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Be thankful that you don't have this redneck manchild as your dad...Or it'll be a NIGHTMARE!!!
Style: Pranks & Vlogs
Date Joined: February 23, 2015 (FamilyOFive)
August 13, 2015 (DaddyOFive)
No. of videos: Unknown
Schedule: Weekly
Status: Terminated
Subscriber Count: 764,000 (At peak)

Michael Christopher Martin (born December 17, 1982), known on YouTube as DaddyOFive and FamilyOFive is a former American YouTuber infamous for his highly controversial prank videos.

In July 18, 2018, his YouTube channel, along with FamilyOFive were both terminated due to violating YouTube's community guidelines.

Why He Sucked

  1. He may at first appeared to be an innocent Family Fun Pack-like channel, but he isn't like that channel nor he is even kid-friendly since he swears at and abuses his children. See points #3 and #12 for more details.
  2. He is a blatant rip-off of McJuggerNuggets and Angry Grandpa since both fathers abuse their children by doing things such as destroying their video game consoles, which is a pretty mean thing to do in the first place!
    • More so, at least KidBehindTheCamera/Angry Grandpa and McJuggerNuggets' abuse videos were scripted, and was portrayed as and by adults!
  3. He abused and mistreated his children and then pretended to be sorry about it. He did things such as playing very cruel and mean pranks on his children (mostly towards Cody, one of the youngest of them), pushing Cody into a shelf, allowing his kids to be a-holes to each other (mostly toward Cody, Emma, and Alex to an extent, but Cody's the most mistreated and targeted out of all of them), punishing and scolding Cody for the smallest and absolute worst of reasons, pushing Cody while he's on the stairs, making Cody cry with his so-called "pranks" and not giving a damn about it, deliberately interrupting Cody while he's trying to explain himself, and so on.
  4. A lot of times, he allowed his children to treat each other abysmally while he just stands there and records - however, he does yell things like "HEY!", but it's most likely just attempts to make himself not look bad.
  5. He left one of his kids (Cody) home alone while the rest of his family went to Disneyland, just because the toilet overflowed (what do you expect from a house of 5 people? Also, they lied and said the reason was that he put poop everywhere).
    • To make matters even worse, he, Heather, Jake, Ryan and Alex went to KidBehindACamera's house while Cody and Emma were left out!
    • If that wasn't bad enough, he claimed that the reason why he left Cody behind while they went to Disneyland is because he is afraid that he'll run off, which is contradicting considering that he left Cody behind because of his alleged bad behavior.
  6. In a video, another one of his kids (Emma) says something similar to her saying she wants to kill herself, but the audio was cut off.
    • In the same video, some of the kids' trash Emma's room and then she is expected to clean it up.
  7. The oldest kid, Jake, is a carbon copy of the father; a cruel, abusive, unemphatic, bullying jerk who couldn't care less about the pain, anguish, and psychological torment he causes to his younger siblings (though, in the father's case, it's his kids rather than his younger siblings). Mike (the father) also allows 'Jake to treat his younger siblings horrendously and even finds the stuff he does funny.
  8. He literally did all of this for money.
  9. In some videos, he forces his kids to do 100-500 sentences as a punishment for the smallest and absolute worst of reasons.
  10. Naruto level of filler that makes obvious attempts to reach the 10-20 minute mark. See #11 below.
  11. He made a video entitled "KIDS LIED TO DAD", which didn't necessarily live up to its name as it only consisted of one of the kids (Jake) lying to him and it was at the very end of the video and wasn't anything special; he also spent a majority of the video doing anything but what was relevant to the title - he spent a majority of the video complaining about how busy and tired he was, and then recorded himself making a sandwich, and then recorded himself driving to his house which he was moving out of at the time. All of this for a good amount of time.
  12. He swore a lot. At least any other person such as AVGN used profane words when they were really needed, the fact he swore around children worsened the fact. He swore so much, he was almost as bad as DarkSydePhil.
    • As a side note, his wife, Heather, also swears.
  13. He also insulted his children using profanities which is straight-up verbal abuse.
  14. He thinks himself as (and calls himself) the "the best dad ever" and orders Cody to call him that as well, which makes him look very, very egotistical... and a bit entitled as well. Not to mention, he's delusional.
  15. There were times where he laughed at Cody's mental breakdowns!
  16. He takes his temper, pranks, punishments, and groundings too drastically. The best examples are: The 1,000 sentences or sentences for 3 weeks (That was not a joke, AT ALL.), threatening to punch Jake's teeth out if he said another cuss word (which is ironical considering the aforementioned fact that he swears a lot), Threatening to throw away everything in Cody's room, the invisible ink prank (which was the straw that broke the camel's back), Cody getting put up for adoption prank, the booger prank, grounding Alex for a month, destroying Cody's Nintendo 3DS XL by snapping it backward then slamming it on the floor. Not only that, but he also smashed it with a hammer, which is overkill. Cody was wrongfully accused by the time this happened. He even put somber piano music and said that Cody is breaking his heart. Mike said that Cody is breaking his heart yet meanwhile Mike pulls pranks on his children which is hypocritical. What's more, if he goes another week without breakfast he's gonna go crazy because of Jake, Alex, and Ryan not listening to what their parents say, etc.
  17. He overuses the word "GoshDarn".
  18. He also blocks some of the criticism and hatred that he gets to like the coward he is.
  19. Victim/martyr complex. He also has a habit of blatantly playing the victim card whenever media outlets or other people call him out on his terrible acts, turning his fans on them. He even builds up his fanbase by pretending to be a victim.
    • In Family Destroyed Over False Acquisitions, they blamed Philip DeFranco for their downfall, even though it's their own fault that got them into this mess.
  20. He had Emma forge documents to sign over guardianship of the kids to themselves from their actual mother under false pretenses. Which is both illegal and unethical!
  21. One time, Jake was setting up Cody's tablet for him, but he was setting it up for himself. This is anti-intellectualism at its finest.
  22. He also made a SoundCloud rap album, and it's just as bad as his YouTube career.
  23. He's basically the male version of Hot Sauce Mom.
  24. In one of his apology videos, he blamed Philip DeFranco for ruining his YouTube career when it was Michael who brought this on himself.
  25. Both Mike and Heather know nothing about parenting and went on to treat their children like toys than actual humans.
  26. Mike one time slammed Cody, the youngest of the five children into a bookcase, giving him a nosebleed.
    • Mike tried to pass off his actions as an accident, but it sure didn't look like an accident. What's more, he claims that the blood coming out of Cody's nose was actually red ink. Where's the red ink in the video?
  27. One time, Mike forced and threatened Cody to put all his toys in the garbage, which made Cody feel very distraught. When Cody was throwing away his toys, Mike became very ecstatic and singsong about Cody "making progress". Also, his body movements in that scene speak for themselves. That is sociopathy.
  28. He farts in the face of his children which is just disgusting, rude, and obnoxious! This just proves he is a pervert.
    • He even farts at his wife, which is just plain disrespectful! Not to mention, he shows no manners. Talk about impolite. And he does all this just for fun!
  29. This infamous page.
  30. The family often watched Angry Grandpa, even though the kids shouldn't watch it due to its graphic nature and strong language.
    • They also have been known to watch DashieGames, who is known to curse like a sailor.
  31. Mike once said he was going to send Cody to military school so that he's gonna make him behave.
    • He even contradicted himself in this one. One minute, he says that he's really taking Cody to military school. The next thing, he says that it's for entertainment purposes. How is this for entertainment purposes if he really is going to military school?
  32. In one video, Jake pulls a prank on Alex by pouring food on him while he was at the shower. It started off okay, but then Jake went too far and got Alex injured, who claimed that his penis hurt and wanted to go to the hospital, but Mike laughed it off and told Alex to just wash it off and he will be fine.
    • Besides, recording a child taking a bath and posting it on YouTube is creepy and comes off as pedophilic, to begin with!
  33. Mike sometimes cut clips of him abusing his kids in an attempt to hide his abusive side.
  34. His attempts of apologizing are so pathetic that he and Heather hired a firm that specializes in cleaning negative information off the internet. Even if he apologizes, the damage has already been done.
  35. In one video, Mike angrily forces Cody to wear a shirt he doesn't like, let alone one that is not his in the first place. In the same video, he forces Cody to get out of bed and make him write sentences. That just goes to show how tyrannical his parenting skills really are.
  36. Mike and Jake's recent song, "Remember Me" has such horrible cover art. We see a caricature of Mike with a hoodie and a hand giving the middle finger which is horribly drawn. Not to mention, he's flipping off the haters (presumably) which is very narcissistic.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Cody and Emma were taken back into the custody of their real mom after the global outcry caused by the invisible ink prank.
  2. He is a prime example of what NOT to do if you want to become a family YouTuber.
  3. The wretched couple were arrested and sentenced to 5 years probation.
  4. While Mike and Jake had their SoundCloud account, their SoundCloud account had been deleted for good.


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His Page on Real Life Villains Wiki




The Dunkman

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Mr. Dready

one month ago
Score 3
Easily the worst parent ever, and i somehow believe that the gates of hell are awaiting for him.


one month ago
Score 3
I made a theme song for this psychopath


one month ago
Score -1
He's a fucking asshole who deserves to get sent to Iraq!


one month ago
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More like "DemonyOFive".

No bias

one month ago
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I was thankful this is not my dad my dad was really nice to me.


one month ago
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i first heard of this guy on thetopten. he use to abuse children i hate him so much.


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Huh. I remember seeing this on Terrible TV Shows Wiki.


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It Moved


one month ago
Score 1
I hate abusive parents, and these two are THE WORST. I am very happy that two of the kids are safe from these delusionals, and more happy that they are finally arrested. They finally get what they deserve.


one month ago
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You thought DaddyOFive was bad? Wait'll you get a load of Fantastic Adventures.


27 days ago
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"DevilOFive" is what I'd call this asshole.

Creeper guy

20 days ago
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My birth Mom would lock me up in a room and leaves me in there.

Heck, when my adopted parents tell me stuff like that, those bad memories began to come back.


11 days ago
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DaddyOFive deserves to be in the slamma


10 days ago
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slamma mama ding dong doo


7 days ago
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The page on WHS#29 is so hilariously stupid that I'm starting to think whoever made that was being sarcastic.


5 days ago
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Worse than BuxbiArts, worse than Allistayrian (I almost can't restore pages he deleted in Crappy Games. Also, I apologize for harassing, because I can't restore these pages on my own, almost, because I had no plans at restoring), this man-child got what he deserves: incarceration and imprisonment

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