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In an ever-changing world, where the economy is so unpredictable; it's no surprise to see websites and the Internet screw over their own userbases or go downhill with poor ideas. Check out this wiki, and we'll watch to see the sites that have screwed over their userbases with various updates. We'll also be covering "rotten" moments in internet history, whether it be pranks, gimmicks, or infamous internet culture with viral madness! To be more precise, this wiki covers "rotten" websites and why those sites suck; ranging from video websites to social networking, or possibly notable people on the Internet that are known to be just rotten as best. There are two rottens; why they're "rotten" and why "their businesses" rotten. "Why They're Rotten" covers unfair businesses, and "Why Their Business is Rotten" covers a site that has gone downhill to their userbases via unfair updates.
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Mat Brunet - A Canadian user that used to be good until he joined the Trump hate bandwagon, sided with KickVic, and even disobeys his fans.
Youtube - The well known website that used to be good, but soon became more biased and lazy with each passing year.
Scratch - A Coding Site That has false blocked users a lot, cannot take criticism and censors any negative opinions, keeps features that the community is against, and much more.
The Sun - A British tabloid newspaper that is infamous for having staff members that are either Far-Left or even Far-Right, and they sided with Amber Heard, as well as posting fake news.
Tumblr - The website that is overrun by Social Justice Warriors and fanbase wars to the point that Zamii070 almost killed herself just because of her making a slender version of Rose Quartz.
Kaylyn Saucedo - The user who founded the infamous KickVic movement launch a harassment campaign against YellowFlash and admitted that she can't handle other peoples opinions.
Peluchin Entertainment - An edgelord who murdered his own cat out of sheer malice.
Echo Kammer - An Australian artist who attacks the Countryball and her own fandom while also admit her toxic behaviour to other users to please her ego.
Common Sense Media - A website where parents with no common sense review media and rate it on how kid-friendly it is
Jade - A user and art thief who is now arrested because of the fact that he asked underage girls for nudes.
Social Justice Warriors - The plauge of the internet and a threat to freedom of speech.
ImJayStation - The user who milks 3AM challenges and lied about his girlfriend death for money and views.
Prodigy Math - If the RPG genre, IXL, and Pokémon had a baby
Cosmodore (2020-present) - A YouTuber who used to be good but nowadays infamous for grooming kids
Jace Connors - A US Marine wannabe who made a fanfic about how the protagonist hunts down and torturing Muslims while also making threats to Brianna Wu.
MaSTAR Media - A fan animator who traced and claims others animation as his own while using depression as an excuse to justify it.
Strawberry Milk - A talentless art thief who has spent many years tracing artwork from others and playing the victim card or throwing a fit when caught. She is also a predator who molested her cousin and flirts with people 4+ years younger than her.
Krystina Arielle - A black supremacist who is defended by her advocates for no reason other than her sociopolitical views.
Anita Sarkeesian - A Canadian-American pseudo-feminist media critic who does not understand anything about gaming and only cares about self-promotion and money.
Moral Guardians - Another threat to the internet and free speech that existed even before the internet.
Twitter - A website that has poor moderation and allowed extremist on the platform's.
Brooks Heatherly - A alt-right user who called Captain Marvel a SJW just because she had a cat.
Obsessive Anti-SJWs - The group that ironically acts like what they fighting against.
Google+ - Google's failed social website.
Facebook - A platform that stole user information and YouTube videos and sell it.
TikTok - A video-sharing website infamous for being unfunny and starting bad trends
Vyond - An animation website that is infamous for spawning lots of grounded videos out of fictional characters. Jesus IS Hitler - A website that is offensive to christans and spread false news about Jesus KickVic - One of the biggest disaster in anime history which leads to the ongoing event called AnimeGate.
FANDOM - An online website business with low security that hates criticism
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Kaylyn Saucedo (born in January 27, 1986) is a American Youtuber, Twitch streamer and anime subs editor. She is also known as MarzGurl on social media.

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  1. To qualify for this list, a website/online business/internet culture must have either;
    • Terrible staff/Social Justice Warriors.
    • Terrible updates that screw over their userbase.
    • Terrible business practices and poorly designed technologies.
    • Caused controversy such as hacking incidents/scandals/raids/ransom.
    • Gimmicks that they tried but failed.
    • Negative ways to impact the Internet such as censorship or pranks to pull.
    • Poor website designs.
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    • This also includes articles on Miraheze users. This is how Atrocious YouTubers, Horrible Vyonders Wiki, Unfavorable Wikis and Users, along with other User Reception Wikis were shut down anyways.
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