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Important message!

Mar9122 (talkcontribs)
Mr 222 Guy (talkcontribs)

In fact Geth. Angrybirdsfan is the same guy who made hate video of rotten websites wiki about mouths ago, and later, calling Vicious an "Evil" admin. In fact he needs to get blocked.

Heck, even KF users are don't give a shit about him.

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

Chill, people.

If there are genuine reasons to point and laugh at someone, like playing with human feces or trying to sue people for silly things, they get threads on the Farms. Personal army requests just get you laughed at there.

Mr 222 Guy (talkcontribs)

Ok then. At least I didn't get mocked because, KF users don't know about me.

Mar9122 (talkcontribs)

K, good thing you made a post about Angrybirdsfan since October 2018 back in Rotten Websites Wiki. But what's not okay is that you almost lead KF users to my YouTube channel, but I didn't get much attention, at least.