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Good idea, Thief. Getting re-promoted after my graduation and perhaps return here for a long time would be a pleasant idea. After all, I did all the hard work for this wiki since I have about 600 contributes. Besides, me getting banned for being whiny to Evil Tim throws my anger and mockery from my YouTube past.

About Angrybirdsfan, your friends like Vicious187 are right him. He hasn't changed or matured since he's still 14. You can read the subreddit post I've made what going on with him on Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki. After the drama, I block him for 4 years so he could mature, a bit.

Since I'm not getting blocked on my beloved favorite wiki, I must make a last page on this wiki since I'll be gone. Something that I need to respond to my old enemy.

After all, I've grown up and many people didn't realized I've matured, thinking that I'm still a autistic manchild, both internet and real life. But you and others on this wiki are new and friendly, meaning that I have a chance to start over and show myself that I did change.