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Type of site: Viral internet media
Language: English
Created by: Alex Partridge
Owner: LADbible
Date of launch: April 2, 2010
Status: Active

UNILAD is a British news and entertainment site that has a lot of pages on the social networking site Facebook.

Why It Sucks

  1. They heavily rely on clickbait and misleading information.
    • One example being in October 2016, where they claimed they were showing a "live" feed from the International Space Station on their main Facebook page, but the material they showed turned out actually to be old footage.
  2. They freeboot videos or pictures from other people and make money out of them. What is worse is that they don't even credit the original owner!
    • One instance of this was when Jim Caddick (Caddicrus) confirmed on Twitter that someone he knew got banned from Facebook for pointing out that UNILAD stole a video of theirs and reuploaded it as their own.
  3. They mainly rely on images, videos, internet memes or pop-culture references on their pages to get a pathetic laugh. (most of the time they have nothing to do with what the page is supposed to be about)
  4. Much like with Kotaku, VICE and BuzzFeed, their articles contain inappropriate content, foul language and misplaced information.
    • They for some reason censor the profanity on their pages, yet the images they post on them aren't.
  5. Much like with other garbage Facebook pages like LADbible, they just post the same stuff over and over again. In fact they're one of the reasons why Facebook has a bad reputation with some people.
  6. Lack of variety.
  7. Over-usage of Emojis, Dank Memes and basically anything that is "Cool" or "Hip" with it's target audience.
  8. The comments on posts tend to be racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, distasteful and extremely vulgar.
    • When UNILAD reported the fact rapper Lil Peep died, almost all the comments were offensive and it actually caused their main Facebook page to be taken down for a few hours.
    • The UNILAD Sport page is also like this due to the fact they mainly post about Football/Soccer and that it's well known for it's fans. You won't see a comments section on a Soccer-related post without supporters and rivals swearing and cyberbullying each other.
  9. They post way too many articles in one day, only because their pages have millions of likes and can make money very quickly.


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