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SocJus's New Ministry of Truth

BreadTube, also known as LeftTube is a loose collective of leftists who, as the name implies, are mostly active on YouTube (they also have a fairly large presence on Reddit).

Origins & Summary

Breadtube was unoffically founded around 2015 during the early years of GamerGate by male third wave feminist geek YouTuber Harris Brewis, better known by his moniker H.Bomberguy, after he made a series of videos mocking the strained production of "The Sarkeesian Effect" (He cites Dan Olson & his channel Folding Ideas as being his biggest inspiration & has collaborated with Dan on numerous occasions). Ever since then, more leftist YouTubers have crawled out of the woodwork, including Contrapoints (real name Natalie Wynn; a transwoman and former academic philosopher, who films her videos with a combination of dark, theatrical humor, surreal atmosphere and flamboyant characters all played by herself), Shaun (a british socialist, formerly a gaming channel called Shaun & Jen, who in comparison to the other BreadTubers, is rather bare bones. Reading his response to another video over a still image of his avatar, a skull wearing sunglasses, often superimposed with videos, articles and other images he uses to help make his point. The reason for his avatar is to "reclaim the skull" from the alt-right), and Philosophy Tube (real name Oliver "Olly" Thorn; a british philosopher and actor who discusses political issues through a leftist perspective involving philosophy and, as of late, theatrics). Below is a list of a few other BreadTube channels;

Their stated goal is to challenge anti-SJWs & right-wingers online and to "de-radicalize"/draw young people away from them. The name "BreadTube" comes from The Conquest of Bread, aka the "Bread Book", by anarchist writer Pyotr Kropotkin.

Bad Qualities

  1. They're basically glorified Social Justice Warriors, or at the very least apologists for them, who regurgitate and reinforce the same old SJW/Regressive Left beliefs & talking points (e.g. "Gender is a social construct", "White men have all the power and privilege and don't suffer oppression", "Women & minorities are still oppressed", "Minority anti-SJWs are just internalized bigots and/or pawns" "Trump is a bigot & all his supporters are neo-nazis", "Islam is a religion of peace", "GamerGate is an alt-right hate mob and Quinn & Sarkeesian are poor little helpless victims" etc.) but with clever manipulation tactics who utilize a combination of faux-intellectualism, strawmanning/nutpicking, and in some cases, great performance talent, SFX and funny gags (ironically the ones they accuse the alt-right of using) to seduce and brainwash people into joining the regressive left (in other words, bluepilling them) under the guise of "de-radicalizing" them. And they have been infuriatingly successful in swaying even hardline GamerGaters/anti-SJWS (such as Theryn Meyer, formerly a staunch anti-SJW and a supporter of MRAs, who now works as an assistant director, co-writer, creative assistant and sound editor on Contrapoints's videos), partially helped by the failure of “The Sarkeesian Effect” and the downfall of the anti-SJW community.
  2. Like regular SJWs, they tend to be very biased against conservatives, MRAs, antifeminists, critics of Islam and even centrists/classical liberals (with some, such as Contrapoints, taking somewhat of a "with us or against us" attitude towards them, saying their neutrality enables fascists) and are probably the reason why YouTube is also becoming biased against those groups.
  3. Many of them are far-leftists like anarchists, communists & even tankies (their name even comes from the writings of an anarcho-communist).
    • And in addition, some of them, such as BadMouseProductions, apologize for for communist regimes & insist that capitalism has caused more deaths, even in parts of the world where it is barely active.
      • And they sometimes even blame capitalism for things like flat earth belief (which has been around LONG BEFORE the modern capitalist system).
  4. As mentioned above, they are Anti-GamerGate and extremely defensive of Anita Sarkeesian, Zoë Quinn & others.
  5. Many of their styles aren't that original. Shaun for example, is a complete pastiche of TL;DR, while Gutian is basically a more edgy-sounding Sargon of Akkad.
  6. Many of them seem ignorant, willfully or not, of their side's toxicity. For example H.Bomberguy made a video mocking the idea that White Knights only defend women in return for sex, ignoring the numerous male feminists & white knights who have been exposed as hypocrites who abused their position to either get close to women and sexually harass them or to commit/cover up some other form of sexual misdemeanor.
    • Even those who do seem to be aware of their side's toxicity downplay it greatly.
    • As typical of social justice warriors & regressive leftists, they also dismiss/downplay any issues with modern feminism, the fat acceptance movement,, Anti-GG, radical Islam, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, political correctness or identity politics and thereby ensure these issues go unresolved.
  7. As mentioned above, many of them engage in strawmanning, such as in this Kat Blaque video (with commentary by Joshua Powell) which starts out as a thinly-veiled parody of Laci Green's Red Pill video. She then spends the rest of the video misrepresenting anti-SJW and anti-Feminist arguments while creating thinly-veiled parodies of Armoured Skeptic, Shoe0nhead, Some Black Guy, and Blaire White and claims anti-SJWs and anti-Feminists, who happen to be women or minorities, are just in it for the money.
    • Another example is Contrapoints. At least three of her characters are strawman parodies such as Jackie Jackson (a parody of Dave Rubin), Justine (a strawman of left-leaning centrists, who is portrayed as being easily mislead by fascists) and Tiffany Tumbles (an absolutely scathing caricature of Blaire White and other trans anti-SJWs, presented as an internalized transphobe who bullies other transpeople).
    • Another example is when MrTARDISreviews claimed that UK TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson was a holocaust denier simply because he voiced a critical opinion of the new female Doctor Who. In reality, all Clarkson said in the review was that holocaust denial wasn't a serious issue as it's only believed by fringe nutjobs. A debatable statement, but hardly the same as actually being a holocaust denier.
    • Another example is in this video by Suris in which he is critiquing No Bullshit on the subject of Pokémon. While Suris does provide fair and valid rebuttals to No Bullshit’s arguments through most of the video, near the end where No BS mentions the SJWs bigotry towards white people and erasure of white characters in media in favour of non-whites, Suris for some reason compares this line of thought to the Great Replacement, even though what he really said was that SJWs have a bigotry towards whites. Which. They. Very. Clearly. Do.
  8. Nutpicking: when attacking GamerGaters/anti-SJWs, they tend to go after the worst examples (e.g. Milo Yianuopolis, Black Pigeon Speaks, No Bullshit, and other extreme conservatives) and present them as being typical of GamerGaters/anti-SJWs; or they criticize the worst moments of certain individuals who otherwise make valid points (e.g. Sargon of Akkad, Paul Joseph Watson etc.).
  9. Like regular SJWs, they have an intense hatred of PewDiePie, claiming he's the equivalent of a gateway drug to the alt-right.
  10. Like typical SJWs & regressive leftists, they greatly overestimate the threat the far-right/alt-right poses to society.
  11. Just as they defend SocJus beliefs, some of them also defend SocJus and feminazi terminology. For example, PIGPUNCHER/Xanderhal & Suris have both defended the term "Toxic Masculinity", Suris doing so on at least two occasions.
  12. While at least some of the people they’ve "de-radicalized" genuinely were far-right, what they are "de-radicalized" into isn’t always a suitable alternative. For example, Micah Loewinger & Evan Heimbaugh , one formerly a neo-nazi, the other a right-leaning libertarian. After being "de-radicalized" by Contrapoints, Lindsay Ellis and Philosophy Tube, they became anarchists.
    • And in addition, they treat this as being perfectly okay, as if being far-left is better than being far-right (because the far-left has never done anything wrong, right?)
  13. Some of them, like H.Bomberguy & Shaun, can be rather smug and condescending at times.
  14. Many of them present themselves as being honest, intellectual people who calmly debunk "alt-right bullshit", but in reality, many aren't as smart as they or their fans think they & will also engage in the same dishonest tactics used by the mainstream media (deliberate misinterpretation, taking things out of context, cherry-picking information while omitting significant details and even outright lying) & hypocritically, will accuse/criticize their opponents for using the same tactics. Shaun is an infamous example as can be seen from the numerous videos below.
    • They will sometimes go to desperate lengths to attack/discredit anti-SJWs. For example, Shaun took Sargon's satirical #Feminists4Autism video and treated it as if it was serious.
    • And some of them, like PIGPUNCHER/Xanderhal & cyberwitchlexi, act no better than typical SJWs, getting extremely triggered at things they don't like and/or find offensive & throwing loaded terms like Nazi, Fascist, Boomer, Incel, etc, at people they disagree with.
  15. They even rip off Anti-SJWs wholesale, using terminology commonly associated with them or making similar sounding terms (Virtue Signalling, Breadpill/Breadpilling etc) & making cringe compilations.
  16. They have some outright atrocious YouTubers and people among their ranks such as Dan Olson, Peter Coffin and Lily Orchard.
  17. Being a group that panders to, and reinforces SocJus beliefs, their fanbases, unsurprisingly, consist mostly of Social Justice Warriors and Radical Feminists. This has made many of them untouchable (thus why not many criticisms of them exist), but has inevitably backfired on some of them:
    • Contrapoints been attacked by her own fanbase and other SJWs over various reasons such as playing to negative transgender stereotypes for cheap laughs, sharing photos of herself with a couple of anti-SJW YouTubers, one of her characters, Tabby, being a parody of far-left Antifa activists, her criticism of the practice of transpeople giving their preferred pronouns while introducing themselves, which caused a major shitstorm on Twitter so bad that she briefly deactivated her account, and recently, she has received another wave of online criticism & harassment by her own fans for featuring controversial transmedicalist Buck Angel as a voice actor in one of her latest videos "Opulence", which has caused her to leave Twitter permanently.
      • And to make matters worse, some other BreadTubers practically threw her under the bus during the second of these two Twitter Dramas.
      • Even her recent video Canceling did little to sway her detractors.
    • Kat Blaque also experienced similar hostility for the same reason (having Buck Angel as a guest star). In this case however, it was from a video made Five Years Ago.
    • Even Shaun & Hbomberguy have also come under fire for using offensive terms.
  18. Now it would seem that the same forces of political correctness and identity politics that destroyed the New Atheist community (and the same forces that they downplayed or denied even existed) are poised to destroy BreadTube in the same way.

Good Qualities

  1. They make valid criticisms of unchecked capitalism, the Alt-Right, the Manosphere/MGTOW & extreme conservatives/the more nutty anti-SJWs.
  2. They’re supportive of more reasonable socialist and left-wing concepts like socialized healthcare, free tuition and same-sex marriage.
  3. Some of them, like H.Bomberguy, Contrapoints & Philosophy Tube, have great talent and can be entertaining to watch.
    • and in addition, they produce thoughtful essays on certain subjects.
  4. At least some of them do have a grasp on how toxic their side is & do show common sense. Kyle Kulinski a.k.a. Secular Talk admits that regressive leftists can exist and has stated he dislikes SJWs, Anthony Fantano is also highly critical of SJWs (even though he can be quite biased and hypocritical at times), while two of Contrapoints' characters mock far-leftists (such as Tabby, who is a satire on Antifa, and Abigail Cockbane, who is a stereotypical pink-haired radical feminist who hates BDSM and other kinks and is also Trans-Exclusionary).
    • Contrapoints in particular seems to be waking up more to her side's toxicity with her critique of cancel culture.
  5. Many of them aren’t necessarily fully or really bad people, just misguided and seemingly unaware/ignorant (or not fully aware) of the toxicity of their side, or can still do some good deeds;
    • H.Bomberguy in particular, did a 57-hour livestream playing the notoriously-long and time-consuming Donkey Kong 64AGW to raise money for the UK transgender charity Mermaids.
    • Unlike standard SJWs, some of them, such as Contrapoints and Claudia Boleyn, are willing to engage in civilized debate with those whom they disagree with.
    • As mentioned above, at least some of the people they've "de-radicalized" genuinely were far-right.
    • Also as mentioned, they are against the Far-Right/Alt-Right and genuinely crazy groups such as Christian fundamentalists, TERFs, neo-Nazis, holocaust deniers, Flat-Earthers and climate change deniers.

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IMHO Lindsay is the best out of all of them.


12 days ago
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Agreed. She's only very loosely associated with Breadtube (in that she's friends with hbomberguy & contrapoints & has collaborated with the latter on a few occasions), has criticized woke culture & thankfully stays out of politics.

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