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Welcome to the Rotten Websites Wiki!
About This Wiki

In an ever-changing world, where the economy is so unpredictable; it's no surprise to see websites and the Internet screw over their own userbases or go downhill with poor ideas. Check out this wiki, and we'll watch to see the sites that have screwed over their userbases with various updates. We'll also be covering "rotten" moments in internet history, whether it be pranks, gimmicks, or infamous internet culture with viral madness! To be more precise, this wiki covers "rotten" websites and why those sites suck; ranging from video websites to social networking, or possibly notable people on the Internet that are known to be just rotten as best. There are two rottens; why they're "rotten" and why "their businesses" rotten. "Why They're Rotten" covers unfair businesses, and "Why Their Businesses' Rotten" covers a site that has gone downhill to their userbases via unfair updates.

To qualify for this list, a website/online business/internet culture must have either;

  • Terrible staff/Social Justice Warriors.
  • Terrible updates that screw over their userbase.
  • Terrible business practices and poorly designed technologies.
  • Caused controversy such as hacking incidents/scandals/raids/ransom.
  • Gimmicks that they tried but failed.
  • Negative ways to impact the Internet such as censorship or pranks to pull.
  • Poor website designs.
Also note the following.
  • NO imagery depicting malicious propaganda or explicit elements.
  • Avoid posting personal information.
  • Do not insult, harass or bully any users on this site, users violating this rule will be warned, and banned should he/she choose to ignore the warning.
  • If other users are being rude towards you, avoid insulting them in return and report them to an admin.
  • Ignore trolls, as giving them attention will only fuel their attempts to pester you.
  • Do not create new categories. If you think a new category is needed, ask the admins. If your suggestion proves to be useful, they'll create it for you.
  • Refrain from using profanity on pages unless it is used in a quote or is basically important. Swearing in the comments is fine as long as it isn't used to offend others.
  • Also refrain from using all-caps on pages, as it makes pages look unprofessional. Using italics, bold text, or underlining is okay however, as long as it isn't overused.
  • Miraheze wikis may criticized, even the service itself may be criticized, so long as said criticism abides by the rules here and those of this hosting service in general. Also, using Miraheze's resources to claim that Wikia sucks is a discrepancy and unfair, regardless of the effective quality of it.
  • Users criticized may not be fellow Miraheze users (banned users included). Offending articles WILL BE DELETED.
  • No criticism about a particular fanbase. The communities we discuss here are about internet culture and journalism.
  • Do not go on these sites to attack it or harass its users.
  • To any potential administrators: DO NOT delete any edit you consider inappropriate or of good quality (trolling and vandalism not included)! Try to negotiate or fix the edits first! Always assume good faith.
  • Be as formal as possible when editing.
  • You will always be able to argue about your ban on your message wall, unless what you did was unforgivable (doxxing, vandalism, as well as harassment, insulting and threatening even after multiple warnings issued).
  • Be sure to check out websites such as DeepFreeze and GamerGate Wiki. For information before writing an article on any GamerGate boycotted website or journalist.
  • Do not create a page about any of the reception wikis. Anyone who does so will be blocked without warning.
  • Do not send foe requests to any users, as it will likely cause drama.
  • If you want to create a Sandbox page, do not tag your sandbox page with categories, as they will not only clutter the categories, they are only for actual articles.
  • Users' sandboxes can be edited only by their respective owners unless the owner themself grants permission to contribute to the WIP pages contained in the sandbox. A notice has to be placed on top of the sandbox to state that other people can edit the WIP articles; in case of sandboxes containing multiple WIP articles, the owner has to place a notice for each article he wants other people to help with.
  • Sandboxes can't be used to contain articles which aren't allowed on the wiki, or alternate, personal version of already existing articles because that is seen as an attempt to bypass the wiki's quality control and admin management; the purpose of sandboxes is only to work on pages in preparation of uploading them to the main namespace of the wiki.

  1. IXL: Not rotten enough for the wiki, though it does have a big hatedom for a educational game website.
  2. ArtStation: The site is pretty fresh, and has a very friendly community, even though its harder to sign-up.
  3. Sites about healthy eating: Controversial reasoning. Also, they do have points about the effects of certain foods.
  4. "For Sale" sites: Beating a dead horse. Usually these are left behind after a site expires.
  5. GDRP: Not rotten enough for the wiki. It is a helpful internet privacy act, though.
  6. Miraheze: It'd make the whole wiki ironic.

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