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==Redeeming Qualities==
==Redeeming Qualities==
#They have a good point on how abortion is murder.
#They at least admit that they were conspiratorial.
#They at least admit that they were conspiratorial.
#[ They claim they write the site out of love, rather than hate, as all good Christians do].
#[ They claim they write the site out of love, rather than hate, as all good Christians do].

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I'm pretty sure Jesus is against this website. is a right wing Christian website which is known for bashing on topics that don’t agree with Christianity and/or delivers extremist Christan propaganda.

Why It’s Very Rotten

  1. I’s basically a right-wing Christian propaganda website designed to scare non-Christian people into becoming Christians.
  2. It’s homophobic to the extreme, saying people to “protest gay day!”. Were not kidding!
  3. They believe that all religions except for Independent Fundamental Baptism are false. They are also anti-atheist to the extreme.
  4. They think television is Satan’s plot to take over the world.
  5. They WORSHIP the King James Bible and believe that modern Bible versions are corrupt just because they remove verses and change words yet the King James Bible removed verses from the original bible and altered them.
  6. They also think there’s nine commandments, but according to the Bible, there’s ten.
  7. Bible verses are quoted on the website TOO MUCH.
  8. A hilariously bad claim where they think that God hates Christmas, just because of presents. This shows how they don't understand how modern Christmas practices relates to the first Christmas.
  9. The website design looks like it came from the 90's.

Redeeming Qualities


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