watch the age-restricted video.
  56. The restricted mode change is very broken as people try to turn it off when it got enabled by itself, then it will still be enabled, upsetting YouTube users who don't want restricted mode on. It's also heavily enforced by school districts.
  57. The Brand Account compatibility is flawed, especially during the Google+ era. When you move your channel to an alternate Google account, known as a Brand Account, your watch and search history will be wiped out and your recommendations will reset. Not only it wastes your time, but it also erases years-worth of history that could be revisited if you want to watch old videos.
    • Sometimes it causes errors when you try to return your channel to the original account.
  58. Speaking of which, the mobile web version of the site's History page has a terrible interface. The "Clear Watch History" and "Pause Watch History" are left out in the open, which might guarantee accidental pressing from the users, especially if they use a laggy processor, in contrast to the mobile app, where said buttons are located in the History Controls section.
  59. The search results nowadays are restrictive and limited;
    • When you search for something related to politics, the results would put non-criticism videos as relevant, while putting the rest below, which is blatant censorship.
    • The "Recently uploaded" filter often gives a very limited number videos from recent to past.
    • The other filters would only show a limited number of videos, forcing the users to stay on "Relevance".
  60. The Watch History is also a pain to navigate. If you try to look for past videos corresponding to a search, such as keywords or date, the desired video does not appear.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Most of the bad qualities didn't exist back when the website originally started on February 14, 2005. These reasons can be found on the Fresh Websites Wiki here.
  2. The vast majority of its issues can be blamed on the staff and Susan Wojcicki, although the users (creators and viewers alike) on the site accelerate and add to these problems.
  3. Without YouTube, many memes and other internet technologies wouldn't have been a thing, such as the Crash Bandicoot "Woah!" meme. There also wouldn't have been great YouTubers making great videos, and many old videos are still watchable to this very day.
  4. They added the dark theme for free, which was also highly requested.
  5. There are still a plenty of really great YouTubers. It helped many talented internet celebrities like James Rolfe (Cinemassacre), Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), and Doug Walker rise to fame.
  6. There are also plenty of anti/non-Social Justice Warrior users.
  7. They are against Elsagate channels which appear to be towards kids but contain disturbing or otherwise inappropriate content. Since 2017, they started taking down these channels.[12]
  8. It is still a popular website with tons of informative resources.
  9. The staff does a pretty good job of pushing the limits to show how corrupt enterprises can be, and they were quite effective in doing so.
  10. YouTube Premium has lots of good web series (even though it can be considered an unoriginal service to some).
  11. Google+ integration was discontinued, with that service shutting down on April 2nd, 2019.
  12. They are against Article 13 despite hypocrisy.
  13. In an interview with YouTuber Critikal, Susan and the other top members of YouTube was very open to whatever questions Critikal had and was very transparent giving honest answers and recognized the many faults of YouTube from the trending page to the poor communication with creators and staff. They also stated that there are going to be big changes to YouTube in 2021 in an attempt to fix the many issues Critikal brought up. This does show that Susan and the team actually care about the site.
  14. The poorly generated auto captions can be hilarious on many videos.
  15. It also translates auto-generated captions into more than 50 languages, for viewers who cannot understand videos in foreign languages.
  16. Some people do get banned and age-restricted for reasonable reasons.
  17. They have terminated some of the worst users' channels like Peluchin Entertainment and Ash.
  18. Some members of cartoon police groups go after users who have committed serious crimes (i.e., child pornography) and actually get them arrested in real life.
  19. The site promised there would be an upset to make YouTube safe for kids.
  20. After receiving criticism that musician royalty payments were low, the YouTube Music service increased its royalty rates.
  21. Many of the bad qualities can also be applied to other social networks or sites as well, but not to the extreme extent of YouTube.
  22. They have a live-streaming feature similar to Twitch, and it actually is a major competitor to the latter.
  23. Although it could be considered a bad quality to some, YouTube can get addicting.
  24. Susan Wojcicki herself admitted that YouTube Rewind 2018 was bad.
  25. Susan Wojcicki also apologized for the verification removal.
  26. They did the right thing to demonetize Shane Dawson.
  27. They have introduced Play Buttons, real-life awards some YouTubers can get by achieving a specified number of subscribers on their platform.


  • Unlike many sites and services. Currently, there is little to no viable competitor to YouTube, although the most recent popular rival: BitChute has been seeing some success. However, the website is designed very archaically and isn't as intuitive, and is filled to the brim with political and conspiracy content. Just like Steam, YouTube is a virtual monopoly and the user base has to tolerate it until something else takes over and can properly rival it. There are still some minor competitors to YouTube like Vimeo, Dailymotion or Vlare.
  • This page has the most Why It's Rotten reasons on this wiki.
  • This is also the largest page by size on this very wiki, having 48,599 bytes as of the current revision.



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