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Saiyan transformations (and non-saiyan ones like Ultra Instinct) doesn't make saiyans weaker and ARE NOT A CURSE!!! Not the worst clickbaiter on Youtube but still.
Profile: ItsAnimeGirl
Date Joined: May 31, 2017
Status: Inactive
Subscriber Count: 287k

ItsAnimeGirl is a YouTuber that makes "reviews" on Dragon Ball content. She joined on Youtube in May 31, 2017

Bad Qualities

  1. Her videos are notoriously full of clickbait so much that people consider her the female version of Double4Anime.
  2. She takes random clips of past episodes and recreating them(like some kind of dramatic documentary show) in an attempt to make a new meaning/story out of them that doesn't make sense to people who know better of the series.
  3. Her made-up theories in her videos are unexplained, weightless and illogical that will leave you going in circles and in suspense. Overall, they have nothing to do with the actual Dragon Ball stories.
    • She's infamously known for her made-up theory "The Super Saiyan Curse"(a theory she made up that talks about Saiyans "losing" power the more they transform and/or the higher transformation they unlock, which is so blatantly untrue and never stated anywhere at all)
  4. Due to massive criticism and various response videos, It appears she's never actually watched a Dragon Ball Super episode, let alone all of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z or even Dragon Ball GT.
  5. Her edits are poor, going out to a black screen to the recapped episodes.
  6. Whenever she explains her theories in her videos, she takes a "pause" for moments before she resumes to continue the next one.
  7. All these videos she does is none other for the sake of money and views, as she usually presents some gift or sale at the beginning of her most of her videos before she starts reviewing and that countless critics point that out.

Good Qualities

  1. She is all right person in real life.
  2. If not for the clickbait part her channel could be decent dispite its flaws.
  3. Her channel can be enjoyable for how bad her theories is.
  4. Unlike ImJayStation or other clickbaiters she does not use scammy move that the said user does.





one month ago
Score 0

Who is worse

ItsAnimeGirl or ImJayStation?


one month ago
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Definitely ImGayStation.


15 days ago
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Even though I haven't seen the anime of Dragon Ball, Her theories

are very stupid.

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