Voddie Baucham

Voddie Baucham
Do you think God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he's created? -Dr. Romero (Spy Kids 2)
Real name: Voddie Baucham
Gender: Male
Nationality: African-American
Domain: Pastor

Voddie Baucham (March 11, 1969) is an American Professor, Public speaker, Author, and Christian Pastor. He currently serves as Pastor of Preaching at Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, TX. Although he doesn't have his own YouTube channel, many users have uploaded countless videos of his testimonies.

Why He's Rotten

  1. He is one of those pastors that continously rants on how the world is a horrible place because "the majority don't follow God and that's why bad things happen!" Well yes, the world isn't perfect, and bad things occur, but that's not the reason why. Did 9/11 occur because the terrorists didn't rely on God? No. Did the Holocaust occur because Hitler didn't rely on God? No. These events occured because they chose to do that, not their religious beliefs!
  2. He is also extremely spiritual, and that may not be bad, but his spiritual beliefs has led him to these flaws listed below.
  3. Some things that Voddie will say are actually fake.
    • When he was talking about "why you should believe the bible," he brought up a prisoner who realized that he was wrong about his beliefs, but was assinated after changing his ways. Although he mentioned the name, there is actually no proof about this, and the fact the he was assinated may have spilled the beans.
    • On that same topic, he brought up a couple of gentlemen which one of them had a Bible, and when one guessed a book correctly, all of the gentlemen got extremely upset, but Voddie ended the story there by saying "I'm not gonna go there tonight!" Again, there is no proof that any of that was real, and not only that, but none of the story made any sense at all.
  4. His voice is irratating, loud, obnoxious, but yet extremely unemotional like as if he wants his testimony to be boring and meaningless.
  5. He is very hostile towards many other people who aren't christains by calling them "un-intelligent" and is even somewhat shocked that Christains aren't laughing at them! That is very disrespectful, and it even breaks one of the rules that Jesus says about "loving your enemies." Didn't He say that before, Voddie? Did you actually even preach that message, Voddie?
  6. He once made a testimony against homosexuality, which was nothing but a bunch of stupid, ridiculous stuff thrown in and even offensive claims such as "homosexuality doesn't actually exist and that being gay isn't love." This shows that Voddie has completely missed the point of "love." Love isn't just marriage, it's when you actually care for someone, and being gay is actually caring for someone.
    • We can also call Voddie Bauchaum "homophobic" all because of that statement.
  7. He is also a SJW because he wants "social justice" in this world, and even complains about the dumbest things like, as said before, gay people, people who aren't Christains, and even people who don't read the Bible. He also wants everyone in this world to believe in God, and he even tries to cram that message down the audiences' throat, but it backfires miserably.
    • Hypocrisy: He wants Social Justice on the world yet he is homophobic, and SJWs are toxic LGBT supporters.
  8. Just to reach the hour limit, he puts in a lot of filler.
    • Sometimes, when he speaks, he'll have a water bottle, and when he drinks it, it'll take him even up to 10 seconds before he moves on, which wastes a bunch of not just the audiences' time, but even his time, too.
    • All of his testimonies have literally stuff that is unrelated to the topic. For instance, Voddie will bring up a story that has very little to do with the topic and will spend 15 minutes talking about it.
  9. And because of all this, he is one of the reasons why he gives Christainaty a really bad name nowadays to the point where there's christians who are against him including one of the user here's super christian grandmother.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. At one time, he had everyone do a Q&A with him, which was to have everyone get to know more about him, which is neat.



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That photo is very cursed.

Speaking of pastors I think we should add Jesse Lee Peterson to this wiki.


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That's really him in real life.


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He needs to shave his beard.

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