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In the words of Mundane Matt, this is "Zoë Quinn Activism".

"The anti-abuse initiative was a goat rodeo, a gong show, and a train wreck, all in one."

---Andy Chalk, PC Gamer

Bully Hunters is an online movement whose target is to combat misogynist harassment in popular online video games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive by deploying “bully hunters” to take down abusive opponents. A live-streaming event was held in mid-April 2018. The movement was shut down forcefully soon after its launch due to heavy criticism of scamming. The Columbia Chronicle described it as "a 12-year-old’s idea of a solution."

Why It’s Rotten

  1. First of all, combating cyber bullying in video games sounds like a good notion. So, why pander on white knight ideologies and focus only on women?! Why ignore the thousands of male players out there that are also being harassed by toxic gamers? Especially when you are focusing on shooter games and MMO games in which women are generally less interested in.
    • Also why hire mainly "female elite gamers?" Don't they realize just how rare these people are?
  2. Secondly, isn't there already a way to counter verbal harassment? Which is to turn off your microphone, mute them and/or report them, something that every single multiplayer allows you to do?
  3. It tries too hard to be edgy and dark.
  4. It takes information from several outdated, uncredited or outright false sources.
  5. It uses "a taste of your own medicine" tactic which may not solve issues but end up creating more. As Holly Green puts it: "Not only does engaging griefers and trolls validate their negative behavior, it can also backfire and antagonize them, increasing the aggression towards their targets."
  6. Their live-streaming was a total disaster. Everything looked rehearsed and scripted, and it's filled with product placement. MundaneMatt described it as "Ubisoft at E3 2015"-ish bad.
    • The Good Morning America piece on them is just as fake (see video below).
  7. The live-streaming also revealed just how ineffective their tactic is. The bully hunters will get called in, track down the harasser, take him/her out just once and leave a calling card behind. Killing a player just once in an online multiplayer round will likely have little to no effect to his/her overall performance and griefing the target into rage-quitting would have made more sense.
  8. The one behind this movement - Natalia "ZombiUnicorn" Casanova - is an extremely unpleasant person who has victim mentality as well as a long record of verbally insulting other people online. She also blocks anyone who requests proof of her Bully Hunter's outlandish claims and throws the b**** and c*** word around A LOT. And her CS:GO records show that she's only average (or at times outright terrible) at gaming.
  9. Did we mention that their symbol resembles that of the zodiac killer and that of Stormfront?
  10. Last but not least: the movement was designed more around selling their merchandise (namely their SteelSeries Bully Hunters special edition headphones) than actually solving issues in online gaming.

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