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This is not funny junk.
Type of site: Meme website
Language: English
Date of launch: 2001?
Status: Active

FunnyJunk is a website where you can post content like memes, text, photos, videos, etc.

Why It’s Rotten

  1. Alot of unfunny stuff such as this meme.
  2. People on this website are usually very toxic, and there’s even a moderator on this website who is toxic, named accordion, and he overreacts when someone posts on old content, yet he once commented on old content, which makes him hypocritical.
  3. It apparently infringed The Oatmeal’s original content, which is illegal.
  4. Sometimes NSFW content is posted without being marked as NSFW. We're not kidding.
  5. Like on TheTopTens, a disgusting troll named fartsandpoop spammed multiple comments listing “Top Ten Users of FunnyJunk with the Stinkiest Farts”, which also copied the idea of that immature and disgusting list on TheTopTens, named “Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With the Stinkiest Farts”, except the FunnyJunk version was just comments, while TheTopTens version was just a list.
    • One person who saw the list on this website, named sociocat, asked why he’s 6th on the list and accordion is 1st, and then fartandpoop explained why, and then he told her that she has “clearly not smelt his farts”, which is possibly true, since it may seem silly that the person knows if the other person’s farts stink, but they don’t know them in real life.
  6. The admin keeps lying about shutting down this website.
  7. There can be some opinion disrespecting on this website.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some people who use this website are nice.
  2. There is some nice and funny content on this site.




10 months ago
Score 1
Is this Funny junk? (Spoiler: It's not a funny junk.)


6 months ago
Score 1
Furry artist known as Alfa995 was here

King Ostrich

5 months ago
Score 2
dis website junk

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