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We have a deal then, take a break from these wikis so you can focus on studying well for your graduation; once that is done I will promote you again. I will garantuee for you to the other admins who may be doubtful about your second time to adminship, anyone can see that you never did harm to this wiki.

Yours is part of several cases I am witnessing recently on our wikis, users receive cross-wiki-indefinite-blocks for small reasons like it happened to you and this isn't a good thing especially considering we have a rule here about treating users fairly and assuming good faith. I wouldn't even have given such harsh treatment to Chaofun despite the huge backlash he received.

Cross-wiki-indefinite-blocks must be issued only to those who vandalize our wikis as their only contributions, admins must also be able to discriminate occasional anger from true malicious behaviour. You for example should have been blocked for a few days at worst and only on Crappy Games Wiki, which is in fact what I did that time with Evil Tim.

About Angrybirdsfan, I don't know him much but I heard from my admins like Unnamedgoon that he is often annoying and spreads fake rumors about people; I also heard he recently started insulting people.