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|Picture = 31ZUD-McjHL.png
|Caption = "OOPS, that's not the right answer"
|Type of site = School website
|Language = Multi-languages
|Created by =David Jeschke
|Owner =David Jeschke
|Date of launch = 2009
|Status = Active.
}}'''''XtraMath''''' is a website that was released in 2009. It is a school website. It is being used in elementary schools and sometimes middle schools. It is designed to help students master their basic math facts. Students start from addition facts and work their way up to division. Mr. C is the teacher (in English language, as the teachers vary in different languages).
== Why It's Not Xtra ==
# When you answer your math questions (mainly in "Race The Teacher"), you only get three seconds to answer (the adult can change the timer, but 10 seconds is the maximum limit). '''Let us take our time! Math is not a race!'''
# Mr. C (the "teacher" on this site) is rather annoying. He is often distracting and makes sad faces when beaten in "Race The Teacher." The same can be said with the other representatives. At least it can be turned off.
#* Mr. C acts super strange. Sometimes in the videos, he usually winks or smirks when you answer incorrectly. He even looks away from the camera at times.
# It is easy to type the wrong answer by accident due to rushing to type it.
# Race The Teacher does not even help their students when getting to the next level.
# Users only get one chance a day to boost up their scores (Progress Quiz) and multiple chances to ruin them (Progress Quiz and Race The Teacher).
# Unfair and encourages perfection. For instance, when doing 30 problems in "Race The Teacher", getting 29 answers right in a row out of 30 gives the student a bad score.
# Even though [[Common Sense Media]] is inaccurate most of the time, the site's negative reviews for XtraMath are actually [https://www.commonsensemedia.org/website-reviews/xtramath/user-reviews/adult extremely] [https://www.commonsensemedia.org/website-reviews/xtramath/user-reviews/child accurate].
# If you don't get at least 1 smiley face in Race The Teacher, you have to do the race four more times.
# On YouTube, they have been shown to falsely copyright strike parody videos of their character Mr. C, which is illegal and also wrong.
# As a result of its difficulty and its scoring system, some students consider it as one of the worst school programs, and some even claim that this is worse than algebra homework.
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