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First page I made on AYTW.

"Cause it says... Homework"
Date Joined: April 30, 2010
Status: Retired
Subscriber Count: +498,551

Violette1st is an American-based YouTube channel created in 2010. The channel mainly features rage videos of Violette Anderson's (the one who runs the channel) family, including her husband Bill, her son William, her nephew Andy, and her daughter Lucy.

Bad Qualities

Warning: Please do not put anything about comparing this channel to DaddyOFive, as they do not abuse their children (As the videos are most likely staged) unlike him.

  1. They're one of those freak-out channels who try to cash-in on the "dysfunctional family" trend and they milk the heck out of it.
  2. Violette exploits and "pranks" William for views and money (Or for "the fans" as she says it as they give her "emotional support"), the latter of which has a medical condition.
  3. Speaking of which, it's also been confirmed that William has to go to a therapist and take medication for his disability.
  4. Bill, Andy, and Lucy are extremely mean towards William, even worse than Violette.
  5. They tend to be hypocritical and lie to their fans. In an interview, Violette said that the rage videos are real. However, the channel's description says that they are staged.
  6. Speaking of which, their videos seem to be staged for the following reasons.
    1. No normal parent would constantly film their child throwing temper tantrums and destroying stuff.
    2. The freaks out seem to be very exaggerated. In one video, for example, William and Andy get into a fight over who's going to sit in the front seat of the car. This would be more understandable if they're kids (like 10, 11 or 12, and they actually were when they first started), but they're not (anymore). The former is in his teens while the latter is in his 20s. No normal teenager and 20 something year old would do that.
    3. When the family is fighting, Violette never intervenes and just stays behind the camera, unlike a normal parent.
    4. William's behavior is unrealistically atrocious (see Reason #11 for more details).
    5. Their "New uploads every week" slogan is another obvious sign.
  7. They often rely on clickbait.
  8. William is an extremely unlikable, mean-spirited, hostile, crude, selfish, immature, ungrateful, sociopathic and malicious brat who makes Johnny Test and Horrid Henry look like Angels in comparison, he constantly abuses his family for no reason, he has a very abnormal addiction to playing Xbox to the point where he acts like his life depends on it, he throws temper tantrums for extremely stupid, ridiculous and nonsensical reasons (Like in the video where Violette bought him a normal cherry snowball instead of a wild cherry snowball) and NEVER ​​​​​​​learns his lesson.
  9. They usually go on 3 month long hiatuses, despite promising "New uploads every week".
  10. Their videos can get really repitive, as almost all of them feature:
    • Someone (usually William) burning or destroying something.
    • Violette screaming "WILLIAM!!!", which is extremely annoying & obnoxious.
    1. She also constantly screams on the top of her lungs which can count as ear rape and talks fast which is more grating.
    • Bill constantly using the word "jerk" or "frickin' jerk" in every video.
  11. Their videos encourage a lot of bad things, such as:
    • Bullying.
    • Lying.
    • Video game addiction.
    • Being a jerk.
    • Being disrespectful.
    • Disobeying your parents.
    • Being obnoxious.
    • Throwing temper tantrums.
    • Being irresponsible.
    • Being immature.
    • Burning and destroying stuff.
    • Vandalism.
    • Being lazy.
    • Yelling too much.
    • Taking advantage of others.
    • Not learning from your mistakes.
    • Stealing.

Good Qualities

  1. Their videos have good quality.
  2. Most of the time, Violette feels bad for William or the person who's getting abused and defends them when they gets abused by the others.
  3. Their fan-mail videos are calm and are a nice break from all the rage videos.
  4. On extremely rare occasions, William is well behaved and shows gratitude.
  5. They were a bit more tolerable during 2010 to 2015, where "rage videos" started to become more dominant on the channel.
  6. Violette has alternative channels. One is called "Violette2nd", which focuses on vlogs, and another is called "RagingGaming", which focuses on gaming videos. They're both better than the main channel itself as it doesn't contain rage videos.
  7. Their videos can be funny.
  8. They are shown to care about their fans.



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