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The Kiwi Farms page is utter nonsense

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

FYI, I post there, just want to make my bias clear. Still, the Kiwi Farms page is utter BS that either needs redrafted or outright deleted, reads like it was written by an enemy of their who was mocked by them.

Some refutations of the BS, letting you know first before I do anything about the page

  1. No, they have never been legally proven to have driven anyone to suicide. Only people making those claims are people who they mocked who wanted to make people believe that.
  2. They source public information, That's not stalking.
  3. They are well aware of autism, they have many who are autistic themselves and freely admit to it (I'm one of them)
  4. They can handle criticism just fine. They even have a thread for commenting on their critics, I got wind of the page here by reading it, they think it's factually wrong and I'm posting this response to you to so I can get the greenlight to fix it.
  5. The former Youtube and Twitter of the site were no worse than the site itself, often just providing updates on the site and commentary on the subjects they cover (so at least one point is kinda accurate)
  6. They don;t allow trolling of their discussion subjects, sharing too much information about themselves (power-leveling, now just called TMI at present), or starting stupid flame wars with people, that's actually a GOOD thing, no idea why that's listed as bad trait.
  7. An actual legit bad point that is oddly NOT listed is their no holds barred lack of civility, they can be utter assholes at times, much like ED. Of course, if you post there, you have to accept that, but that's the oddly not listed bad point I can confirm would actually fit the page.
  8. Also, whoever said they support GamerGate is an imbecile, to be frank. They mock both sides equally.

Basically, the entire page either needs deleted or heavily rewritten, nigh all the bad points are grossly inaccurate or outright false, wanted to run this by you before I did anything to make clear my bias and get the greenlight to fix it.

Also, Kiwi Farms reaction to it can be found here, where I even mentioned later in the thread I was going to make this very post before fixing the page in any way.

Start here:

Mar9122 (talkcontribs)

I agree. I felt like the page was made by anti-GamerGate. Just look at the history tab in a very first edit.

Shoot, looks like Kiwi Farms lolcows ain't happy of me in that post.

Kesner (talkcontribs)

I will fix the page.

Vicious187 (talkcontribs)

Yes you do have the greenlight to fix in any way that you see fit.

Kesner (talkcontribs)

Just removed all of the reasons deemed biased.